The Witch of the Neuroi

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Ch.1: The Betrayal, and the New Family

The year was 1940. In the air above Gallia, a Witch was sobbing in despair as three Neuroi surrounded her.

'After all this time…after all my struggles…I'm going to be abandoned…? Like a used toy…?' the Witch, whose name was Yoshika Miyafuji, thought to herself.

Yoshika Miyafuji was a part of an experimental fighter squadron. The squadron was called the 500th Joint Fighter Wing, also known as the Proto Witches, which was founded in 1939; just two months after the Neuroi first appeared. But even if the name states "Witches", Yoshika was the only Witch assigned to the 500th JFW. The JFW was supposed to be getting more Witches, but none could be spared at the moment.

Why was Yoshika crying in despair? The answer to that is simple.

She was betrayed.


Yoshika received Intel that a flight composing of three Neuroi was inbound towards a convoy that was shipping supplies needed for the war efforts against the Neuroi. The convoy's reported destination was Dover, where a base was being built.

"Lieutenant Miyafuji." General Trevor Maloney said. "Your mission is to take down the three Neuroi that are targeting a convoy that is shipping supplies to the base in Dover that is under construction. Do not let the Neuroi sink that convoy, as those supplies are vital to completing that base. A flight of fighters will be assisting you against the three Neuroi, so you will not be alone. The intercept point will be above Gallia. Am I making myself clear?" Maloney asked.

Yoshika, who by now has a shoot down record of 49 Neuroi and had the rank of First Lieutenant, saluted. "Yes, sir!" Yoshika exclaimed.

"Then you are dismissed." Maloney said.

Yoshika saluted again, before walking out of the room and to the hangar.

Maloney smirked. "Stupid girl, following orders without asking. That convoy has already arrived at Dover two days ago. She won't be getting that fighter backup at all. This is a perfect opportunity to get rid of her. With her gone, I can finally move on to the Warlock Project."

With Yoshika, she hopped into her Striker Unit and prepared for take-off. 'If I can shoot down at least one of those Neuroi, I will be the first Witch to have a shoot down record of 50 Neuroi. Then Fuso, my homeland, will be known to have some of the greatest Witches in the world!' Yoshika thought as she grabbed her gun, a Type 99 Aircraft Cannon made in Fuso, and took off.

Thirty minutes later, Yoshika was above Gallian airspace, looking for the Neuroi.

"Am I too late?" Yoshika thought, before activating her magical ability, "Telescoping Search Eye".

What this ability does is allow the user to zoom in to look at far away targets while picking out details of its weaknesses. The sight can even pierce any form of obstacle, so it also acts like x-ray vision. The user can also use this ability to find the Core of a Neuroi, which is invaluable if you don't want to waste any ammo trying to find the Core, only to run out once you find it. This ability is also perfect for sniping; once you see your target, a targeting reticule appears allowing for ultra-long-range sniping. And since the magical targeting reticule automatically adjusts to wind speed, wind direction, gravity, etc., the accuracy is almost always perfect. Unlike the "Magic Eye", this ability can be turned on and off at will, so there's no need for an eye patch, and the ability works for both eyes as well.

Using her ability, Yoshika found the three Neuroi that were reported in the distance, heading for Dover. "Can't have that happening. Although, now that I think about it, my fighter backup hasn't arrived yet. Are they late?" Yoshika mused, before flying towards the Neuroi while deactivating her magical ability after confirming where the Cores were.

With the Neuroi…

There were three Neuroi in this flight. The first one looked like an oversized B2 Spirit. The second one looked like a huge modern day submarine. The last one, interestingly enough, looked like a ball made up of around fourteen large spikes.

"So, when are we going to reach the place that the humans call "Dover"?" The first Neuroi asked.

"We will arrive in approximately thirty minutes." The third Neuroi confirmed. "So be patient, Ixia!"

"But I want to kill the humans now!" The first Neuroi, now known as Ixia, whined. "Besides, Xalia, I know you want to kill the humans, too!"

"Both of you calm down!" The second Neuroi yelled. "You must remember the mission. Besides, this whole war started because the humans misunderstood our original intentions."

Ixia and Xalia both calmed down. "Yeah, you're right Axion." Ixia said.

