The Witch of the Neuroi

Chapter 14: Dash Forth! Takemikazuchi! (Flashback Arc Final)

"So... how did you defeat it?" Trude asked with excitement.

"What happened after that?" Luchinni asked.

"Yes... I'm quite curious…" Sanya said.

"So am I." Erica added.

"Wait... I'm finishing my story." Yoshika said.

"You became a commander after that battle?" Minna asked.

"Yes." Yoshika answered.

"What happened to Tyr?" Lynne asked.

"Listen to my story and you'll know." Yoshika said. "Where did I stop... yeah we retreated towards the hive..."

Flashback Resume

We flew from the battlefield into the hive.

It was a slight refuge from the battles I have done.

I was tired, both physically and mentally.

Many Neuroi were destroyed completely over the span of the battle.

Time flies fast... very fast...

I heard some say that this is a hopeless cause.

Some have given up...

Some don't see hope anymore…

But I waited...

Those three should be coming about now.

Coming in a small group like me is easy.

Bringing a fleet, however, is not.

I suppose they are flying towards us right now.

Yeah... I'll just believe in them.

I dozed off for a while.

I woke up to a bombardment.

It seems the super hive has started its onslaught once again.

"Hey... Tyr..." I called out to him. "What's that?" I asked pointed at the super hive.

"That kid... is a super hive... specifically, a Valkyria-type Battleship-class." He said.

"Val... kyria... type?" I asked.

"It's a name... but a name..." He said.

"See those wings?" He asked.

"Yea... the ornaments…" I said.

"Those aren't ornaments... they're weapons." He said.

"Weapons? Those small things?" I asked.

"Small... yes, but it's dangerous... I couldn't believe that bastard would send one here... right now..." Tyr said.

"Who's this bastard?" I asked.

"Who else... that king... the purple king Zeta…"


"It's his name... the name of the mad king..." He said grimly.

"Why... why does he do all of this?" I asked.

"It's his form of entertainment..." He said.

"What? Is this a sick joke?!" I exclaimed, getting mad.

"He... wishes to rule... everything." He said again.

"Just for that... just for that... all this death and destruction..." I said choking on myself.

"Yea kid... the truth ain't that nice." he said. "Not that we need to worry about now... incoming!"

The explosions intensified.

Tyr flew out and I followed suit.

"Kid..." He said to me.

"What..." I said still a bit pissed.

"We have no choice... we have to destroy that." He said.

"But... how?" I asked.

"Like the hive last time." He said.

"Fine…" I answered.

We sped up fast.

We ignored the artillery barrage that was shot towards us.

They were bulky and huge, but they were slow... very slow indeed.

We evaded them with ease.

I activated my eye again.

I see the whole defense line.

It was now a tactical strategy.

It seems half were set on defense and the other half to destroy the enemy.

Quite a flexible tactic.

I aimed at each of them.

I fired at them.

I made sure to use lasers to penetrate them and not incinerate them, remembering what those three told me about the difference between beams and lasers.

Flashback in a Flashback Start

"Here's the difference between beams and lasers, Yoshika." Axion said.

He fired a beam and destroyed a piece of metal.

He then fired a laser and cut up the metal.

"Beams destroy... destroying one's Core with this will have a higher probability of killing them." he said. "Lasers can't kill... so we rarely use them."

"I've never see one used against us..." I said to him.

"Beams and Lasers have no difference to you humans." Ixia said at the side.

"So we prefer beams~" Xalia added.

Flashback in a Flashback End

I don't have to kill them... I just have to pierce their Cores...

I focused numerous beams and narrowed them down.

Into the dark empty sky… the second battle begins… and I draw first blood.

Red lasers shoot out from my palms and Strikers and sped off towards the attacking forces.

With my eye active, I shot at each Core with absolute precision.

The lasers pierced the armor of them pretty easily.

Shattering of bodies can be heard here and there.

Our forces and theirs start firing.

I noticed that our morale might have increased a bit.

Though I am human... my might was acknowledged.

Then... I'll just have to make a bigger show!

The dark sky was once more covered in red and purple.

We fought this seemingly endless battle.

One after another, enemies fall before my path.

But more just have to come.

I hid in moon craters from time to time to rest myself, making sure no one notices me resting.

I couldn't afford to be attacked.

We were getting pushed back.

The battlefront is moving closer towards our hives.

We need another direct attack.

I was about to ask Tyr, but after looking at him commanding the forces in the front lines, it's better not to disturb it.

So I thought that I'll do it myself.

Rather than flying, I walked towards the enemy hive.

From crater to crater I walked under the enemy forces, making sure that I wasn't detected.

Closer and closer to the super hive with its intimidating strength.

