"I knew this was going to happen. . ." A small blonde boy coughed out blood as he laid there on the cold and hard ground. Cuts were scattered all acrossed his body from his twin brother who murdered their parents, and tried to kill him. Luckily for him, he was able to act dead long enough for his brother to leave. Now he was struggling to stay alive as he crawled towards the forest. He knew he was going to run out of blood pretty soon, and he was prepared to die, even if it was by the hands of his arch rivel, his brother. "Looks like you won once. . .Congratulations. . ." he laid on his back and closed his eyes. A figured hovered over him, a young boy who looked to be around his age. He had red hair, green eyes, and a tall and thin frame. "Looks like I didn't have to kill this one. He's half dead any way." He mumbled as he bent down and grabbed the blonde boy by his hair, pulling him up so his neck met with his sharp fangs. The other child groaned and used the rest of his strength to push him away. The redhead looked down at him, noticing the bangs that once covered his eyes were moved to the side, revieling a dark purple hue. He blinked with amusument at the determination in those eyes. "Interesting." He said with a smirk. "I think I will take you with me." He dragged the boy through the woods, all the while his captive was trashing about and yelling. "Would you shut up? You're giving me a headache."

Once the strange child arrived at a place that appeared to be a castle, he threw his victim down on the couch, watching him as he panted with exhaustion. "What the hell. .do you want. ." the blonde huffed out. "Nothing much. Just your blood. I wonder how it tastes." He replied back coldly. "You're now my hostage, and I will use you as I see fit." He mumbled as he grabbed a First AID kit and started patching up the blonde. "I'm a hostage. .but you're healing me?"

"Of course. .Can't have my meal dying before I get to it. Or else it won't taste very good." After he did his best to stitch him up, he sat down by him on the couch. "Now. .tell me your name." The red head asked. The smaller boy groaned. "You can't command me what to do! I am a prince!" After he said that, the sharp toothed boy grinned widely and grabbed the blonde's hair, yanking his head forward. "Do you want to die. .?" He stared at him with intense, yet fearful eyes. ". . .My name is Rasiel." the blonde finally answered. ". . .Yours?"

"Zeorii." He threw the boy who called himself "Rasiel" against the couch, causing him to wince in pain. "Oh, this is going to be fun." Zeorii grinned, showing off his sharp fangs. Rasiel looked up at him. ". . .What the hell are you?" He asked, a bit afraid. "A vampire. .Duh." He rolled his eyes. "A fuckin' Russian one.~ So you don't want to mess with me, got it?~" the prince rolled his eyes. "Whatever. . .Freak."

A few miles away, another blonde made his way through the city, body covered in blood, crown shinning, and face gleaming with a grin. "No one can beat me. .~ No one can beat Prince the Ripper. .Shishishi~!"He twirled his knife between his fingers as he made his way to a hideout that held a group from the mafia. A group called "The Varia."

"And now. . .Let the games begin.~"