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Angrily stripping off his tie, Dean threw it on the open duffle bag and hurried to get out of the hot suit.

The stagnant air between him and his Dad was growing steadily in the small motel room. John stewed on his bed while he idly sipped out of a glass filled with an amber colored whiskey.

Dean did his best to strip out of the suit and put on more comfortable clothes so he could get out of the motel. His being in such close quarters with John wasn't going to do any good. One of them would burst sooner or later and with so many guns and knives in their arsenal that could be dangerous sometimes.

Sliding on a t-shirt, Dean stuffed his wallet in his pocket and jiggled the keys signifying that he'd be leaving. He waited for John to say something, maybe tell him that it was okay to talk about Sam, reassure him that despite Sam leaving Sam was still here in their minds and hearts; he didn't want to leave things like this.

But silence met him. He stiffened his back and angrily burst out the motel, slamming the door behind him.

He stalked up and down the small walkway that lined the motel doors, with no real thought in mind. He saw a couple walking stare at him and whisper behind their hands about him. But one stern glare from him had them hurrying up their nice walk to a brisk pace until they made it behind some small hedges.

Dean sighed and relaxed his stance. He rubbed his palm over his face hoping to erase his angry expression.

He considered maybe hitting a bar but it was probably too early to get hammered when it was only 1:23 in the afternoon. Figuring he could probably do some research on this thing, Dean walked to the Impala and hopped inside.

He knew a huge library was around here somewhere.

Revving her up, Dean peeled out of the parking lot and didn't spare the motel a second glance.

Palo Alto was a really quaint town. The city, with the buzzing streets and tourists at every glance. There was also a pleasantness too it. With the forests and tall evergreen trees at every glance Dean found himself relaxing more as he took in the sights around him.

The wind whipped his hair in frenzy as AC/DC blared out of the speakers. He breathed in deeply and settled an arm out his window, letting the wind brush against it.

Spotting the library up ahead, Dean checked his watch real quick and thought about how fast it took to get here. Stanford and the Library were literally a mile apart.

The more Dean learned about this town the more he dreaded it. Stanford was perfect. Sam had everything he could ever want in a school and town.

Admitting so didn't make the heartache hurt any less, if anything Dean felt himself break down more. Because he would have been lying if he said he didn't hold out a hope he could maybe convince Sam to come back with them.

Now though Dean knows that would never happen. It's not like he didn't get enough time for this all to really settle in but it feels like it's finally weighing with Dean that Sam isn't coming back.

Swallowing Dean pocketed his keys and got out of the Impala. The library steps were pretty big for such a small town; in fact the whole library was huge. It rivaled some that he's seen in much bigger cities.

Walking up slowly, Dean pushed open the huge wooden doors and marveled at how big the library was inside. Books lined almost every wall.

Sounds like Sammy's wet dream.

Dean shook his head of the thoughts and approached the information desk with determination.

The lady behind the desk was an older woman in her late fifties. Her graying hair was kept up in a bun held by chopsticks. Her glasses kept falling down her nose as she bent over making the woman tsk in frustration and angrily push them back up.

Dean laughed a little and did his best to compose himself. "Excuse me ma'am?"

The woman jumped a little as she squinted at Dean's face. She pushed her glasses up closer until Dean came into focus. "Yes, how may I help you today?"

Dean grinned. "I'm looking for the section for occult books, urban myths and legends please."

The woman frowned. "Really? My, I haven't been asked about those in decades. We keep them down in the basement. So they might be a little run down and dusty sonny."

"I don't mind, and thank you."

"Well follow me then." The woman motioned for Dean to follow behind her which Dean obliged with a grateful smile. Seeing the woman walk around the desk, she was significantly shorter.She must have been standing on something.Dean thought in amusement.

Following behind her Dean got lost in the array of books and shelves he saw. It was like a cave of books upon books; intermingled with students and adults studying, reading or casually browsing the selves.

Dean thought about Sam and tried to picture him seeing the library for the first time.

He smiled to himself at the thought.


Dean shook his head and focused on the woman again. Noticing they were standing in front of a door that clearly marked basement; Dean blushed. "Sorry just day dreaming I guess."

"Ah don't we all. Libraries are the perfect place for day dreaming."

Dean grinned again. "I guess so."

"Well watch your step down the stairs; they aren't what they used to be. We do have one computer down there but it hasn't been cleaned nor updated in years so expect it to be slow. Hope you find what you're looking for."

"Thank you ma'am." Dean thanked her warmly and watched as she walked off with a smile.

Shaking his head slightly, Dean pushed open the door and shut it gently behind him. The basement was dimly lit by two old lights that appeared to be flickering on and off. The air was moved about by one lone air conditioner nosily humming in the corner.

When the lady said that no one came down here in years Dean didn't know she meant literally. He waved a hand in front of his face to dispel the dust cloud and slowly made his way down the creaky steps.

The basement was actually really small. Just three shelves stocked with books that looked to be falling apart, a small desk with an ancient looking computer sitting near the wall and what looked to be old lockers that haven't been touched in years.

Forgoing the ancient books for a few moments, Dean settled in the computer chair and winced at how it almost sank to the ground. Praying it wouldn't break on him Dean started up the computer and was genuinely surprised at how fast it was given its appearance.

"Never judge a book by its cover I guess."

Never judge Sam's willingness to leave with wanting to stay with you.

Dean shook his head of the thoughts and typed in 'Stanford newspaper' hoping to maybe find an online website for Stanford, thinking they might have more about the deaths going on.

Finding what he was looking for Dean briefly read the article about the local deaths and found something strange.