'Sigh... it was going well until now...' I thought as I arrived under the hive.

I am hiding in a small crater and it seems like nobody noticed me.

I watched more and more Neuroi exit the hive to continue battling.

So I chose my first target: the production facility.

I activated my eyes yet again.

I aimed well...

Rather than penetration, I needed explosive power.

So I tried to use materialization again.

But this time, I needed something big... something powerful.

I imagined a halberd.

A black halberd formed at her palm.

'Now... fire…'

The black halberd lit up in flames.

It slowly turned red...

She too is never sure either it changed color to color of flames or melting metal.

As magic hummed, it seems that the enemies noticed her presence.

Some of the recently produced Neuroi came into her direction.

She rushed her work and threw the halberd with all her strength.

'Please work...' she hoped.

The halberd clad in fire flew towards the group at a high speed.

As it passed, the group of Neuroi melted completely.

Feeling hopeful, I watched the halberd as it flew towards the facility gates.

The halberd soon was a tiny speck of light.

There is a thud sound but nothing happened.

'I failed... huh?' I thought as I readied myself to retreat.


A big explosion resounded.

The hive tilted to the side from the explosion.

After the debris and dust settled, the gate was a lump of molten metal.

'No existing regeneration yet...' I thought as I watched the gates cool down slowly.

'This is a success!'

I flew back towards our hive.

'At least I delayed them.' I thought.

When I returned to the hive, Tyr was looking for me.

He asked, "Where have you been gone, kid?"

"I need a lot of hands here." He said.

"I delayed their forces a bit... couldn't you be a little bit happier?" I said irritated.

"That's great, but it's just prolonging our battle." He replied.

"Look... we're at yet another stalemate." He said as the screen popped up.

It seems the battle stopped yet again.

The purple forces are set out defending and attacking them at this state is useless.

It seems they would now be more aware of surprise attacks.

The help came at the most unexpected time.

The prince that was about to visit me a few days ago was now here with his own "Knights" in the human language.

His group of eight wielded insanely strong swords.

The eight marched into battle destroying the enemy Neuroi fleet like it was paper.

Though the sheer production capabilities of the enemy hive is enough to hinder them off.

The prince himself seems to want to fight and was, for multiple times, stopped by his advisor clad in black.

I got into an actual conversation with him. As the war rages on and destruction ensues, we spoke on a small round table filled with pastries and cakes similar to our own. Strangely, what I originally thought was tea was actually juice and tasted like apples. Avalon juice they call it. It seemed that some of the languages we have also have something in common. Culture, life and features are similar perfectly like a human. The only difference is battle strength.

They are invulnerable. Their skins could not be pierced unless with their own nail and fangs.

Their strength is unimaginable, but is the one that allows them to wield their abominable huge swords the size of a Neuroi into battle.

The prince was said to be the strongest. So strong that he cleaved a few solar systems into two halves just because of a mistake. So strong that his battle prowess equals or possibly above the King and Queen themselves. Luckily the prince that rules the planet is a pacifist and wishes for peace.

I made sure to show no disrespect at all to him which makes him start to lose interest in me. He always spoke to his advisor in Black.

After that conversation, I returned to battle but to be ordered to attack the Battleship with the others.

The plan was quite simple: The knights will occupy the hives as we destroy their main weapon.

So we regrouped. The last hundreds of our forces will try and destroy the target. If it all fails the prince himself will make a move.

I was kind of relieved as I saw Tyr among the people going.

We moved as fast as we could towards the towering battleship.

In the horizon, we can see swords moving at fast speed cutting up the incoming Neuroi but more keep coming.

I remembered one of the skills I tried to develop. A sword based skill... but that thought escapes me quickly as we engaged the battleship.

The melting hangar was now fixed as more and more forces spewed out.

The sky is now clad in red and purple once more.

Our numbers quickly started to fall as our fleet was slowly destroyed.

I was starting to panic. Tyr and the other high command were issuing a retreat.

We couldn't win like this...

'Do I have no choice? Must I use [that]?' She thought as she kept avoiding the barrage of beams aimed at her from the Valkyria-type Neuroi.

'I haven't trained enough for its usage to be in the safety margin…'

Beams keep firing and more Neuroi started closing in on her.

Even though she fired her magic beams, more Neuroi reinforcements spawned and Yoshika sensed that she was about to be overwhelmed soon.

'I guess I have no choice.'

She stopped suddenly.

She expanded a big barrier in front of her.

'This should hold for a bit.'

The barrage of beams firing erratically now focused on the barrier.

'I can't make a mistake!'

"Materialize." she said as her magic formed a sword hilt.