At that point, Xalia perked up. "Well, well. Looks like one of those "Witches" have come to greet us." Xalia said, noticing the approaching Witch (who is Yoshika, BTW).

"That's odd. Only one of them?" Axion asked. "Something isn't right here. There are usually at least two or three Witches with each other at all times. Ixia, Xalia, you two engage the Witch, I will monitor communications between the Witch and anyone that she contacts." Axion said firmly, leaving no room for arguments.

"All right, Axion. The two of us are counting on you. Let us know when enemy reinforcements are coming." Ixia said, before he and Xalia turned to engage the approaching Witch.

With Yoshika…

Yoshika was rapidly closing in on the three Neuroi, when two of them, one that kind of looked like a bomber while the other was a ball composed of fourteen large spikes, turned to engage her, while the one that looked like a submarine hanged back, as if to observe her.

"Bring it on!" Yoshika shouted, aiming her gun at the first Neuroi and opened fire as the two Neuroi did the same.

'Something isn't right. Why isn't the one that's hanging back firing at me?' Yoshika thought, dodging the beams fired from the first Neuroi's large wings as some of her bullets hit it, making it screech in annoyance.

Then the second Neuroi started firing beams from the tips of its spikes at her, making her throw up her shield. The first Neuroi followed suit, firing beams as well.

"Damn, this isn't good." Yoshika said, firing at the spot where the Core is located on the first Neuroi.

The second Neuroi, seeing the plight of the first, then did something that horrified Yoshika; the fourteen spikes all separated from each other, while one of them held the Core.

Yoshika gasped at seeing what the second Neuroi did, and desperately tried to call Maloney, her superior officer, as she was being swarmed. "General Maloney, please come in! I need my fighter backup NOW! I'm being overwhelmed here!" Yoshika yelled through the intercom.

Maloney picked up. "I am SO sorry, Yoshika Miyafuji. But you won't be getting your fighter backup. You won't be getting any backup at all." Maloney replied.

Yoshika paled. "W-What do you mean?" Yoshika desperately asked.

With the Neuroi…

Axion listened to the Witch now known (to them, at least) as Yoshika Miyafuji talk to her superior now known as Maloney with interest. "Ixia, Xalia, stop your attack." Axion ordered. "This just took an interesting turn."

"What do you mean?" Ixia asked.

"Listen to this." Axion replied, before allowing the other two Neuroi to listen in on the conversation Yoshika was having with Maloney.

With Yoshika…

"Like I said, you won't be getting any backup." Maloney repeated.

Yoshika paled. "What? But why?!" Yoshika asked, alarmed.

"Idiot girl. That convoy arrived at the base two days ago. I knew that you would jump at the chance of becoming the first Witch to shoot down over 50 Neuroi, and I also know that Witches work best as a team, so sending up a single Witch against two or more Neuroi is suicide. Luckily for me, that's exactly what I want you to do; I want you to die. With you out of the way, I can finally declare the Proto Witches as a failed experiment, and can move on to my next project." Maloney explained. "Can't you see it yet? I was using you this whole time, allowing you to rise through the ranks so that your death will shift attention away from me. The brass will think you died honorably, and will leave it at that. Now do you see it? I basically abandoned and betrayed you, and sent you to your own death. Now, goodbye. You were a good subordinate, but you have outlived your usefulness." Maloney said, before cutting off the connection.

Yoshika only dropped her gun in shock, letting it fall into a river where the water clogged it up and ruined it. Tears were filling her eyes, and she broke down crying right in front of the three Neuroi.

Flashback End

With the Neuroi…

Ixia, Axion, and Xalia were shaking with rage, not that you could tell. "I never imagined that the humans would stoop so low…" Ixia growled, as the three Neuroi approached the crying Yoshika.

"What do we do with her?" Xalia asked. "Killing her the way she is now would be dishonorable. And I HATE being dishonorable. That Maloney human is the most dishonorable…THING…in existence!"

"Hmmm…" Axion hummed in thought, pulling himself next to the crying Witch. "How about we bring her back with us?" Axion asked.

Ixia and Xalia were silent, but then, "ARE YOU CRAZY?!"