Nathan Pierce had a known allergy to many of the trees in the campsite where he was found.

Dean figured that Nathan didn't go there on his own accord. The most important question here was what dragged Nathan from his last known location, the local 7/11 which was two miles away from the campsite.

And how did no one see this happen?

Scratching his face Dean sighed. There was just too many possibilities to know anything yet.

About to click out of the website, Dean paused when something caught his eye.

Local students volunteer to help organize the library's shelves.

Dean began to read on and briefly read through the names.

Izzy Lin and David Guther helped sort out the children's section while Sam Winchester helped clear out the mythological and occult section.

Dean felt his hands shake a little as he smiled. Spying a printer hooked up to the computer, Dean right clicked and printed out the article.

Clumsily fumbling with his door, Sam blushed as Jess waited patiently behind him. His hands were shaking with nervous energy as he slowly pushed open his door and stepped into his bare dorm room.

"Wow it is pretty bland in here." Jess marveled as she stared at the plain white walls, drab curtains hanging limply and Sam's scattered furniture strewn about.

"Why gee thanks." Sam retorted with a smile, watching as Jess looked form his bed to his lone duffle sitting in the corner.

Jess furrowed her brows, creating adorable crinkles along her forehead. "This is all you brought with you?" Jess asked softly.

Sam shrugged, suddenly feeling self-conscious. "Yeah I don't really have a lot. Wanted to start over, you know?"

Jess flashed him a knowing smile, making her blond curls bob with the movement. "I definitely know. No worries though we can work with what you got!"

Sam rolled his eyes at Jess' cheery nature. She sure was enthusiastic. "Well I guess the only place to start is the duffle bag."

Jess settled down on the floor, bending her knees Indian style, making sure her dress was tucked in underneath her, as she unzipped his lone duffle bag.

"You don't have to sit on the floor you know." Sam offered, feeling bad she would be getting her dress dirty on his carpet.

"I know." Jess replied, taking out Sam's clothes, including his boxers and setting them in neat piles next to her.

Sam blushed. He didn't think this whole thing through apparently.

Sam sat down next to her and let her unpack his life piece by piece.

Jess pulled out a knife and set it idly on the floor, making Sam remember the cool feel of the handle. She then pulled out an old t-shirt of his with a dog on it.

"This is cute." Jess smirked as Sam's blush deepened.

"Oh shut up." Sam reprimanded, snatching the t-shirt back and hiding it behind him. He didn't even remember packing the damn thing; he thought he lost it back in Ohio somewhere.

Jess laughed and dug in deeper pulling out more clothes and the odd assortment of books Sam managed to keep over the years, commenting about the different titles and varying genres.

Sam laughed at Jess' frown of his Charles Darwin book The Origin of Speciesas he picked up his clothes and intended to put them away in the only dresser he had.

"Ok I think we're all unpacked here -oh wait a minute." Jess frowned as she pulled out an old photo, slightly bent at the corners and wrinkled in some areas.

Sam was busy folding his shirts so they would fit in the drawer when he turned around and saw Jess staring at a photo in her hand.

"Is this your family?" Jess questioned with curiosity, holding out the crinkled photo to reveal Dean and Sam standing in front of the Impala. Sam was about 17 in the picture, still clueless to the impending fight that would soon take place when he turned 18.

Sam gulped and slowly made his way over to Jess, bending down he snatched the picture out of her hands. "Yeah." Is all he said as he stuffed the picture in his pocket.

"Oh I'm sorry but that is you right? Is that your brother or something?" Jess stood up and dusted off her dress as she peered at Sam curiously, eager for more information on him.

Sam's hand shook as the memories came flooding in. He remembered how hot it was that day, the Florida sun beating down on them as they washed the Impala.

Dean of course doused him in water the whole time but the sun soon dried them both. After they cleaned the Impala and got her nice and shiny, Dean decided to take a quick snap shot in front of it, beckoning their neighbor at the time, 85 year old Mrs. Smith to take the picture.

"I don't want to talk about it." Sam mumbled, hiding behind his bangs to escape her intense gaze.

"But Sam," Jess lightly touched Sam's arm making Sam flinch and draw it back.

"I said I don't want to talk about! Leave it alone Jess." Sam snapped.

Jess curled back, her blue eyes swimming with tears. "I'm sorry." Is all she said before she hurriedly escaped out the door.

Sam's shoulders slumped, staring at his closed door almost willing Jess to come back.

After watching the door for a few seconds and finally realizing that she won't just magically reappear, he looked away and sighed.

Sitting down on his bed he cradled his head in his hands.

He didn't have to snap at her like that but she was getting too close. Prying open memories Sam rather not remember. The pain was too much to let them all back in.

Sighing Sam figured he should find her and apologize. Standing up, Sam straightened out his shirt and pulled out the photo he hastily stuffed in his pocket. Staring at the worn photo his thumb rubbed against it before he opened his underwear drawer and laid it underneath some boxers. Closing the drawer he set out to find Jess.

Opening his dorm room he immediately noticed two officers talking to a few students a couple of rooms down.

He hid partially behind the door and tried his best to hear what the officers were saying.

"If you can think of anything else it'd be a great help. Just give us a call."

"I don't know how much help I can be though; I didn't know Austin that well. Such a shame this happened."

Sam gulped and tightened his grip on the door. Someone else died, time was becoming short.

Making sure the officers were still engaged, Sam slunk out his door and took the back way where he knew the emergency stairs were housed.

He had to make a quick trip to the library to see if he can figure out what this thing is before it strikes again.

"Find what you were looking for?" The lady behind the counter asked softly, as he quietly read a book.

