He led me through a rose garden, lighted up with one of those old fashioned street lamps I was always babbling on about. I can't believe he remembered! He stared down at me.

"You like it?" He asked

"I love it!" I reply.

The flashback ends abruptly as I awaken from my daydream, I look around, I'm still at in my living room in the new apartment I share with my best friend/cousin.

"You still love him" A voice in my head says.

No, I can't! I shake my head furiously; look at all the pain he caused!

"And look at all the happiness…" The voice fades out, causing me a whole lot of confusion, determination, and…regret?

author's note:

SOOOOO SORRY! I've been through alot and to be honest...this hasn't really been my top priority! :P

Sorry it's so short, I just wanted to give you kinda a "teaser". haha~~ Enjoy!