"Think about it." Axion said. "If we show her the true reason why we came to this planet, which was to learn about everything about this planet, including its plants, animals, atmosphere, etc., we can recruit her on our side. Wouldn't having our own Witch give us an advantage? She knows the weaknesses of some of the bases, and we will have a chance to study her shield as well." Axion reasoned.

Ixia and Xalia were shocked into silence; now that they thought about it, it sounded like a really good idea. "But how will we communicate with her? If what I know about humans is correct, they hear our language as screeching." Ixia said.

"Leave that to me. Once we get back to the Hive, we can inject a spare Core into her, which will let her understand our language." Axion said.

Ixia and Xalia agreed.

With Yoshika…

Yoshika was still crying her heart out. 'All this time…I was being used…' She thought, before turning to the three Neuroi. "P…Please…kill me…" Yoshika pleaded. She didn't want to live in this world any longer.

To her shock, the three Neuroi flew right next to her, and the one that looked like a submarine (Axion, in case you didn't know) gently nudged her.

"Wh…What do you want…?" Yoshika hesitantly asked, shocked that the three Neuroi weren't going to kill her.

The Neuroi that looked like a submarine turned and flew away for a few seconds, before flying back to her in response.

"You…you want me to follow you?" Yoshika asked.

The submarine Neuroi moved its front end down, and then back up. A nod.

'Well, what have I got to lose?' "A…All right…" Yoshika replied, before following the three Neuroi back to their Hive.

With the Neuroi…

As the group of four travelled to the Hive, the three Neuroi were talking amongst themselves as the Witch that was with them was desperately trying to understand what the Neuroi were saying.

"Well, this is an interesting turn of events." Ixia said.

Xalia agreed. "Tell me about it. This is the last thing that I ever expected to happen."

Axion looked at the Witch, who, after calming down, decided to have a seat on his "bow" to have a rest, taking off her Striker Unit and feeling him with her hands curiously as she gazed at him in wonder. "Heh. Look at the Witch. She's teeming with curiosity. I feel like what those humans call an idol." Axion said, chuckling.

At that point, the group arrived at the Hive, while the Witch looked at it with wide eyes; she had always wanted to learn the reasons why the Neuroi came to Earth, and now it looked like she was going to get her chance.

Inside the Hive, other Neuroi were flying about. One of them noticed Ixia, Axion, and Xalia return. "Did you complete your mission?" the Neuroi asked.

"No," Axion replied "but we picked up something WAY more important. Call off the capture teams, because we just scored ourselves a live Witch."

At this, all the other Neuroi (minus Ixia and Xalia) stopped what they were doing, and crowded around Axion, making the Witch hide behind his "mast".

"How the HELL did you pull that off?!" a Neuroi asked.

"The Witch was betrayed in one of the worst possible ways. When she learned about it, she begged us to kill her, but we decided to bring her here instead." Axion explained as the Witch came out of hiding to look at the Neuroi, relaxing slightly knowing that she wasn't being attacked just yet. Now that she thought about it, the Neuroi looked like they were curious about her.

"Did the Witch bring her…what was it called…oh yeah, "Striker Unit" with her?" a different Neuroi asked.

"She did, and I have it right here." Axion said, dematerializing a small portion of his armor to reveal the Striker Unit that he covered up to avoid it being blown away while flying. "I need a spare Core to inject the Witch, whose name is Yoshika Miyafuji by the way, so that she can learn our language. Can you do that?" Axion asked.

"We certainly can." Another Neuroi said, as it led Axion (who was still carrying Yoshika and her Striker Unit) near the Hive's Core, which had a single spare Core floating around it. The Neuroi pulled the spare Core out of its orbit around the central Core and shrunk it to the size of a human heart. It then held the shrunken Core up in front of Yoshika, who looked at it curiously.

"What are you going to do…?" Yoshika asked curiously.

In response, the Neuroi that was holding the Core created a long, thin needle pointing from the front of it and gently tapped the side of it to Yoshika's throat, then at the spare Core, and then tapped the Witch's ear. After doing so, the Neuroi dematerialized the needle.

The Witch was confused at the gesture, but then perked up. "Oh, so you're saying that with this, I can understand you?" she asked.

The Neuroi "nodded" the best it could.