Dean thought about the article he found on Sam and smiled. "Not quite. I found something better."

"Really? Well that's good. Hope you find what you're looking for soon son."

Dean grinned. "Thanks and I will don't worry. Have a nice day."

Dean waved goodbye and stepped out into the intense sunshine. Walking down the stairs Dean cursed himself at not being able to find anything concrete. So far they had no leads and time was running out, Dean could feel it in his bones.

Jingling the keys with a sigh, Dean walked to the Impala and hopped in. He just hoped his Dad found something while he was gone.

Starting her up Dean pulled out.

Sam was just walking up toward the library, as he wiped sweat from his eyes. He noticed the black muscle cars end disappear around a corner and smiled. The car was a beauty, Dean would definitely appreciate it.

Frowning, Sam shook his head of the thoughts and tried to focus on the stake at hand.

Walking up the daunting steps, Sam sighed when he finally made it into the air conditioned room. The usual librarian seemed to be out today as Sam approached the information desk.

He helped sort and organize the occult section before but he didn't actually know where they stored the books since he did his organizing in a staff room.

Smiling at the lady behind the desk Sam asked, "excuse me but can you direct me to the occult section please?"

The lady looked up from her book and frowned. "Sure it's in the basement. I'll take you there."

"Thank you ma'am."

The lady smiled at the young boys manners but still silently questioned why so many people wanted to look at such bizarre books. "Follow me."

Sam followed the old woman dutifully as they walked the length of the library to an old door sequestered away from the selves. The black lettering was fading off a little but it clearly read basement.

The lady opened the door and pushed it open revealing a musty room.

"The books are down here, we got a computer and a desk down there as well but remember all these things are old. Just shut the door when you're done."

"Thank you." Sam stated with a sincere smile watching as the lady walked off.

Sam ventured down the basement and sighed at how the room was in disrepair. Not that it mattered anyway.

Walking down the steps, Sam had to duck his head so he didn't bang it on the low hanging ceiling.

Frowning at the low lighting, Sam sighed and got to work on peering at the titles, trying to decide if it will help in anyway with the hunt.

Hunt?Sam shook his head. It was a mere investigation, not a hunt. He wasn't going to go kill the thing he was just doing research on whatever it was to help the hunter that killed it.

Yeah, that's it.

Wiping off the dust and grime of some of the titles so he can read them, Sam paused on one book. It was titled in Latin but he could just make out the words goblins and fairies, the other one was a bit odd but he figured with some time he could translate.

Pulling out the book, Sam coughed when it created a huge dust cloud.

The book was heavy and ancient looking, not that that wasn't unusual. It was going to take a while to try and translate it all but he had time...

Sam almost dropped the book on his feet when he remembered he had another class today at 4:00. Checking his watch Sam's eyes bulged at noticing it was 4:05.

"Shit!" Sam exclaimed, taking the book with him as he trudged up the stairs. He couldn't afford to be late again, he just had to check this book out and take it with him.

Trying to scrub the exhaustion from his face, Dean quietly got out of the Impala and trudged up to their motel room.

He was intending to go straight back when he got done from the library but he decided that wasn't enough time to let John stew. He didn't want to come back just to get in a fight. So he stopped off at a bar along the way and immersed himself in some pool and the beautiful bar tender for a while before finally leaving around 4:30.

Slotting the key in the old door handle, Dean jiggled it, trying to work through the grime to open the door. Once the lock popped open Dean pushed the door open, expecting to find John on the computer researching since his truck was outside.

Instead the room was immersed in darkness. The TV was on, bathing John in a soft glow.

Dean furrowed his brows and waited by the door, staring at his father, watching as he threw down a beer bottle once he realized it was empty.


John grunted, fighting with the cap of another bottle, trying to pry it open. "What ya want?"

"Are you drunk?" Dean asked suspiciously, noting the slur to John's words. Closing the door softly, locking it behind him, Dean stripped off his jacket and laid the keys down on the table.

"Maybe? What do you care anyway?" John slurred again, finally popping off the cap and taking one large gulp.

"Dad I-"

"I said leave me alone boy! Do I need ta tan your backside? Huh? My belt is still useful ya know."

Dean didn't fall for the ploy and marched over to his father, flicking on the lamp on the bedside table along the way. He watched as John hissed at the lighting, shielding his eyes while cursing under his breath.

Taking the bottle from his Dad's hands, Dean set it on the nightstand. "That's enough for tonight Dad, let's go to bed huh? We got some students to interview tomorrow, okay?"

"No." John mumbled, trying to fight off Dean's hands as he worked to maneuver him underneath the covers.

"Don't need a hangover while you're working a case Dad." Dean mumbled, his hands familiar with guiding his father's drunken weight.

John latched onto Dean's hand, squeezing tightly until Dean finally looked up from his task. His eyes widened at seeing tears in John's eyes.

"I'm I'm sorry. I-I want Sammy back. I'm so sorry Dean please. I'm sorry." John blurted out, his tears finally coming to a head and falling from his eyes.

Dean watched as John broke down. His grip on Dean's hand loosening until the man was brokenly sobbing, allowing Dean to lay him down on the bed and strip him of his shoes and pants.

"Sammy. I want Sammy back. I'm sor-sorry." John sobbed, closing his eyes and turning over in his sleep.

Dean wiped a hand over his face as he sat down on the edge of the bed. He waited for his Dad's hiccups to subside and his breathing to even out before moving.

Standing up, Dean made short work of his own clothing, throwing them in a pile near the bathroom door as he slipped into his own bed.

