Conan solves another ordinary case on another ordinary day...until he meets a certain someone.

My first fanfic, so enjoy! :D

Chapter One

Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri sat in the living room, enjoying Saturday Night Live and not listening to Yoko Okino for once when the program was cut short.

"We now bring to you the breaking news in the city." A young female reporter announced.

"WHAT!?" Conan exclaimed. "B-b-but I wanted to watch the parody debate between Mitt Romney and Obama! IT'S NOT FAIR!" Conan wailed. Ran glared at him.

"Why are you even watching SNL anyways?" Ran asked. Conan turned his attention back to the T.V.

"The motive behind the murder is still unclear, and police have not yet decided on a list of suspects." The female announcer stated.

"The wha-wha-wha-WHAAAT!?" Ran exclaimed. Now look, Conan thought. You made me miss out on something important. At that moment Detective Kogoro Mouri ran out of his room, shouting into his cell phone.

"Yes Inspector Megure, I'll be there right away! Just leave it to the legendary Sleeping Kogoro!" Conan and Ran watched, dumbfounded as Kogoro dashed down the stairs. His head popped back in.

"You brats better stay out of it!" Kogoro yelled before taking off.


Kogoro inspected the crime scene presented before him- a young man at the age of 25 who was an aspiring author. Gathered around him include Inspector Megure, Officers Takagi and Miwako and a sneaky pair consisting of a teenage girl and a seven year old boy. Also in this group are the suspects of this case, his girlfriend, who lives in the apartment building down the street, his co-worker and friend, who recently visited, and his brother, who visited as well.

Inspector Megure briefed Kogoro with the suspect information and motives. His girlfriend, Eliza, had a bad breakup with him. His co-worker, Bobby, claimed that he stole many character and plot ideas from him, although Bobby claimed that it wasn't enough to call for murder. His brother was suspected to be going after the large inheritance that was in their grandfather's will, who is believed to be passing away soon.

"Let me get this straight," Kogoro said. "Yesterday, on Friday, you, Eliza, as his girlfriend, came home from a date, correct?"

"Ah, y-yes," She said, still unnerved by the murder of her boyfriend. "But-But I didn't kill him!"

"Um, I never said anything of that sort," Kogoro said bluntly. "Anyways, you later had an argument with him, left and walked back to your own apartment, right?"

"Yes," Eliza responded, "But I didn't do anything to him!"

Kogoro ignored her. "Next, we have Bobby, who used to work with the victim, correct?"

"Yes," Bobby said. "I came here this morning to ask him for the CD I had lent him. We talked for a while afterwards, but I left at around 11:30"

"O.K.," Kogoro said, "Finally, his brother, Steve, who met with him at lunch, right?"

"Yes," his brother said. "We met at 12:30. Afterwards we went back to his apartment. I was visiting for a week-see, the suitcase is in my room here-and so we hung out for a while. I left at 5:00 to get some stuff at the bakery down the street. When I came back..."

"Yes," Inspector Megure said. "Officer Takagi, go check to make sure that these alibis are reliable,"

Conan walked over to the window and looked out. That's weird, Conan thought. I can understand the trashcan being knocked over, but the way these things are spread out is too unnatural. There's even a slight trail...

Conan walked over and began looking at the suspect's shoes. Then he walked back to the window and stared at the trashcan. Just as I thought, Conan thought. It seems that revenge is a great enough emotion that one would be willing to hide in the trashcan for half a day.

Suddenly, a black car rolled past the window. Gin's Car!? Conan thought. No, that can't be it. The design is obviously not one of a very old-fashioned Porsche...

Conan's close encounter with what he thought was his worst enemy scared him to the core. He stared at the car as it disappeared around the corner.

Little did he know that his whole world was about to be turned upside-down.

Well, that's the end of Chapter One. This is my first fanfic, so make honest reviews on my mistakes. :P

Next Chapter, new characters are introduced!