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Once upon a time a baby girl was born to the king and queen and as fate decided the queen dies during child birth. This baby girl was named Snow White, a spitting image of her mother. What stories do not mention is that Snow White had an older sister; her name was Iris Rose Avalendes. Her hair was the darkest shade of brown that at first glance looked black, her skin was clear and light brown, proof of her Latin heritage. Her hair was brown and slightly wavy and silky to the touch. Her eyes the most striking shade of green that shone brightly and they were the only proof that she was her father's daughter, that and the rose-like birthmark that she, Snow, and the king all shared on their left shoulder.

You see, Iris was not the biological daughter of the queen. A year before Snow was born and a few months before the king met his queen, he had a friend. She was stunning and had the biggest heart in the kingdom. She and the king were quite close and one night they showed how much they loved each other. However, the morning after the king found out that she had disappeared in the early hours of the morning. He sent search parties to look for his childhood friend but it was no use, she was gone. Once he met Snow White's mother he forgot all about Angelica Avalendes, but dear Angelica never forgot him. She had a permanent reminder of that night and she didn't regret it one bit.

Years past, the king re-married and disappeared when Snow was eight-years-old. Her step-mother was as wicked as they come; she prohibited Snow White to leave the castle and had her locked in her room for ten years. Throughout these ten years the kingdom had turned into an icy land of cold summers and death threatening winters. The people of the kingdom were all deprived and famished and the children were pleading for money so they could eat. The wicked queen would raise the tax prices just so she could afford to pay for her lavish parties. The malevolent queen was poor you see, she spent all her money and now she was stealing from others to provide her every want and impulse.

Iris's mother died when she was only nine-years-old, so Rosa had to live in an orphanage ever since. It has been ten years and the sisters still don't know that either exists. That is, until one day...

"Iris, I got you this flower," said a cute little girl while looking down and holding out a beautiful lily towards me.

"Oh my, Helena, this is beautiful. I love it," I replied as I took the flower and gave the little girl a big hug. And put the flower in a small vase on her night stand. I then turned towards Helena and said, "Now let's go down for dinner. Everyone should be sitting down by now." I held the little angel's hand as we walked downstairs and as we were about to enter the dining room a loud 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY' startled both Helena and I.

Today was my 19th birthday! I completely forgot it was my birthday! It has been ten years since I have been living in this orphanage with Helena and the several other children, including my best friend Jay. Jay is five years older than I am and has been like a big brother to me ever since I have been here and he also owns the orphanage now. "Oh my gosh, you guys," I tried to say because I was on the verge of tears because no one has ever celebrated my birthday before. All the children were now sitting at the table with me at the head of it while Jay was on the other end. There were 8 children in the orphanage all together:

Katrina, 13


Oliver, 12

Helena, 5

Lilly-Mae, 3

Josh, 4

Plus Jay and I

All of the children considered me as their mother and Jay their father. Jay was African-American who had a lot of muscles and he was also very sporty. For some reason Jay would make exercising as a chore to do two hours of physical movement each day. The man was a health nut, but we all loved him. He taught me how to use a sword, a sling shot, and hand-to-hand combat. I preferred to wear men's clothes instead of dresses since they were easier to move in and more comfortable.

"Iris, we made you this card," Josh said in the adorable baby way most four-year-olds do.

"Aww, thank you Joshie," I said and then I gave him a kiss on his for head and read the card out loud.

"Dear Iris, happy 19th birthday. We have a surprise for you; do you remember the stories you used to tell us about your mum and how you never met you dad, but he was a king to a faraway kingdom? Well it's those stories that got us through all the hard times; how you would describe your mother and the things she would say and do. Remember the time you told us about your dad, you said, 'my mom and I were just fine without him, I'm sure he's happy and that's all that matters. You should never wish ill of the people you don't even know or if you don't understand the situation' you are very wise and your advice has spoken to each and every one of us. You are our sister, our mother, our doctor, our teacher, you are there when we're sad and you're there to scold us if we do wrong. That is why we owe you something."

I let a few tears run down my face before I looked into the envelope of the card.

A carriage ticket. My mouth opened wide and I looked up to see everybody smiling at me and urging me to continue to read the rest of the note.

"We wanted to thank you for everything you've done for us these past few years, here is the ticket to get a carriage ride to a castle not far from here. The kingdom is ruled by your father." Jay came over to give me a hug as well as all the children.

"We wish you happiness and the best of luck".

That night I packed my bag with all of my belongings and everything that I needed. A music box my mother gave me, a necklace that my father gave to my mother, the card the orphans gave to me and a dark red cloak. After I was done packing, I descended down the stairs when all the orphans ran up to me.

"Come back soon!" one kid shouted out.

"Don't forget us," said another kid as they attached themselves onto my legs.

"We love you," Helena said as she looked up at me with her big, round eyes.

"I will be back as soon as I can and I could never forget any of you.

I love you all so much," I said to all of them and hugged them and gave Jay a big hug and kiss on the cheek.

"If you need me send for me," Jay said as he looked me dead in the eye.

"I will," I promised him and smiled one last smile at them before I got into the elaborate carriage.

'I'm finally going to meet my father' I thought with nervousness, not knowing what was going to happen to my future.