Staring at his Dad's sleeping form, Dean whispered, "I want him back too." Before he succumbed to a restless sleep. Hoping that when he awoke this nightmare would be over and Sam would be back riding shotgun again.

Cursing to himself, Sam brushed past students as he finally made it back to campus. Checking his watch he cursed again at noticing he was now 30 minutes late to his class. Running his hands through his disheveled hair, Sam hiked his bag up higher on his shoulder when he noticed it was slipping.

He wasn't paying attention to where he was going. Basically trying to hurry directly to his one sole objective right now, which was making it to class on time.

So when he bumped into someone, Sam cursed again and muttered a quick apology, intending to just hurry along and take the risk of that someone thinking he was a jerk.


Sam froze mid-stride, finally looking up to see he ran into Jessica. And that Jessica was crying.


Jess sobbed and ran into Sam's arms. Wrapping her smaller ones around his waist, her tears soaking Sam's shirt.

Sam frowned, slowy winding his arms around her back in comfort, rubbing up and down to soothe her. "What's wrong Jess? Is it about earlier? If so I'm so sor-"

Jess cut him off mid-sentence, pulling back to reveal her wrecked face. Tears leaking out of her reddened eyes, making her makeup trail rivers down her face. "No its ju-just my fr-friend. She's dead Sam! Oh God, Bethany is dead." Jess sobbed some more, causing Sam to pull her back into his arms.

"Shhhhh. It's alright Jess. Tell me what happened."

"They found her body, I-I just got a call from the police to qu-question me as if I did this!" Jessica huffed; she was beginning to get hysterical.

Sam's heart sank at realizing that while he was researching another death occurred. These deaths are getting closer together. This thing is amping up his game.

"Okay, it's okay." Sam soothed her, making a bold move to settle his hand atop her hair, running his fingers through her unruly curls. "Let's talk about this in my dorm room?"

Jess sniffed and nodded. Sam smiled a little and put his arm around her shoulder, leading her toward his dorm, hoping to learn as much as he can to figure this thing out.

He'd be damned if someone else dies because of this thing.

Dean wiped the sweat from his brow as he watched his Dad talk to some local students, getting awoken abruptly by his Dad so wasn't in his agenda today. He figured he'd sleep all the way through the night and come out tomorrow to interview the students but it appeared their resident monster had other plans.

Another death was picked up on the police scanner by his father. After a quick stop at the crime scene to talk to Deputy Matthers again, they headed toward Stanford to interview some students.

His Dad didn't say much the entire time. Just grunted or nodded to answer any of Dean's questions. Not that Dean really cared. It was hot out, someone else was killed, and this nightmare was still a reality.

All in all, Dean was in a pretty horrible mood.

The heat was unbearable as Dean patiently waited for his father to get done. He once again wiped at the sweat on his brow and stared out the window at the campus. It was 5 o'clock now so only a few dwindling students were left buzzing about or taking a break.

Dean's eyes scanned the campus until they locked onto a familiar figure.

"Sammy." Dean whispered, as he spotted his brother walking toward one of the dorm buildings. Dean felt his heart speed up and his mouth go dry. It was one thing to see Sam sleeping in his dorm at the dead of night, but seeing Sam in the full sunshine, alive and healthy? It was just so visually different.

Sam wasn't alone though.

He had his arm around a girl. A very pretty girl. Dean smiled to himself as he watched Sam walk with her toward the entrance.


Dean jumped and turned back toward where his father was leaning against the driver side window.

"What are you looking at boy?" John questioned, peering at the spot Dean was looking at so intently earlier.

Dean looked as well and noted Sam and the girl weren't there anymore.

Dean sighed. "Nothing, it was nothing. So what do you have?"

John shrugged and walked over toward the passenger side door, pulling it open so he could sit. "About the same as what the cops are saying basically. Looks like a mauling but the kids weren't even in the woods when they were last seen."

"That's it? Anything else?"

John frowned, staring at his notepad. "I guess there were two murders actually. They were so close to each other that the police are now thinking it's a serial killer."

"Two?" Dean sighed, feeling frustrated at the amount of people that are dying. "Jesus what is this thing?"

"An ogre."

"What?" Dean did a double take, thinking his Dad was kidding but John looked dead serious. "Are you kidding me? I thought those things were only myth?"

"Well normally they are. There haven't been any ogres in America as far as I know. They usually reside in Europe and around near Ireland."

"What's one doing here than? And how are you so sure it's an ogre." Dean questioned.

"I have no idea what one is doing here to be honest, but I should have put all the pieces together earlier. Ogres prefer forests as their hiding place. Luring kids to their homes or outright kidnapping them in broad daylight. The ogre tears its victims apart and feeds on the meat, disposing of the body parts it doesn't eat."

"Okay, ewww." Dean shuddered, trying to get that mental image out of his head. "That explains why the bodies were...well not intact."

"Yeah this ogre is hungry too; which explains why the death toll keeps on rising. Plus this is prime real estate for an ogre. Campground, college close by? Healthy, young kids galore."

Dean shuddered again as he thought about Sam. "How do we kill the damn thing?"

John grinned. "Thought you'd never ask. Ogres can be killed by fire, one flare gun and he's toast, literally."

"Very funny." Dean muttered rolling his eyes. "Let's toast this bitch then."

"Head back to the motel; we'll pack and be ready to go by nightfall." John informed.

Dean nodded, taking one last chance to stare at the spot where he last saw Sam.

Let's do this.

Sam quietly shut his door as he ushered Jess inside. She was still sniffling quietly, trying to hold in sobs every so often.

Sam's hand fell off her shoulder as she sat down on his bed, cradling her face in her hands, slowly shaking her head back and forth.