"Well, okay." Yoshika replied, spreading out her arms. "Do what you must."

The Neuroi, after getting the Witch's approval, immediately injected the spare Core into Yoshika's chest, causing her to scream in pain. After a few seconds of screaming, the pain stopped, and she found herself floating slightly.

"Can you understand me?" Axion, who was still holding Yoshika's Striker Unit, asked.

Yoshika whirled around to look at Axion's "mast". "I-I understood that!" Yoshika exclaimed.

The Neuroi that injected the spare Core left the area.

"So you can. My name is Axion." Axion introduced himself as Ixia and Xalia flew up next to him. "And the one with the wings is Ixia, and the one with fourteen spikes is Xalia." Axion introduced the other two Neuroi that had engaged her earlier.

"Hi there." Ixia said. "Sorry about earlier."

"No, it's all right." Yoshika replied. "Maybe being half-Neuroi won't be all bad. That reminds me. Why did you come to this planet in the first place?" the young Witch asked.

This made the three Neuroi "blink" in surprise. "A curious one, aren't you?" Xalia asked.

Yoshika blushed in embarrassment. "W-Well, I always thought that you didn't come to Earth just to simply declare war on us. So, I was curious…"

The three Neuroi chuckled. "And you are correct. Come this way." Axion said as he, Ixia, and Xalia flew off.

At that point, Yoshika finally noticed that she was floating. "Wh-Wha?! I-I'm floating! Hey, you guys! How do I move?!" Yoshika called desperately.

This made the three Neuroi turn around. "Just will yourself to move, and you should move." Ixia said simply, before he and Xalia flew to the Hive's Core (the four were travelling around the Hive during their conversation).

But Axion stayed behind. "I'll stay with you until you master flying." Axion said.

Yoshika giggled. "Thanks for the support. You know, you're kind of acting like a big brother who's protective of his little sister, and I'm the little sister." The Witch said, still giggling as she got the hang of flying without her Striker Unit. Surprisingly, she found that it was easier to fly the way she was now than when she had her Striker Unit.

Axion "blinked" in surprise. "A big brother?" Axion asked, before noticing Yoshika had mastered flying using the Neuroi Core's power. "Follow me." Axion said, flying to the Hive's Core.

Yoshika followed her "big brother".

When the two arrived at the Hive's Core, they found Ixia and Xalia waiting for them. "Took you long enough." Ixia scolded.

"Yeah, well, I had to get used to flying without my Striker Unit first. Surprisingly, it's much easier the way I'm flying right now, using the Core's power." Yoshika said.

This time, Ixia and Xalia "blinked".

Axion "cleared" his "throat". "I believe our guest has asked us on why we came to this planet." Axion reminded them.

"Oh, right." Ixia said, before accessing the databanks in the Hive Core and pulling up several screens, taking Yoshika by surprise.

On the screens, Yoshika saw all the worlds that the Neuroi visited, and everything that they did. Surprisingly, the only time they fought other alien species was when the Neuroi were attacked first.

"So, the Neuroi came to this planet to learn about it?" Yoshika asked, before the screens shifted, showing Neuroi fighting against each other. Some had red markings, while others had purple markings. "What's going on?!"

"We Neuroi are in a civil war." Axion explained. "The Neuroi King and his followers, against the Neuroi Queen and her followers. The Neuroi King wants to learn about everything about the universe before taking it over for himself, while the Neuroi Queen wants to learn about everything in the universe and live in harmony with all other sentient species. This Hive follows the Neuroi Queen and her ideals. All we want to do is learn about this planet, and protect it from the Neuroi King."

"How can you tell which Neuroi follows who?" Yoshika asked, her curiosity peaked.

"You can tell who follows who by the color of the markings and beams. Those loyal to the Queen have red markings, while those with purple markings are loyal to the King." Ixia explained. "The only reason why I want to kill some humans is because they attacked us first when we came to this planet."

Yoshika winced. She didn't know that the Neuroi were already in their own struggle when they came to Earth. She can also sympathize with Ixia; she WAS betrayed, after all.

"Umm… can you…teach me how to fight…?" Yoshika asked hesitantly.

This made the three Neuroi "blink". "Umm…sure." Axion replied.