The moment she thought, from the hilt came out a slab of rock using the power of Earth… an image of a mountain... unmovable... shattering strength.


She thought again and the sword became bigger and sharpened.

The power of Flames molded the earth to form a sharp blade.

The power of Wind cools down the blade and gives it a cutting edge.

The power of Water allows it to move in fluid motion.


She kept visualizing hard and soon she had her magic blade ready.

Her magic blade is sharp... it can cut through anything.

'I succeeded... but...'

She thought to herself as she maintains both her shield and gripped her huge katana.


As magic hummed in the air, all attacks against her were deflected by the sheer amount of magic in the vicinity.


She thought as crackles of lightning forms on the blade.

The blade she was holding started emitting a pale blue light.


She swung the sword downwards as multiple Neuroi tried to evade, only to be consumed in its wave.

The battleship and the remaining Neuroi fleet fired a last attempt beam. A purple beam so large, that it could've destroyed a base completely.

The beam that fired at her shield was cut magnificently in half.

The hive couldn't evade as it fires its beam.

If it stopped firing, the blade would've come down fast as lightning.

It simply cannot evade the fate of destruction.

"CUT THROUGH!" Yoshika shouts as her blade stopped for a moment after hitting the outer armor of the hive.

But the sword she held sliced from the top of the hive to the bottom.

The Core that was positioned in the bottom is cut in half and shatters.

With the destruction of the super hive, most of the enemy forces which weren't destroyed shattered as well.

The battle continued but now in the red queen's forces' favor.

Though she did it... that careless thought of victory was a costly mistake; a remaining Neuroi fired a single beam at her before it was destroyed.

Without a shield or a barrier, her body was hit with the sheer force.

Though at a Neuroified form she has some kind of resistance, she could feel that it pierced her completely.

She started floating downwards towards the lunar surface.

Yoshika, though having a lot of magic, expended most of her energy with that one strike and couldn't stay awake anymore.

She is tired.

Half of her body was blown off... possibly permanently.

Blood drips down from her head to the cheek.

Her right eye was completely destroyed.

She doesn't even have enough magic left to heal herself.

Her Core's healing functions aren't activating, since she overloaded her Core with that last strike.

She starts getting blurry through her remaining eye.

The hilt she held dropped onto the moon's surface and shattered with a loud sound similar to a broken glass.

In the background, she can hear someone calling her name.

'Who... is it...' she thought as she is losing consciousness.

She used her last remaining strength to at least look at the direction the sound came from.

She turned her body around but could see nothing.

After a few seconds, three shapes came into her view.

'Ah... it's those three...' She thought before she lost her consciousness completely.

Flashback End

"So? What happened after that?" Trude asked excitedly after Yoshika closed the screen.

"Trude~ you're getting too excited again!" Erica said.

"Ah... excuse me..." Trude said after a slight blush.

"Sugoi na... Yoshika-chan..." Lynne said in admiration.

"Umm... it was a splendid battle." Minna commented.

"How did you get so strong?" Sanya asked.

"Training hard, I guess…" Yoshika answered.

"After all, training is the best form of self-improvement!" Mio said proudly.

"Right! The ending!" I said suddenly.

"I was hit by an attack at the last moment right?" I asked them if they listened and they nodded seriously but interested of what happened.

"I was brought into a medical facility. The prince and the Queen told them to save me. Yes... a fact that at first surprised me too." I said.

"My powers were limited so as not to burden the body. As of now I am healing fine. The two Cores that act as my nervous system are reconstructing my nerves even as we speak, although slowly... I will be fine in about three or four years." I told them as they widened their eyes. "The damage I sustained was intense... the right half of my face was virtually gone, along with my right eye." I turned my head to the left and allowed the flesh on the right side of my face to part, revealing a small Neuroi Core along with my partially repaired right eye. Everybody in the room was shocked. I then closed the flesh around that area. "The small Core there is what's currently healing my eye. If you look closely, my right eye is a few shades off from my left. It hasn't completely healed yet, and I am currently color-blind in that eye."

"You can still fight even in that condition?!" Perrine asked.

"I am now the strategist… but if the need arises, I can stand in the battlefield... it raises the morale, after all..." I replied.

"Now that the story is over with... I have someone I have to introduce to you all." I said as they focused on me again.

I raised my hand and connected to my direct line with the queen. A screen forms in front of me as the queens voice asked "What is it Yoshika? It's only been a few days."

"My queen." I said as I bowed at the screen. The other Witches and humans in the room tensed as they watched the black screen.

"Yoshika... What is this?" She asked in confusion.

"I have established communication with the humans and will be arranging them to know the truth." I replied

"I shall approve of this if the others ask... then I suppose an introduction is in order." She said.