Sam sighed, his heart feeling heavier by the second. "Jess..."

"I can't believe she's gone." Jess sobbed, crying harder.

"I know." Sam consoled quietly, feeling lost all of the sudden. It was hard trying to comfort someone when they lost a loved one. Even if he had seen both his Dad and Dean do it numerous times, it still never got easier.

"She was such a sweet girl. Just wh-who could do this?" Jess cried, raising her head to stare into Sam's eyes.

Sam swallowed at seeing the sheer anguish in her blue orbs. "I can stop it."


Sam swallowed again, feeling nervous. "I ca-can stop this thing, I promise Jess this thing won't be killing anyone else."

"Thing? Sam I don't understand?" Jess asked amidst the tears, her face furrowed in confusion.

"I-I.." Sam stopped stammering and ran a shaky hand through his hair. Looking anywhere but at Jess. "I can't explain. All I can say is I can stop this from happening to anyone else."

Sam expected Jess to run, maybe accuse Sam of killing all these people but Jess just remained silent, staring at him inquisitively, almost like she was trying to look deep into Sam's soul and figure him out. It made him uncomfortable; only one person was able to read Sam so easily. It wasn't easy letting anyone else in.

"Okay." Jess sighed, breaking eye contact and staring at his worn carpet.

"That's it? Only okay?"

"I-I." Jess laughed wetly. "I have to admit you sound positively nutty right now but there's something in your eyes." Jess stood up off the bed and in three confident strides stopped right in front of him. "Your eyes they look-hauntedlike you've encountered things like this before."

Sam shuddered as Jess reached out and laid a hand on his cheek. "How can you know that?"

"You're a good person Sam Winchester. I may not understand you but I believe you."

Sam swallowed again and watched as Jess stared at him some more before she averted her eyes with a blush. It was comical given her makeup caked on her face, eyes big and wet as she grieved for her friend.

Caught up in something she shouldn't have ever experienced.

Sam sighed again, feeling his heart beat faster. Closing his eyes he pinched the bridge of his nose, hoping to stem the headache that was beginning. "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

Instead of answering, Sam's eyes widened when he felt Jess' lips on his.

The kiss was chaste and gentle and a comfort that they both desperately needed without realizing it. Sam kissed back softly until Jess parted. Her blue eyes twinkling with tears and something else.

"Thank you Sam. I mean it."

"No thanks needed." Sam weakly offered back.

With that Jess hesitated before she slowly walked toward the exit. Sam watched her go with mixed feelings, his heart beating a mile a minute, his stomach fluttering with new found emotions.

Sam stood there, staring at the door long after Jess left. The taste of her lips was still firmly ingrained in his mind.

He had to figure this out, not only for Jess but because he was a hunter. He couldn't sit by idly while innocent lives were taken. With a determined demeanor, Sam sat down on his bed and pulled his book bag into his lap retrieving the book he checked out from the library, and set to work.

Stuffing the last of his clothes into his duffle, John sighed as the silence began to get to him. Dean hadn't said a word since they left Stanford. John wasn't sure whether being so close to Sam without seeing him was the cause or something else. Whatever the cause, the silence was driving him crazy. He didn't want to leave things like this before a hunt. Especially if things...John sighed and shook his head. Better not think about that.

"You know…"


John blinked and laughed a little, seeing a smile ghost across Dean's face. "Sorry, guess we had the same idea. What did you want to say?"

Dean sighed, the smile vanishing almost as quickly as it came. The clothes he was hastily stuffing into his duffle dropping.

"I'm glad Sam isn't hunting anymore." Dean admitted softly.

John stared at his oldest sons head, ready to refute and argue. Maybe try to start another fight but Dean was right.

John deflated, blowing out a breath of air and staring at his own duffle bag. "Me too." John whispered back. He felt his eyes water softly as his fists clenched. "Let's go."

Packing all their belongings, John slammed the Impala door harder than necessary. He knew things definitely weren't okay when Dean didn't yell at him for hurting his baby. All they could do right now to fix things was kill this damn ogre.

Tightening his hands on the wheel, John peeled out spinning the tires, scaring some birds who were perched atop some mailboxes.

The ride to the woods is a short one spent in silence; both Winchesters gearing up for the hunt ahead.

John made sure to park somewhere hidden, just in case a patrolman was still canvassing the area. Getting out, the two men packed what they would need, loading their weapons and double checking them just to be sure.

Guns would be useless on a ogre but it would piss the thing off and distract him until one of them could get a shot off with a flare gun.

Closing the trunk, John locked it and stared at Dean, silently communicating things they usually never said out loud.

Be careful.

You too.

Dean nodded and then started off towards the west while John took the east. They would meet back in the middle as they both searched for the ogres current residence.

One thing was for damn sure. This ogre was going down.

Flipping another page of the book, Sam tried to read the tiny text but it was all starting to blur together. Night has since fallen leaving Sam bathed in the bright moon light as he tried to make out just what the hell this thing is.

He contemplated just breaking down and calling Dean. He stared at his phone on the nightstand and had to refrain from picking it up. He was getting nowhere and he knew his brother would have this figured out in less than a day.

Unlike Sam who can't seem too.

You're not a son of mine. If you walk out that door don't you ever come back, you hear me?

Sam shook his head of his Dad's voice, trying to get his face out of his mind. He remembered how angry he was, his voice loud and commanding when he waved the acceptance letter in his face. The worst of all was seeing Dean in the corner, just standing there watching the fight go on.

Did Dean even want me to stay?

Sam shook his head again. He couldn't be thinking of these things right now. He had to figure this all out before another life is taken.

