Shane's P.O.V:

"Come on Carla honey,get need to get ready for playgroup" I said gently shaking my little 5 year old girl awake.

"But daddy I don't wanna go" Carla whined to me

"I know honey but you need to" I answered her

"Ok" She said with a cute sigh.

Carla was nothing like the lazy, son of a bitch whore her mothre Monica was. Carla had black hair and brown eyes. She looked more like me than Monica.

I went downstairs to get breakfest ready for me and Carla...I want to find someone to become Carla's new mother but still haven't found the one...I mean I have been on dates but either it felt wrong or they don't want kids...I have to face it there is no one in this fucking town that will take want a guy with a 5 year old girl... Carla came down stairs and had her breakfest, I then dropped her off at playgroup and went to work...I owned my own games console and video game store... It was a normal day till I saw this woman she looked around twenty...she was absoulutly beautiful...she had dark brown hair with red tips at the ends...she looked around 5ft 7 she was slim as well...her eyes were a beautiful dark green with hints of gold in it. She was wearing a pair of light blue skinny jeans, a light pink ruffle top, a bage leather jacket and a pair of white 3inch heels. She was centered around the young childrens section games...she picked up something and came to the counter...she briefly smiled at me and my god her smile was breathtaking and placed a little girl was a Dora the explorar game.

"A birthday present?" I asked

"Urr..yeah it's for my little girl she's going to be five in the next 2 months" She answered her voice sounded like an angel and she had a little daughter this was just getting better and better.

"I'll bet she's going to be happy when she sees this"

"Oh yeah she will be the last few weeks all i've heard from her was mummy I really want this game please get it for me mummy and when I spoke to my mother about it asking if it was right to get this for her she said Claire she's your daughter what do you think is right so I decieded to get it for her as she has been well behaved and she deserves it so yeah."

Her name was Claire...funny how that name suited her really well...sigh but she must have a boyfriend or something because good looking girls like her are always taken...she payed for it and left and I will probley never see her again.

After work and playgroup Shane and Carla are at home:

"Daddy is auntie Eve and Uncle Micheal coming over tonight or auntie Alyssa or nanny and grandad?" Carla asked

"No honey not tonight this weekend though they how was playgroup?"
"It was really good I met this new girl her name was Samantha"

"Oh yeah did you play with her today?"

"Yep...she was really nice and funny and we played together all day"

"Ahh...well at least you made a new friend and I bet she is really happy aswell for you being her friend."

Carla nodded as I handed her spaghetti...we both ate and then I put Carla to bed...I was watching tv when the phone went I answered the phone to find my sister Alyssa on the other end

"Hey Shane"

"Hey Lyss how are you?"

"I'm great you?"

"'s Luke and Daniel?"

"Oh their found a new potential girl yet?"


"well Shane you better find one soon so Carla can have a mother figure in her life before it's too late" Alyssa pointed out not for the first time.

"I know, I know it's just finding the right giel ya know?"
"Yeah I know...ohh that reminds me we had a new girl in work today her name was Claire Danvers she's twenty and is the new science teacher here and I think you might like her as she has a little girl of her own so would you mind if I bring her along on saturday for dinner?" Could it it couldn't...but what if it was... Alyssa was an art teacher in Morganville high so it could be.

"Yeah sure I don't see why not"

"Ok great see ya on saturday"

"Yep see ya"

I then put the phone down then went upstairs to bed to sleep.

I hope you liked this story xxx