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Chapter 3

Maddie's POV

Tom and Shannon were obviously shocked by our announcement. Although they were quite amused when they saw the three k's reactions. They just stood there gawking at us with their sunglasses in hands and bags dangling from their arms – I found it REALLY hard not to snigger. Rhydian didn't even bother to try: he laughed so loud everyone on the yard fell silent and stared but instead of being embarrassed like a normal person he just chuckled more, snaked an arm around my shoulder and gazed at me. I blushed incredibly red and I'm sure he noticed but his care free nature must have rubbed off on me because I feel myself giggling and beginning to talk to Shannon and Tom while sliding my arm around Rhydian's waist. I'm liking this, a lot.

The bell rings for tutor and we saunter into the classroom earning more crazy stares and a few stupid comments from Jimi, Sam and Liam. I feel myself tensing up – I've never really been good with getting public attention, I guess I can thank mum and dad for that – Rhydian, however, gives me a quick peck on the lips and I can feel a grin creeping across my face, we've only been going out five minutes and he already knows how to calm me down, then again he's always been good at that. We sit down and he keeps his arm around me the entire time. Then Mr. Jeffries comes into the room and calls us out. I thought talking to Shannon and Tom was awkward:

"Mr. Morris would you kindly keep your hands to yourself? And Miss Smith could you please make sure there are no more public shows of affection? It's distracting your peers from their studies" both mine and Rhydian's eyebrows simultaneously scrunch up together.

"H – How did you…know?" I can't even recognize my voice. I look at him inquisitively.

"Not much gets pass me in this school Maddie Smith, you should know that by now. Now get back into tutor"

We laugh a little under our breath and go back into the classroom. Everything goes quiet as we enter and we can't keep the laughter quiet anymore. Our outburst earns us a death glare from Mr. Jeffries. We just laugh louder and get sent out again. The head teacher Mr. Brown corners us in the corridor:

"Now now what do we have here? I expected to see you out here Mr. Morris -"

"Steve" they exchange nods before he continues -

"But not you miss. Smith. You've only ever been sent out of tutor once and that was just for some silly little joke so what's going on?"

Explaining this isn't going to be fun. Hopefully Rhydian and 'Steve' know each other well enough by now that I can just blend into the background. Or not.

Mr. Jeffries comes out of the room asking if we have calmed down yet. Then he takes in the sight of Mr. Brown and pales.

"Sir. I – I have just came to bring these two back into tutor" he stutters

"Well, why were they sent out?" Rhydian puts his arm around my shoulder again as we slump up against the wall knowing it's against school policy to stop us from dating because it's denial of our free will to choose who we want to be with. He'd be denying our human rights. Yeah that's right using what we've learnt in school against the teachers.

Sadly, Jeffries never goes down without a fight so I'm betting he'll turn this on us somehow. This really is going to be awkward…

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