Turning the page once again Sam paused at seeing the descriptive drawing of an ogre. Curiosity peaked, Sam read on.

Ogres once known throughout mythology for their docile nature are short creatures, rather hideous to humans and can be viciously territorial. Ogres prefer young, healthy children and sometimes young adults to feast on. Sometimes going through 5 bodies a day. Ogres teeth are very sharp, they tear their victim's limb from limb eating everything they can and leaving the rest. The only way to kill an ogre is by fire, sending it back to the depths of Hell where it can no longer feast on the living.

Sam's hands shook as he smiled. Got it!

Gently tearing out the page, Sam prayed that the library wouldn't notice when he returned it, as he stuffed it in his pocket.

He felt jittery and anxious as he dumped out his duffle of his remaining clothes and stuffed it with what he would need. He didn't have a flare gun so lighter fluid and matches would have to do. Just because he left the hunting world behind didn't mean he'd come here empty handed.

Walking over to his dresser, Sam removed the bottom drawer and reached in to retrieve his gun. It was still shiny from meticulous cleaning sessions. Sam didn't think he would ever need to use it again but he's slowly starting to learn that the life is creeping up on him.

Sighing, Sam shoved his gun in the duffle as well; topped with his phone and his knife. He was ready to go.

Sneaking out of the dorm building was hard given that security guard outside but thankfully for Sam the guy wasn't paying attention, more so interested in a magazine of Playboy he was drooling over.

Shaking his head, Sam swiftly merged into the shadows as he looked around for a car to hot-wire. It didn't take long to find his prize.

The car he picked was rather old to begin with, the window was half down which made it easier to unlock instead of just breaking the glass.

Putting his long arms to use, Sam pulled the lock up and gently opened the car. Bending down, Sam's training took into effect as he hot-wired the car, it turning on with a slight rumble. Sam pulled out quietly so not to disturb the security guard.

The woods weren't even a mile away from the school so it didn't take long to get there. Sam felt his heart hammering in his chest as he pulled up towards the woods, making sure to park behind some trees so his car wouldn't be seen.

Getting out of the car, Sam grabbed his duffle and sighed. Zipping it open, Sam retrieved the gun and put the lighter fluid and matches in his pocket. Turning on the flashlight he brought, Sam held it out in front of him as he trekked across the dirt path, both eyes and ears on red alert for the ogre.

Walking deeper into the woods, Sam didn't even realize that the Impala was parked a little ways up from him.

"Dammit Dad! Pick up your damn phone." Dean voiced anxiously as his hand gripped the phone. Cursing once again when it went to voice mail.

Looking around the darkness, Dean felt panic begin to well. It had been twenty minutes since he was able to make contact with his Dad.

Putting the phone back in his pocket, Dean's eyes searched the woods surrounding him for any sort of clue. But it was like John just vanished into thin air. He was done searching the west and was waiting in their meet up spot but John was nowhere to be found. Dean tried calling him but either John's phone was turned off or something happened.

Knowing their luck, the ogre found John before they could find it.

"Son of a bitch." Dean muttered again, flashlight swinging in every direction. He had no choice but to find the damn thing himself and hope that would lead him to his father.

Deciding to keep going straight forward, Dean's boots crunched along the path as his flashlight swung back and forth.

Dean didn't know that the ogre had already found him instead of the hunter finding it.

Hanging from a tree limb, the ogre tilted his head in amusement at the hunter. The old man wouldn't do anything for his appetite. But this one? Yes, this man was young, in good shape and smelled delicious already. The old man would prove to be nice bait into luring not only this one but the other hunter the ogre spied.

Even younger than the hunter in front of him. Grinning maniacally to himself, the ogre felt his belly rubble loudly, already picturing tearing into the flesh, best of all hunter's flesh. There was nothing like biting into a hunter, hearing them scream as you ripped their throat out and happily munched on the meat. The satisfaction of being the hunter this time instead of the hunted.

Grinning to himself the ogre hopped off the tree limb making sure to make some noise so the hunter would get on the right path.

Hearing a twig snap in the eerie silence made Sam freeze. His breath stilled as his hand shook around the flashlight. He slowly turned around and aimed the beam toward where he heard the sound.

Another twig snapping had Sam slowly setting his bag down to retrieve his weapon. The gun wouldn't do anything but anger the ogre but for now it would have to work because Sam didn't have time to get out his lighter fluid. The only way to kill an ogre was to burn it, a flare gun would have worked wonders but Sam left that behind when he set out on his new life. So now he had to use what he could.

He aimed his gun with one hand and aimed the flashlight with the other, it was awkward and stupid considering he was left with no hands but for right now, it had to do. He waited until a figure started to emerge from the shadows. Sam held his breath and pulled back the safety on his gun.

"Whoa whoa stand down!"

Sam's arm shook as his flash light illuminated a figure. It couldn't be...impossible. "D-Dean?"

Dean's eyes squinted against the harsh beam, making Sam bring the flash light down a tad.

It was Dean Winchester, in the flesh. Sam felt his heart beat against his chest as he stared at his brother. "Wh-what are you doing here?"

"What am I doing here?" Dean stared incredulously at his brother, noting the gun and duffle bag. "Better question would be what are you doing here? And hunting?! Jesus Sammy you left to get away from hunting, remember!?"

Sam flinched, still never liking it when Dean yelled at him. "I-I.." Sam was at a loss for words. Dean was right of course, he left to get away from hunting and wouldn't you know only a few weeks in and he was back to hunting again.

"Well? An explanation would be nice. I just can't believe..." Dean sighed, scrubbing a callused hand over his face.

