I stupidly mentioned that I'd never done a Gill/Julie Fic. What was I thinking. You say something like that and someone's gonna want a story. Haha well here it is xxx

Something New In My Life


It was Kevin's birthday and Rachel and Janet had arranged a little party for him. They had rented the big hall at the back of The Grape's Pub. All the usual suspect's had been invited. Pete, Mitch, Lee, Andy and Gill. Even Janet's lot where present. Much to Andy's annoyance. Knowing he wouldn't be able to flirt with Janet while Ade was around. Rachel had brought Dom and Sean along. When Kevin had entered they had all yelled Happy Birthday and gave him hugs and kisses. Even getting a peck on the cheek from Gill. His face had dropped slightly when he realised that his former Boss DSI Julie Dodson was also present. His first thought was " Who the hell invited her" but his thought's were disturbed when she began walking over to him.

"Hello Kevin".


"It's Julie out of work Kevin. Happy Birthday". She said. Kissing him on the cheek.

Kevin's face turned a deep shade of red when he saw the smirks on everyone's faces when she kissed him.

"Thank's Ma'am. Erm sorry, Julie".

"Happy Birthday Kev".

"Cheers Rach. Hey who the hell invited her".

"Well Gill I guess. What's the big deal. I brought Sean and Dom. Jan brought Ade and the girl's. You'll be too pissed to care anyway. Just don't go saying anything inappropriate when you're pissed though".

"Aww great. Now I gotta be careful".

"Don't worry Kev. Jan and I will keep you in line. Let's go grab a drink". Rachel said. Dragging Kevin to the bar.

Julie walked over to the table Gill was sitting at and took a seat beside her friend. Looking at the worry etched on her face.

"You alright Gill".

"Huh, yeah. Why wouldn't I be".

"Hey you can't fool me. What's wrong and don't say nothing. I've known you too long".

"Dave came round last night. He bought Sammy a car Julie. A bloody car. That was my place to do that not his".

"That's why he did. Bastard. You want me to have a word with him".

"What's the point. It won't change anything. I'm just sick of it Julie. We've been divorced nearly 10 years now and he's still running my life".

"You were always to good for that man. He always was a tosser".

"You're the only one who's never left me. You're my rock Julie Dodson".

"Did you have some wine before you came here this evening".

"Maybe a couple".

"Aww Gill. Come here". Julie said. Hugging her best friend.

Julie hated to see her friend hurting and all because of Mr knobhead, arsehole, nasty idiot.

As the evening progressed everybody began drinking more and singing and dancing at the top of their lungs. Sean and Dom were perched in a corner with Lee, Pete, Ade and Mitch. While Rachel was dancing with Kevin and Janet was dancing with Andy which didn't go un-noticed by Ade. Andy kept bringing Janet closer to him as they danced.

"Andy come on. Don't draw attention to us".

"Can't help myself. You're so damn beautiful Janet Scott".

"Andy my girl's are right over there. Come on. Tonight's not about you and me. This is Kev's night. Behave. Please".

"Fair enough. Only because you asked nicely". Andy replied. Smiling at her.

By 11pm Kevin was completely rat arsed and his and Rachel's dancing technique's were getting worse by the minute.

"Aww Rach we are on fire tonight".

"Damn straight Kev. You're gonna have one hell of a hangover in the morning pal".

"Right back at ya".

"Haha. Hell it's worth it. Come here". Rach said. Hugging him.

Julie and Gill had got up to dance and when Barbra Streisand's A Star is Born melody With One More Look At You came on Gill suddenly burst into tears and ran out the building. Everyone stopped dancing and stared at Julie.

"Julie what's wrong with Gill". Janet asked. Concerned.

"It's fine Janet. Dave's just been giving her a bit of a hard time lately".

"She never said anything".

"You know Gill. She always bottles everything up. Don't worry. I'll take her home".

"You'll make sure she's okay".

"Ofcourse I will. I'll get her to call you in the morning".

"Thanks. Take care getting home". Janet smiled.

Rachel went over to Janet as Julie walked out.

"What's up with Gill".

"Just too much to drink. You know how she get's. Come on. We better not spoil Kevin's night".

Julie walked outside to see Gill standing by her car. She pulled Gill into hug. Comforting her friend.

"I'm sorry Julie".

"Hey it's okay. You have nothing to apologise for".

"Maybe I deserve this. All these years of long hours. Not spending enough time with Sammy growing up".

"You listen to me right now lady. Not of this is your fault. It's Dave's. He's the one who spent years cheating on you behind your back. He's the one that got that little whore pregnant. He's the one who destroyed your marriage. Not you. So I don't ever want to hear you talk like that again. You hear me".

"I'm so sorry". Gill replied. Crying again.

"Oh hunni. Come here".

Julie took Gill in her arm's once again. Gill continued to cry for a few more minutes and Julie just stood there holding her and letting her get all the anger out of her system. When she eventually stopped she felt Julie kiss the top of her head and when Gill looked up at her friend something in the air changed. Whether it was the amount of alcahol she had consumed or her emotional state. She couldn't be certain but she found herself looking at Julie in a completely different way and she found herself placing her lips on Julie's. She deepened the kiss just a little but immediately felt Julie pulling away.

"Gill stop. What are you doing".

"What did it look like".

"Gill you're drunk. You're emotional. This isn't right".

"Maybe it is. I already know that I love you".

"Yes love but as a friend".

"I want more Julie. You're the only one who's never left me. You're the only one I trust with my life. Please".

"I can't do this Gill. I'm sorry. We'll talk later. I'm so sorry".

To Be Continued...