Been debating whether or not I should give a shot at this, since all of those that I read on here are so good :) This is my first one and I hope you like it. Should have Chapter 2 done real soon. R&R, comments are highly appreciated. Enjoy!

All characters, for the exception of C.C and Niles' child, are those of Fran Drescher. We thank you for giving these characters life in your amazing series.

It was a breezy summer weekend, and Fran Fine was taking advantage of it by indulging in one of her favorite pastimes: sitting beside the kitchen window eating a bowl full of ice cream with plenty of syrup on the top. It had been 16 years since they first moved to their now happy home in Los Angeles, but it all seemed like yesterday that she first held her newborn children, giving them off to Maxwell as she took one last look at the large marble floored foyer before leaving it and the old world behind her with her old Shades of Orient makeup case, which she would then give off to Gracie and later Eve.

Time had come and past in what seemed like seconds, and here she was looking back at everything with pleasant nostalgia and the achievements she had around her.

The front doorbell broke Fran from her thoughts as it echoed throughout the house.

"I'll get it!... Oh, wait no else is here..." She waved off the thought and answered the door, only surprised to see her high school friend Val standing there with two pink roller suitcases with arms held out wide.

"Val! Oh my Gawd!" Fran exclaimed and embraced her, "What are you doing here, I thought you weren't coming in till Tuesday!"

Val rolled her eyes, "I thought so too until Fred had the nerve to tell me that his aunt is dying and we had get here earlier." She shook her head with annoyance, slamming down the suitcases handles "I have been married to that man for ten years. Never once did he mention an Aunt Phlema."

Fran gave off her signature nasal laugh before leading her best friend to the kitchen. Val looked around as she wheeled in her suitcases behind her. The place was too quiet, "Where is everybody?"

"Oh, I already told you about Mister Sheffield on the phone, trying to find his newest gig. He's been talking to theater after theater, begging for a show. Not one called back. So I told him to hit the streets." She snapped her fingers towards the front door. "There's a big difference between calling some rusted old local playhouse and talking face to face with a uptown one. A face to face conversation shows them you got the confidence and drive to lead forward a home run."

"Hasn't got anything, has he?"


Val sat down at the black marble island Niles insisted on getting to prevent any uncleaned stains from being noticed, scooting her suitcases under the counter. "What about everyone else?"

Fran went over to the stove and poured them each a cup of tea that Niles made earlier. "Eve's at a friends house for the weekend, Jonah's out with his friends until eight and Niles went to the new corner grocer just a few blocks from here. You know, everything in that place is organic. Sure its more expensive, but when you bite into his spaghetti you could have sworn you were back at Aunt Frieda's kitchen. Minus the servers that always seemed to smell like mothballs." Fran shook her head with a smile, "Those were the days..."

They both took a sip of their tea as Val noticed several pictures beside the nearby fruit bowl, "Honestly I cannot believe that it has been so long." She reached over and grabbed a picture of Fran, Maxwell and the twins with large posed grins on their faces.

"Speaking of it being so long, what about your Oscar? Did he make the spelling bee finals?" Fran asked reaching over to grab Val's hand. "No! And you know why!?" Her friend shook her head, "They said that he was cheating! Hey, when they ask you to spell the word mouse, how can you not sing the Mickey Mouse song?" Val exclaimed, rolling her eyes up to the ceiling. Fran's mouth stood open, "They also accused Fred of stealing. How were we supposed to know that the drinks were from a cash bar?"

She shook her head just as she heard a metallic "plunk!" hit the table, where another picture had stood behind the one she had in her hands. It was the close up shot of girl with long blonde hair, striking blue eyes and an angular face shape.

"Oh, Don't tell me Niles is cutting out pictures from Playboy again." Val shook her head with discernment.

Fran looked at her with surprise, "That's Sara!" she exclaimed.

Her friend looked confused, "Sara? Didn't she die? Isn't that why you are married to Mister Sheffield in the first place?"

Fran shook her head in utter bemusement. It was moments like these that made her wonder how the hell she became friends with her. "That's Sara. Niles and C.C's daughter! Oy vey, someone needs to stock up on the fish oil."

Val looked at the picture for a moment before her mouth became a perfect "O"

"At least I think that's her..." Fran grabbed the photo, took one look at it before nodding.

"Wow, who would have thought that Niles could have had a looker?" Val commented, admiring the photograph.

"Who would have thought that she could have survived childhood without battle scars from She-Wolf?" Fran commented. "What, you've never met her?" She asked her friend, who shook her head. Fran stood up and went over to the back door. "I think we might be lucky enough that the girl's still at home. Both Niles and I made a pact the moment we came here that we both leave our back doors open. Its a checks and balances thing."

Val stood up, placing the picture back on counter and grabbed Fran's arm. "But... But what about C.C? Won't she be home?"

"You're right." Fran scurried back inside and went into the pantry, pulling out a small bag of dog treats and placing them in her Capri pants pocket. "Alright, let's go."