"I promised Jess I would find this thing, okay!" Sam yelled.

Dean eyed Sam incredulously.

Sam shrunk again, a blush heating his cheeks.

"Jess huh? Who's Jess?"

"A-A girl in my sociolo-" Sam couldn't finish the sentence because an unearthly screeching started up, forcing Sam to moan as he quickly covered his ears, seeing Dean do the same.

"Holy shit what was that?" Sam asked after it stopped, his ears beginning to ring.

"Shhhh." Dean quieted trying to focus on where the screeching was coming from. Finally Dean noticed how the trees began to dwindle almost like it was leading to an outcropping of rocks..a a cave.

"You have to tell me about Jess later. Dad's missing; I haven't seen him in probably thirty minutes or better."

"What?" Sam gapes, feeling a chill overtake him. "Does that mean-"

"It doesn't mean anything!" Dean snapped. "We'll find Dad okay? See those trees over there?" Dean pointed towards the trees, making Sam turn and shine his light on them. "Yeah, so?"

"So smartass the trees are beginning to thin out which means..."

"An outcropping of rocks should be nearby." Sam finished, he understood that there must be a cave over there, and from what he read a cave would be an excellent hideout for an ogre.

"Come on, stay behind me."

Sam rolled his eyes at his big brother but none the less listened. He let Dean lead the way as they started off toward the trees. Please let Dad be okay.

John cursed at the grotesque thing as he strained against the chains holding him to the cave wall. Blood fell down into his eyes making him blink it away so he can focus all his rage on the thing tormenting him. "You son of a bitch. I'm going to kill you I swear!" John yelled, making the ogre smile, showing off his razor edged teeth.

"That's funny John, keep on yelling I'm sure it'll lead Dean here just like I want." The ogre didn't bother mentioning Sam, he already had the father angered beyond belief and it was sweeter to surprise him when he bit into his youngest son, devouring his sweet, healthy flesh.

"You bastard. Don't you dare even touch him." John warned, feeling his heart begin to beat faster in fear for his son. He struggled against the chains again and stared at them, trying to figure some way out of here but he was without a paper clip or lock pick. The ogre stripped him of everything when he was knocked out.

Speaking of which, how could he be so stupid? John waged war with himself, trying to figure out how the damn thing got the drop on him, literally. One minute he was walking and the next the damn thing was falling out of the sky landing right on top of him. To think an ogre was small and stocky but sure as hell weighed a lot.

"What John? Cat got your tongue? Oh...wait maybe I'll have your tongue later on. After I eat your son alive."

John's face screwed up in a scowl, muscles clenching against his bonds. He was ready for a fight but getting angry at the thing wouldn't help matters. No, he had to fight back some other way.

"Hey, wasn't there one of you around Colorado a few years ago?" John was bluffing, he never seen an ogre before nor heard of any hunter who had, but he hoped his bluff would work.

The thing cringed, its body tightening.

"Yeah I remember now, me and a buddy hunted it down and cut off its head. The guy wanted to use the head as a trophy but I told him we'd have to burn the body anyways." John chuckled snidely. "It was a fun hunt."

The thing screeched, making John moan in pain. Before he knew it the ogre pounced over toward him. John knew what was going to happen before the ogre even lifted its hand.

"Stupid human. Learn to hold your tongue." The thing growled before backhanding John, making his head whip against the cave wall.

The ogre smiled in satisfaction at seeing the hunter's head fall forward in unconsciousness. He had wanted him awake for the main course but this would have to do.

Sam winced again at hearing the horrible screeching sound, his finger tensed on his gun, thinking the ogre was around somewhere.

"Stand down." Dean whispered in front of him. "We're getting close."

Sam obeyed his brother and brought his gun down, preferring to let Dean take the lead.

"Look up ahead."

Sam followed Dean's line of sight and noticed an overhang, and underneath the overhand was an opening to a cave. Sam gulped loudly, praying that their Dad was unharmed. Their Dad was too old for an ogre's usual meal but he didn't really know if this ogre followed the rules or not.

"Stay close." Dean warned, creeping up toward the entrance. Sam following quietly behind him.

Sam spied shirts and jeans lying around the entrance, some of them drenched in blood. He feels his stomach swoosh uncomfortably making him swallow, hoping he'd be able to hold his stomach.

Finally getting toward the entrance, he ran into Dean's back. "What is it?" Sam whispered, trying to see what Dean was staring at,

"Dad." Dean whispered, walking toward his unconscious father.

Sam stared at his father, slumped against the wall and felt his hands begin to shake. Too many emotions coming to the surface, remembering the harsh words his father yelled at him before he left.

"Dad..." Sam whispered in despair.

"I've got a pulse." Dean replied, feeling his Dad's hand gently and wincing at feeling the huge bump forming. "Looks like he's just out cold. Here help me with this."

Sam was about to walk toward his father and Dean when he heard the screeching again. Looking up toward the cave his eyes widened at seeing the grotesque body of the ogre, hanging from the ceiling.

The ogre smiled at him then dropped. Sam did his best to get out of the way but the ogre was coming too fast.

He felt the impact and cried out at the weight, his gun automatically dropped as he lost his balance, falling toward the cave floor.


His head bounced against the ground making him moan. His eyes widely searched for his brother and father but everything was blurry, the weight beginning to crush him.

"You son of a bitch!" Sam heard his brother curse before he felt the crushing weight leave his back. Gasping in huge gulps of air, Sam shakily tried getting to his feet.

Everything was swimming as he finally got up on his feet. His Dad was still in the corner, unconscious.

"Dean?" Sam whispered, trying his best to find his brother.

