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Chapter 3

Level 5- Primatech

After I relapsed, I sat on the table in my cell, trying to find a way to control the hunger, to be a better man. So far, it only seemed to heighten my senses. I knew immediately when someone appeared in my cell. I knew who it was. I opened my eyes and said, "Peter."

I quickly stood. At the same moment, Peter had ran on top of the table, grabbed my throat, and slammed me, hard, against the wall before I could attempt to do anything. In my brother's eyes, I saw an anger that I hadn't seen since Kirby Plaza. This, alone, worried me.

"What are you doing?" I gasped.

"I've been to the future," Peter almost grounded out, "The world ended. I took your ability so I could understand how to stop it."

Shock wedged itself in my mind. Underneath that, I wondered if Peter was insane. Why would he want to place himself under this curse? Even with the world ending, there had to have been another way. Then, I felt relief. I wasn't alone, now. There was someone else to share the power struggle of keeping the hunger in check of this need to kill. "You have the hunger. You are like me."

If it were any more possible, the hatred and anger in Peter's eyes increased greatly. To emphasize this, his grip around my throat tightened. "I will never let myself become you."

My intuitive aptitude ability clicked and I saw the subtle emotions underneath the surface. One in particular stood out. Guilt. He stank of it.

If there was one thing that made Peter Petrelli this guilty and angry, it was murder. After he had taken my ability, he had lost control and killed someone. I didn't resist the opportunity to remind him of this. "You already are. Brother."

With a roar, Peter's grip tightened even more. I felt a flash of pain as my neck snapped.

Right before I died, I felt a flash of understanding. When Angela told me that I was her son, I felt happy, though it was tainted With a vindictive irony. Peter's greatest enemy was, also, his brother.

As I was talking to Peter, okay taunting him, I did throw this iromini his face and enjoyed watching him, essentially, become unglued. Now, though, I felt, in addition to my lingering hate, but loyalty toward my newfound brother. I knew he only saw me as the archenemy. The ultimate hero versus the ultimate villain.

Perhaps with time, we will become the brothers we are supposed to be.

End of Chapter 3

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