Giles stood near the bar, his ear getting talked off by the computer teacher Jenny Calendar, and he looked up slightly noticing his Slayer standing up at the banister looking out. He excused himself from the talking teacher and she went out to the rest of the gang not even noticing his other intentions. Giles walked his way slowly to the girl, watching her looking out to the other people below, he looked around noticing she was alone and climbed in behind her standing close to her ear like when he first met her. "Hi Giles."

Giles smiled at the fact she didn't even have to look at him, he then moved his position, as she turned to look at him. "If you're going to ask me how I am, then go ahead and ask."

Giles smiled and nodded, she knew exactly what was on his mind and that never seemed to be bothersome, it seemed endearing. "How are you?"

"I'm fine."

"You were dead, for one moment, you died, left from this world, and you're fine?"

"Okay, I'm scared, better answer? I'm scared, terrified, I was dead, and now I'm pretty sure that even as the Slayer I'm not invincible."

"And your scared."


"You lived though, you defeated the Master, and over come the worst."

Buffy laughed lively and pushed him away as she walked around on the top with him. "Giles that wasn't the worst, it was a test. The worst hasn't even begun yet."

"You'll get through it Buffy, you're stronger than you realize."

"I know that, but I still don't feel ready to face whatever the world has planned for me."

"You can always make time for training and things, I've told you before that training is a very important key to being the Slayer."

"Then teach me. Let's go to the desert and hike and camp and train. I want to be ready for whatever I come to face with next Giles." Giles looked over her pouting face and gave in straight away to her agreeing to her proposition. "Ask your mother first, I do not feel like getting yelled at by her because you didn't tell her."

"How the hell am I supposed to ask my mother I want to spend half my summer with the school librarian in the desert?"

"It's your idea Buffy. We could just up the training schedule a bit and maybe-"

"Giles, I want to be ready, fixing the schedule isn't good enough."

"If you so badly want to go to the desert then you have to think of your own way to tell your mother."

"You're a teacher, give me a permission slip or something stating a stupid summer thing that involves learning and say you recommend I go, because I failed a class."

"Buffy I can't do that. Have you actually failed any classes? Your mother gets your report card, so she would know unless you actually failed something."

"I failed history. Okay? Is that good enough?"

"Ugh, Buffy- I can't believe what I'm doing."

"So you'll do it?"

"Yes, I'll do it." Buffy smiled gleefully and hugged him tightly as he regretted what he was going to do.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Giles sat in his office desk, writing out his note for Buffy to take home to her mom, he tried his best to make it sound like something her mother would make her do because of his concern over her grades, he also tried his best to make it sound like something Buffy herself would hate if she knew it wasn't a big fat lie.

Buffy sat across from him, watching as he wrote calmly, his pen was like part of his hand as it took up his qualities as it wrote each word with preciseness, and carefulness. She watched as his eyes would every so often graze off the paper and to his other hand, obviously still thinking on what he could add to this important letter, her smile grew a bit when she recognized that he was putting on the last thing, his signature.

Now that the note was complete, Giles folded it carefully and placed it in an official, 'Teacher/Parent' only type looking envelope. And he carefully handed it to Buffy. "Make sure you hate what I put in this letter, if you don't hate it and or agree with it, your mother will know something is up. Act like you don't know what it actually pertains, understand?"

"Yes Giles. Thank you. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yes, I'll pick you up at noon, at the front of the school."

"The school?"

"Yes, your mother needs to take you here so that the 'bus' can take you and the 'other students' to the desert."

"Understood… Thank you for doing this."

"Your welcome." Buffy stood and went to walk out of his office before his voice turned her, "Buffy," Buffy turned her hand on the door knob as he smiled lamely. "I like your dress." Buffy blushed at his words and left the room before she embarrassed herself any more, Giles soon left after her and went to his own home.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Buffy and her mom argued about Buffy's grades and her mom had told her that no matter how much Buffy protested, Buffy was going to the desert so that she could improve at least one thing for her future, Buffy argued against her mother but lost and then barged up to her room in a mad fury, making sure she slammed the door for effect as a huge smile ran across her face.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Giles sat alone, a little black book in from of him as he slowly planned on exactly what was needed and what was going to happen throughout the six weeks. He wanted to make sure that the training was somewhat educational, physical, and maybe a little fun for Buffy to do. Making sure something was unexpected so that he may challenge her abilities the entire time they were there.

Giles read his separate list of things he should bring, and started to pack up his car, weapons, tent, blankets and things he needed for the certain challenges he would put Buffy through. He smiled to himself and made a double check to see if he had everything, after he realized things were all put together, he went back inside his home and went to bed to gather his rest.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx

Giles drove himself to the school early to set his car in the back and walked himself to the front of the school, checking to see if the building was empty. The only activity he found was the people in the library, cleaning up the giant hole that the Hellmouth had created, he wasn't necessarily worried about anything being found, seeing that he and the gang had already rid the Master's remains.

He sat patiently by a window watching carefully, seeing Buffy's mom's car pull up into the school parking lot, he stood out of viewing range and waited as Buffy entered the school a huge smile on her face. "Guess she bought it."

"Thank you for doing this Giles."

"My car's in the back, let's go, we don't have all day." Buffy smiled and started to walk with him to the back, and stepped into his car, she placed her bag the best she could in the back seat, while she watched him round the front. "Are you ready Buffy?"

"Prepare me for the world Giles."

"You'll have to duct down, you're mother is still in the parking lot." Buffy rolled her eyes and made sure she wasn't visible to her mother, otherwise all their plan would surely fail at the last moment. After they were out of viewing Buffy lifted her head and shook out her messed hair and watched the outside window as they neared the desert.

"So what's on our list first?"

"Sent up the camp, and make a fire for dinner. We'll begin training tomorrow."

Buffy smiled and nodded agreeing with his statement and looked back at him. "Was I supposed to bring things, like a tent, or a sleeping bag?"

Giles chuckled lightly at her words as he stopped the car and he looked at her. "The tent I brought is big enough for the both of us. I don't own a sleeping bag, but an air mattress should suffice, it's big enough, and extra blankets that shall keep both you and I warm throughout the nights." Buffy smiled and got out of the car and waited for him by his trunk, as he took out the needed supplies, Buffy helped him take the things out and laughed with him as they attempted to set up the tent.