Finally spotting his brother, Sam gasped at seeing the ogre's teeth barred, heading for his brother's neck as he tried his best to hold the creature off.

Looking around, Sam spotted Dean's dropped flare gun and lunged for it. The flare gun was familiar in his hands, years of training making this situation precise. "Hey!"

The ogre stopped, turning to look at Sam with wide eyes. "Get the fuck away from my brother." Sam growled, shooting the flare gun.

The creature screeched, its small body catching fire as it ran around the cave.

Sam stared on wide eyed as the creature finally fell to the ground, its unearthly screeching silencing as the flames overtook him.

"Dean!" Sam yelled, running toward his brother who was trying to get his footing against the cave. "Dean, are you okay?" Sam's shaky hands ran over his brother's body, checking for injuries.

"Son of a bitch." Dean groaned, pushing off the cave wall, stumbling a bit before he righted himself. "I'm fine Sammy."

Sam sighed, his hands falling to his side.

"You did good." Dean smiled although to Sam it looked more like a grimace. "Come on we have to help Dad."

Sam nodded and with Dean's help they removed the chains from John as they both worked to lug his body out of the woods. By the time they made it to the Impala Sam was spent.

Too many raw emotions were coming to the surface, wreaking havoc with his mind. He stayed silent on the way to the hospital, glancing back every once in a while to stare at his Dad.

Sam watched as his brother walked down the hallway, hands deep in his pockets, a grimace plastered on his face. Sam winced himself and fingered at the lump hidden behind his hair. Each of them came out worse for wear but it was definitely better than the alternative.

"Hey," Sam says softly in greeting.

"So, Dad's okay. Just a concussion and some bruised ribs.

"That's good." Sam whispered, awkwardly wringing his hands together.

"Sam..." Dean sighed.

"No, I-I can't you knowI can't."

"Sammy this is ridiculous. Dad would want to see you; it's all he could think about these last few weeks. Hell it's why we camehere in the first place." Dean ran his hands through his hair in frustration, feeling like he wanted to scream.

As nice as the thought was, Sam knew that it wasn't the time or the place to. He just couldn't see his Dad. It was best if he walked off for now.

"I-I'm sorry okay. I just can't." Sam sighed, feeling a headache begin to form.

Dean's body stiffened before he relaxed, finally admitting defeat. "Yeah, okay. Don't want to taint your college life or anything."

Sam's heart fell at the sneer. "Dean..."

"You're right Sammy. It's not the time. Go back to Jess okay? Me and Dad will manage."

Sam swallowed, seeing the obvious hurt in his brother's eyes. His resolve almost crumbled but he knew Dean was right. Figuring it's best to cut ties before he got too attached; Sam turned around and walked out of the hospital, not sparing Dean or John a second glance.

He'd have to hail a taxi with what little money was on him but this was for the better.

Then why does it feel like my heart's been ripped out and left behind?

Sam let out a nervous breath as he watched the Impala pull up.

He was awoken after a tumultuous night with a text saying to be waiting outside at six. Sam didn't know if he was ready, he didn't want to say goodbye. The word felt so foreign on his tongue.

Never goodbye. Not Dean. No.

His hand began to shake as the early morning sun shines off the Impala's hood. Sam walked up to the car and bent down, peering into the window at his brother casually staring at Sam.

"Hey Sammy."

"Hi Dean." Sam sighed, this was so hard.

"You kicked some major ass out there you know." Dean complimented, flashing Sam a cheeky grin despite his heart feeling like it was being stomped on.

"Yeah." Sam sighed, looking down at the Impala's flawless interior, picturing how it feels against his skin.

"You know-"

"Yeah I know Sammy. It's alright."

Sam sniffed softly at seeing the knowing look on Dean's face. Dean was saving him the trouble of saying goodbye. Just like God damn Dean.

"You have to call me and tell me about Jess sometime okay?" Dean gestured to somewhere behind Sam which caused Sam to turn around.

Jess was standing shyly behind Sam a blush on her face, curly hair on the fritz from just waking up.

Sam turned back to his brother. "Dean..." Sam whimpered, not wanting it to be over. Please God no.

"Take care of yourself Sammy." Dean said, his throat closing up at the words.

Sam realized it was the end, he pulled out of the window and watched as Dean pulled away, the taillight glinting as he did.

Sam felt the tears as they rolled down his face, his hard stoic mask already slipping, especially when Jess came up behind him and hugged his back, softly whispering reassurances in his ear.

Sam knew it was for the best. This was what he wanted but it hurt. It hurt so much.

"It'll be alright Sam." Jess whispered soothingly, her small hand softly rubbing his back.

"Yeah." Sam said amidst the tears, laughing at himself. "Yeah, maybe it will be."

Dean rummaged through his cassette tapes at a stop light, hoping to put some music on to drown out his thoughts.

Finally he plucked one from the bunch and stared at it; hands shaking.

The old case read R.E.Mand instantly Dean knew it was Sam's. Can even remember when he gave it to Sam on his birthday, can picture his face as he smiled and waved it about, happy to have music to play in the Impala like Dean.

He found himself smiling as he rubbed his thumb over the worn case.

Popping it out he put it in the player and turned the volume up as loud as he could stand it.

Pressing down on the gas when the light turned green, already ready to follow Dad out of California to Bobby's, Dean listened to the music and finally broke down, his eyes grew wet as the tears that have been building ever since Sam left silently slip down.

When your day is long and the night

The night is yours alone

When you're sure you've had enough of this life, well hang on

Don't let yourself go

Everybody cries and everybody hurts sometimes

The End

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