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Chapter 6

Gill followed Dr Edwards into Julie's room and took a seat beside Julie's bed.

"I'll leave you to it. Like I said, she might be a bit drowsy but she'll be okay." Dr Edwards smiled.

"Thanks Doctor. For everything you've done for Julie."

"You're very welcome. I'll leave you to it."

Gill took one look at Julie's bruised face and started crying.

"If you're gonna do that then you can leave." Julie whispered.

"Julie. Your awake. Are you okay." Gill sniffed.

"I will be. What about you. Did he hurt you."

"No. After he attacked you and he realised what he'd done, he took off. I was so worried about you. I love you so much slap."

"I'll be fine Gill. I want that bastard."

"I've already got Janet and the team on it."

"Are you okay with the others finding out about us love."

"Julie I don't care, Not after what Dave's done. I think it's safe to say the damage has already been done. I won't let Dave near you ever again. I couldn't bare to lose you." Gill said. Stroking Julie's hand.

The pair lapsed into silence and Gill just hoped that Janet and the others would be able to get Dave.

Janet walked into M.I.T and was cornered by Rachel as soon as she got to her desk.

"Jan what the hell. DSI Dodson. What's happened to her".

"Can I have everyone's attention please." Janet asked.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and all stood to face Janet. Janet hated having to tell them all like this but it had to be done.

"Right listen up. Earlier today. Gill's ex Chief Superintendent Dave Murray entered Gill's house and viciously attacked DSI Julie Dodson. She was taken to Royal Oldam Hospital. She was treated for brusied ribs, a black eye and concussion."

"Will she be okay." Kevin asked. Sounding quite worried about his old Boss.

"She'll be fine Kevin. She'll be in hospital for a few days but she'll be fine."

"Jan what the hell's going on. Why did he attack her." Rachel asked.

"What I'm about to tell you it very personal for Gill. She's taking a big step in allowing you all to know the situation. I want you all to remember she's still DCI her and as such you should repsect that."


"Sorry Rach. Okay, well the situation is this. Gill and Julie are in a relationship. Somehow Dave found out and he went mad over it. I wasn't there at the time but certain things were said. He lost his temper and pushed Julie very hard. She fell through Gill's glass coffee table, hence her injuries."

"So where's Dave now." Mitch asked.

"That's our job to find out. He took off. No idea where he went. Gill want's us to deal with this. I told her we'd do everything we can for her on this one. Kevin, I want you to keep track of his credit cards, let us know if he uses them. Mitch and Pete I want you to get round to his Mother's and see if she's seen him. Rach, you and I are goning to head over to his work. See if any of his colleagues have seen him since this morning."

"Right. What about Sammy. Does he know about all this."

"I don't think so. He's away with friend's on holiday. He won't be back for a few days. I don't even know if he knows about his Mum and Julie yet. Right now let's just deal with tracking down Dave okay."

"Sure. Come on let's get going." Rachel replied.

To Be Continued...