Ok, so there are a few things you need to know before reading this chapter. First fy machgen hardd is Welsh for beautiful boy I know it says something like pretrath in the episode but this is the real translation coz I speak a little welsh and I know it. Second, Carrie is Rhydian's mum. Finally, I wrote this coz my first wolfblood story seemed quite popular so I thought if you guys liked that maybe you'll like a longer one too (plus I got a few requests for one) ENJOY! AND AS ALWAYS PLEASE FAVIEW!

Maddie's POV

My eyes flutter open. My hair is spread out like a curtain of darkness surrounding me. My vision is blurry but when it clears I realize where I am…the woods. Why am I here? I push myself up and manage to stand on shaky legs.

I start walking in the way of my house but find it impossible to move without clinging to a tree for dear life. It hurts so much! What happened?

2 Days earlier

I'm walking through the woods but it isn't beautiful and peaceful like it normally is. It's…strange. There's fog everywhere and the trees look like they could collapse on me at any time. Then there's a sudden gust of wind and I feel the urge to turn around, I want to fight it but I can't. It's too strong.

I turn and find myself facing Carrie, what is she doing here?

"You turned my fy machgen hardd against me! Now you're gonna pay!" before I can have time to react she wolfs out and charges at me. Suddenly I'm on the ground and there are at least 5 wolves staring down at me. Somehow I can understand them:

"What shall we do first? To make the pain last?"

"Should we wait for him to get here or just finish her now?"

"I think it'll be more entertaining for her to see him"

"Wait! I can smell him!" My eyes are frantically searching the trees looking for 'him' finally I spot some movement. They must want me to see because wild wolfbloods can stay completely hidden for ages. Then he walks out. I can't believe it!


I instantly feel better knowing he's here but there's a small nagging feeling tugging on my chest. As he speaks to the other wolfs it becomes clear:

"Well that was easier than I expected! I thought it'd at least take you 5 minutes!" he exclaims in happiness.

"Not against her! She's tame! Did you get rid of her parents?"

"Yeah no problem"

"You want to make it a set and finish off the entire family?"

"My pleasure" my eyes widen in shock and horror. The one person in the whole world who I can talk to and trust turns into a traitor and has let his deranged mum and her pack find me so he can kill me and my family!

He leans down towards me and whispers in my ear

"Did you really think I'd choose you over my family? Your tame and I'm wild, this was bound to happen some time" just then his eyes turn yellow and his claws grow, there's just enough time for me to yell in his face

"You're sick! I trusted you!"

"Well that was your mistake wasn't it?" he laughs gravely before transforming and lunging down towards my neck ready for the kill.

I shoot up covered in sweat. My sheets have formed an unbelievably strong cocoon around me so it takes me about 10 minutes to untangle myself. My breathing is still frantic and my heart beat is constantly drumming in my ears. Finally I calm down. "It was just a dream" I reassure myself.

As I walk into school that morning my nightmare comes rushing back to me. The groups of people crowding the building and they remind me terrifyingly of the pack of wolves that attacked me. Seeing Rhydian is not going to be pleasant if that's all it takes for me to get scared. I manage to pry open the door and take a peek round the corner. He's not there! Phew! At least I can relax for a bit before having to see him. That dream really shuck me up. Suddenly, there's a light tap on my shoulder. I let out a little yelp but sigh in relief as I realize it's only Tom and Shannon,

"Whoa! You ok?"

"Oh yeah just a bit jumpy that's all"

We start walking towards our tutor room just as the bells goes. Somewhere in the sea of people a scent catches my nose. It's him. Our eyes lock and we end up getting shoved together. He drags me into the dark room.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm –" he cuts me off

"Don't you dare tell me your fine! I know you and I know how to read people's true emotions. Spill it. Now" I sigh in surrender. I guess if I do tell him then he can tell me I'm being silly. That's actually what I need right now. I tell him all about the dream and somehow when I was recalling the bit about him tears started prickling the brim of my eyes and spilled over. As I finish he pulls me into a warm, strong hug and strokes my hair.

"Mads. You don't have to worry. I'm not going anywhere and I would never hurt you like that. Ever"


"I promise"

Before I even realize what's happening we're both leaning forward. I should stop this now. I know I should. What if something happens and our friendship is wrecked? I know I won't stop it though, it feels right. Just as our lips are centimeters away…Tom barges in. Great! Not. Rhydian lets out an agitated sigh and releases me. I cross my arms over my chest, embarrassed.

"Did I interrupt something?" Tom asks in an 'all knowing voice'. Both me and Rhydian blush before awkwardly leaving the room.

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