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Robin panted as he climbed onto shore and quickly hid behind some cargo crates. The harbor was abandoned and the dead night was oppressive on Robin. He sat behind some crates and tried to calm himself, slowly replaying events through his mind. He was on guard at the boat, his eyes peeled for any trouble. Suddenly, the windshield cracked and something whizzed past him with a force that caught him unbalanced. He knew he was in the cross hairs of a sniper. Quickly he ducked and hid under the dashboard of the boat and came up with a plan. He could not stay where he was, as anyone can just as easily find him and kill him. But there was a secret compartment under seats that could drop him free into the ocean, and he could swim back ashore. It was an incredibly risky measure, and it would also abandon him from his post. Another option was to drop into the ocean and hide behind a rock, where the sniper could not shoot at him and he could keep and eye on the boat. He memorized the geography of the surrounding area and was pretty certain he could quickly find a safe rock to hide behind. Either that, or staying in the open for the sniper to shoot at him. He started to move when he heard a 'thud' on the boat.

Batman's head rolled from front of him.

Robin was awestruck with fear. Every muscle in his body told him to move, get out, drop into the ocean and swim away. But his mind was numb, his breath short. His heart pounded so loudly he was certain that whoever was on the boat could hear him. His hands were clammy, his arms shaking, brow trembling.

Thick, loud steps on the wooden floor.

Robin whimpered.

The thudding turned to the clank of combat boots on steel as the person neared the front of the boat, where Robin was hidden.

Tears were streaming down his face. His trembling fingers crept towards the latch leading to the ocean, to escape, to freedom from the horror. But he was too lake. A combat boot came down onto his hand, crushing it. Robin screamed a torturous, horrendous scream that had built up inside of him.

The Joker looked down into his face.

Robin's fear was erased for a moment by confusion. Was he not supposed to be hosting the mystery show? The Joker's smile widened, and he whispered, "Why so serious, son?"

Robin's fear returned and a knot tied in his throat. He let out a small whisper. The Joker laughed.

"A-ha-ha-ha! What is the sidekick without the superhero? Nothing up a weakling! HA!" He spat in Robin's face and took out a knife.

This enraged him. Robin's fear was entirely erased by adrenaline and strength. His eyes rested on Batman's head and for a second thought about his deceased friend. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the Joker's knife come down, but he rolled out of the way, knocking the Joker over.

I'll do this for Batman, Robin thought. For him.

The Joker recovered and started slashing at him. Robin expertly dodged the attacks and landed on a handstand despite his broken hand, and then launched himself at the Joker feet first, delivering a powerful kick. Robin felt a bullet whiz past him as he did it and knew the sniper was on his trail. He had no time. Quickly he took the joker and flipped him over the side of the boat with little effort.

Weakling? Yeah, right. He quickly ran towards the back of the boat. He quickly formed a plan in his head. There was a dummy of him, slashed up in the storage area. It was a simple device left by the author of the story so that the main characters could fake their deaths and save the day. Basically.

He took out the dummy and whirled around. A bullet suddenly became dislodged in the dummy, startling him. He quickly threw the dummy towards the front and turned to jump overboard. But the Joker was right behind him.

The Joker laughed. Robin was not in a good situation. A serial killer was in front of him and a sniper was behind him. Quickly he rolled to the side and brought the Joker with him, launching him towards the sea again. Suddenly he felt a strong stinging in his shoulder blade, and again in his leg.

I wasn't fast enough, he thought, but quickly jumped anyways. The seawater stung his wounds and he found it hard to move. He knew that the scent of his blood would attract whatever shark-thing was in the ocean, so he grabbed on of the life boats and climbed on. At this point, he knew he was a sitting duck for the sniper, but he knew that he would most likely be safe, as the Joker had climbed on board with him (not that Robin wanted him to, of course). One of the Joker's assassins wouldn't dare try to shoot the Joker, unless...

A bullet whizzed by and hit the Joker in the arm.

"GAH!" He screamed.

"Whoops," Gin said as he loaded another bullet. "I'll try to aim for that green guy in underwear next time, huh?"

He did not need to. The Joker and Robin were attempting some fist fight on the incredibly unstable life boat. Robin, with his superb balance, eventually picked up the Joker and was prepared to throw him, again. This time, however, the Joker's knife hand was hanging limp, and he managed to stab into Robin's back. Robin screamed louder than before and tears welled up in his eyes. But his thoughts returned to his dead friend and he continued to fight, throwing the Joker overboard, hoping he would suffer a painful death by shark. Then he fainted, playing dead, hoping the sniper wouldn't shoot. He didn't.

I'm so grateful I'm alive, Robin thought, panting. Then his eyes well with tears as he thought of Batman. The impact of the death had not fully hit until now, and he found it difficult to breath. He covered his face in his hands and cried, and then began to cry even more because of the physical pain it brought. Then he coughed blood, and fainted, unconscious.

A young boy clad in white with a cape and magician's hat perch precariously on a street lamp above him, observing him.

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