Author's Note: I don't own Boy Meets.

The scene opens the same as season 7 episode 1 with Cory and Shawn walking to their dorm.

Cory: You get Feeny this year?

Shawn: Yeah, you?

Cory: Yeah, which courses?

Shawn: All of them.

Cory: Yeah, me too...

Cory unlocked the door to their dorm, they entered their room and Shawn jumped on his bed, feeling at home. After a summer away he was excited to be back.

"So how was your summer away with Topanga?" Shawn asked as he looked through his new schedule.

"Really good. We focused on us and nothing else, you know, there's so much going on in her life right now with her parents separating, the wedding and my anxiety about the wedding. It was good to escape and not think about anything but us in the here and now." Cory sat at his desk and pulled out his 'first day of school' pudding cup, he grabbed the second one and tossed it to Shawn.

"So, what did you guys decide to do?" Shawn asked, sitting up and opening his treat.

"We decided to...remain engaged and not rush life, I mean, we have the rest of our lives together."


"I've also accepted I'm going to die a virgin," Cory grumpily muttered, "the only comfort I have is knowing I'm not the only one."

Shawn awkwardly looked away hoping Cory didn't notice his lack of response. He didn't want to lie but he also didn't want to talk about it. His summer more than eventful but he swore to keep it a secret.

" willing to come with me to my virgin's anonymous group? I really need more members."

"Umm yeah about that..." Shawn nervously cleared his throat noticing that Cory was catching on.

"Wait, is there something you need to tell me?"

"So, um how many people are in your group now?" Shawn asked, desperate to change the subject at this point, even if it meant talking about that ridiculous group.

"Oh ...well's still just me...but hold on, answer my question. I want details my friend, come on, teeelll Cory."

"No, absolutely not! My romantic life is no longer to be discussed, don't make me pull out the restraining order," he threatened. Shawn kept the documents in his nightstand drawer knowing he would one day need them again. Cory meant well but he didn't know when to butt out, especially when it came to Angela and Shawn's relationship.

"Nice try, it's only legal and binding between you and …" Cory gasped as he put two and two together, "Oh Shawnie! Have my dreams for you come true? Have you and Angela finally stopped the overly dramatic back and forth and accepted you love each other?

" That's not what I-"

"Oh Shawn, this makes me so happy," Cory jumped up with excitement and ran to the phone, " I gotta call nana boo boo, she has been hanging on at the edge of her seat all summer waiting to know what ha-"

"Cory! We're not back together." Shawn interrupted, reaching his limit with Cory's refusal to leave things alone.

"Oh well, I just thought that because... wait…" Cory Paused. " How could you no longer be a virgin? Is there someone new? Because with the amount of effort I have put into you and Angela's relationship, I feel very insulted that you wou-"

"It IS Angela..."

"Ok, now I'm confused"

"Cory, leave it alone ok? Its complicated and I don't want to talk about." Shawn pleaded.

"Are you kidding me? We have to talk about it." Cory pleaded right back.

Shawn was feeling overwhelmed with frustration. Since they were little he and Cory shared everything and he wanted to tell his best friend, in fact just being in the same room with him was making it hard not to confess. Shawn wanted his advice, even if it wasn't always perfect or even asked for most of the time.

"I'm gonna get some coffee." Shawn stated, getting up to leave.

"You want me to come with?"


Shawn opened the door and found Topanga and Angela standing in the doorway, Shawn and Angela made brief eye contact before he walked off.

"Hey Cory... Where's Shawn going?" Topanga asked.

Cory ran to Angela, completely ignoring his fiance " Angela! Just the person I wanted to see, what's going on between you and-"

"CORY!" Angela shouted, purposely interrupting him " It sure is great to see you, I umm, I gotta go." Angela said as she rushed out the room as quickly as she came.

Topanga and Cory exchange curious glances before she flopped onto Cory's bed. He noticed the somber distant look on her face. She had been upset all summer but something seemed wrong. He sat next to her and rubbed her back, hoping to sooth any pain she may have been feeling.

"I'm glad we're alone so we can talk. Cory, I feel like the world is crushing me" Topanga cried softly, burying her head into Cory's chest, hoping to feel better. "My parents officially filed for divorce this morning."

"That's…bad…that's… not good. God, I'm sorry honey, here I am focusing on Shangela."


"Just saving time...Look, I'm really sorry."

Topanga lifted herself up to face Cory "Yeah I'm sorry too. I've just got to accept that my parents aren't going to spend the rest of their lives together."

"Well good, it's good to face reality. " Cory held Topanga's hand "But, you know, that doesn't change anything between you and I." Topanga didn't answer the first time so he pushed.


He was again met with silence.

"Here we go..."

The sun streaming in woke Shawn up, he looked over at the sleeping figure next to him and felt a rush of happiness remembering the night before. He smiled and ran his fingers across Angela's cheek causing her to stir. "Hey sleepy head." Shawn grinned as he leaned down to kiss her.

"Oh! I've got to go." Angela jumped up and exclaimed, narrowly avoiding his lips. She hopped out of bed with a sheet covering her body.

"What? Why? We don't have to be in Feenys class for another..." Shawn glanced at the clock " 3 hours, relax." He began to stretch and wake up.

"Well for one, I don't want Jack and Rachel to catch us" Angela said, throwing Shawn his boxers " I've also got to get back to the dorm before Topanga suspects anything. We agreed to keep this arrangement to ourselves, remember?" She was able to shimmy herself into her shirt without exposing herself too much.

Shawn nodded finding it odd that she was trying so hard to hide herself from him, at this point he had photographically memorized every inch of her.

"How did you get out of sleeping in the dorm anyhow?" Angela asked while jumping up and down trying to get into her skin tight jeans.

" Well, Cory made me mad yesterday so I just used that as a convenient out." Shawn got up along with Angela and began to put his clothes on.

"Very sneaky."

"Hey, Maybe after class we can grab some coffee at the student union, nothing suspicious about that," he smiled as he grabbed Angela by the hips.

"I can't," Angela shrugged moving away from Shawn, slipping her shoes on, "Rachel wants me and Topanga to go shopping with since she and Jack broke up she really hates being in the apartment alone with him."

"Oh...well...ok, no big deal, you know I've been meaning to actually do my school work this semester anyway so…"

Angela noticed his disappointed expression, she grabbed his wrists. "No strings Shawn, don't you start getting heavy on me." She poked him on the nose and turned to finish buckling her jeans before making her way to the front door.

"Who me? Angela, I told you before this summer, that was a total moment of weakness"Shawn replied, speaking of the awkward "I love you" moment they shared a few months ago. He followed behind her.

"Uh huh... good because I told you when this started, no emotions," Angela said reaching for the door knob.

" I know. Look who you're talking to! The king of no strings babe," Shawn grabbed her arms and kissed her on the cheek, "and I can assure you with 100% certainty that I will never..."

Angela rolled her eyes at Shawn's rant and walked out closing the door softly behind her.

"Stop loving you..."