A few weeks had past, and Zeorii and Rasiel had gotten to know each other a bit more. "So you have a twin brother, huh? Is he as weak as you?" He smirked at the blonde, who in turn rolled his eyes. "Not as weak as you."

The red-head growled, but refrained from attacking him. "Kidding." The other rolled his eyes and snickered. "Shesheshe."

Zeorii grinned. "You have a cute laugh." He teased as he prodded his finger against the other's cheek. Rasiel turned crimson red and glared. "The hell? What kind of game are you playing?" He yelled, annoyed.

"No game, just saying the truth." He shrugged in reply and shifted his legs off the bed he was laying in, standing to his feet and stretching his arms over his head.

"Ahahaha. Right." The younger groaned and leaped off, standing next to him.

The vampire child looked over at the clock, slight anxiousness hit him. "Hn." He mumbled to himself and walked out. "Oi, what was with that look?" Rasiel asked as he followed him out the room.

"Well-" He was interrupted when a taller male grabbed him from the side. "That." He growled and pushed him away. Rasiel looked up at the new male, who was about half a foot taller than Zeorii, a black and red hat that sat upon redish-brown hair. "'Ello Bitch-chan.~" He grinned.

"Raito. My older brother." He announced and sighed. Rasiel looked between the two males, confused. "Eh-" Zeorii's brother moved quicker than the blonde could speak, before he knew it the older male was behind him in a flash and had his arms above his head. "What the hell?! Zeorii!" He growled and struggled to get free from him.

"Let 'em go, Raito. He's my prey." The red-head said smoothly without any emotions. "Fine fine, for now. But I won't let you have him forever.~ His blood smells way too sweet for someone like you."

"Where are the others?"

"As if you need to know, Bitch-chan." Raito grinned and waved off as he walked towards the window. "Until next time little brother." After he waved farewell he broke the window glass and jumped out.

Zeorii twitched with irritation. ". . .Did he really have to break the window. I am going to get him back for this."