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Chapter 4


I had to find Sylar. I couldn't leave him behind and be subjected to whatever my- our- father had planned for him. When I saw that it was Sylar who stopped Suresh's needle from piercing my skin, I realized that he could become the man I had seen in the future.

I made it to the top floor, where Dad's office was located, without being detected. I figured Dad would take Sylar there to persuade him to join Pinehearst. If he wasn't there, then maybe there would be something that would point me in the right direction.

I walked in and caught a figure out of the corner of my eye to my left. I looked around the room before going toward Sylar. I felt concern when I noticed he was sitting in a chair instead of trying to escape.

"Peter," Sylar said, standing. I could hear the surprise in his voice, "you stayed?"

I stopped in front of him and glanced around the room again. "I wasn't gonna leave you," I told him. I looked at him again and my concern grew. "What are you doing sitting here? Did he take your powers?"

"No. He told me the truth."

I knew that whatever Dad told him wasn't good, much less the truth. My concern changed into fear. "You can't listen to him."

"But he's our father," he argued.

I had to get Sylar out of here. We needed him. Honestly I, probably, needed him. He was the only one who tried to stop me from coming here in the first place and he had come for me when I screwed up. It was now my turn to protect him. I had to try to tell him how bad Arthur Petrelli really is. "He's my father! I grew up with him."

"And I didn't, so I don't get the right to know him. Is that what you are saying?" Sylar responded defensively.

Why is he being so stubborn? I wondered. "No. He can't be trusted. You've seen what he's done." As I chose to remind him what Dad has done, I hoped that it would be enough to bring him back into his senses. And to get him to leave with me before Dad came back. "He hurt Mom. He's manipulated abilities. I know where that leads."

"That world you saw doesn't exist. We won't let it." a voice said.

I swung my head in the direction the voice came from. A sinking feeling formed in the pit of my stomach. We were out of time.

"I'm sorry, Peter," I turned back to Sylar. "This is something we have to do."

The sinking feeling started to grow. Even though, my instincts started to say "run", I didn't move. I had to get my brother back. To save him from Dad's silver tongue and empty promises. "If you help him, you're proving all the worst things I've said about you. Just kick his butt and let's get out of here."

I saw Sylar's expression change in his eyes. I saw some of the monster he had been replace the curiosity that was there only a few seconds before. "I'm not going anywhere, Peter," Sylar's voice was the calm, predatory tone I had come to associate with him. "You are."

I had just enough time to register Sylar raising two of his fingers when the sinking feeling became full blown panic. He's going to kill me and I'm defenseless! Then, I was being telekinetically thrown out of the window, I had foolishly turned my back to.

Later, as I told Nathan and Claire what had happened, I told them I thought I didn't hit the ground as hard as I should have. Even as they gave me explanations, I knew that, even then, Sylar had acted as my brother. I believed that, as twisted as it may sound, he saved not only my life for the second time, but saved me from Arthur's clutches.

Instead of making me feel better, this just made Sylar's betrayal hurt so much more.

End of Chapter 4

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