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I woke up to loud whispering all around me. I stayed down for a few more seconds while trying to adjust to the room. As soon as the fog left my vision, I slowly sat up and looked around the room trying to figure where I was.

What happened?

Oh right. Uncle Brighton left Snow White in the woods to be eaten by the beast and then I went after her. She then fainted and I went to help her but it was so cold…and I was so exhausted.

I turn to look to my left then my right; we were surrounded by seven little men.

There is a really attractive one with a cowboy hat on, and I swear just looking at him had me fawning, and one with a wolf skin on the second floor. I turn my head down and find another dwarf, but this one was eating something that looked like bread and he is wearing a beret. I look to my right and find one with a flyers cap, who is curled up next to Snow, who is still out. All of the sudden I could hear chuckling from above me and I look up; this one was wearing a top hat.

I hear rustling beside me and feel an arm graze against mine and I glance over and watch Snow wake up.

"They're awake," a voice declared by me. I look over and see two more dwarfs, one with a soldier helmet and another with a pirate hat.

"Who are you?" inquired Snow as she sat up.

"We'll ask the questions round here," The one with the helmet said.

'Ok,' I thought to myself, 'I get this is their home, but there is no need to be so rude.' I rolled my eyes as I thought this.

"Who are you two?" the helmet dwarf asked the both of us. Snow and I looked at each other as in 'you first'. Since I was still miffed at their rudeness, I did not want to answer first. Snow could tell that I was not going to answer first; she took the initiative to talk first.

"I'm Snow White," she declared, and all the dwarfs gasped at this.

"That's not possible!" the soldier one exclaims.

"Snow White is a deceptive troll," said the hot cowboy. Deceptive troll? Really? Isn't that a little too harsh?

"Yeah, they keep her locked up in the tower" said wolf boy.

"Maybe this is a different Snow White," the one with the beret said and everyone just looked at him. We all gave him a 'were you dropped on your head as a baby or something' kind of way. He put up his hands in a defensive way and said, "It's possible."

"If you're really Snow White, who's your father?" asked the one in the pirate hat. Now I really had to roll my eyes at that comment. There is only one Snow White in the kingdom and everybody knows who her father is, who is my father as well.

"The king," Snow answered.

"She is Snow White, see?" the one with the beret pointed at her and smiled in an 'I TOLD YOU SO' kind of way.

"What about you?" asked the cowboy. His voice was very gruff and he had looks to match. Not exactly my type considering I don't have a type, but I still felt oddly fascinated to this man. The others turned to look at me with confusion then recognition. I guess they forgot about me because they have a royal in their home. I noticed the one with the flyers cap was still staring at Snow White dreamily. I would be lying if I said I didn't feel a tad jealous that Snow White had admirers.

"I'm Iris Rose, but I prefer Iris, my father is also the king," I blurted out before thinking.

Shit, I can't believe I let it slip.

"WHAT?!" was heard from everybody, as they were trying to figure out if I was lying or not.

"That's impossible! I'm his only daughter!" Snow shouted, looking jealous and confused. All righty, Snow's being a bit greedy.

"It's NOT impossible! Brighton had a sister who happened to be my mother and she and the king were friends. I guess one night they were both too caught up in the moment and just did it. My mum left once it happened, said it felt wrong because they weren't in love. She didn't know she was pregnant until a few months later. She came back to the kingdom once she found out she was pregnant, only to find my father had met your mum and so on and so forth," I explained with a wave of my hand like it didn't hurt to have a dad who didn't know you were born and I still felt abandoned.

"You're Angelique's daughter?" asked the one with the helmet.

I nodded, "You knew my mother?" I asked.

"Yes, now I think about it, you look just as beautiful as she did. She used to teach at the same school as me. She was such a wonderful woman, telling stories to the children and always baking things for them," he replied with a kind smile but then he frowned. "I was never told she had a child, but she ran away".

"Not even my uncle knew until ten years ago after the, *cough cough* accident," I gave him a sad was about to say something when Snow interrupted.

"So you're saying I have a sister?" she asked, with emotions running across her face. She cannot keep a poker face if her life depended on it.

"Half-sister," I corrected her.

"This is ridiculous," exclaimed the hot one. Okay, I'm starting to re-think my liking to this man.

All of a sudden, they all started talking at once, talking about my mother and the king.

"Wait!" The one with the helmet shouted above all the voices and everyone hushed. He walked over to me and looked into my eyes. Suddenly his hand shot out to pull the sleeve of my dress over my shoulder to reveal my rose birthmark. My eyes bugged out of my head as he tugged down my sleeve, I was about to hit him but stopped when he talked.

Snow and the helmet guy gasped.

"It's true, she bares the mark of the king," he declared while Snow traced her fingers over the rose.

"I say never trust anyone over four feet," the cowboy states.

"Yeah," the wolf one says as he slides down a poll. "Let's drag them back out to the woods and pretend like we didn't see nothing!" Now this guy was starting to worry me immensely.

"No, you fool's! They're princesses," the soldier one shouts.

"Well, technically no one knows I'm a princess" I looked at him and shrugged.

"That means SHE'S valuable," the one in the top hat says and indicating to Snow.

"We should hold the girls up for ransom and tell the queen about Iris," The wolf one inputs.

"No! Please, I'll be killed! Also, she sent Snow out here to be killed by the beast! Why do you think I went out in the freezing snow?" I looked at them desperately, pleading not to be sent out in the cold.

"Why would the Queen want you two dead?" The cowboy asks.

"Have you met her?! She's loony, phyco…" The dwarfs starting chuckling at my choice of words.

"And she's wicked." Snow pipes from beside me.

The dwarfs agree. The cowboy slams his fist into a board behind him. "Sorry, but we have an appointment to keep." He slides down the pole. "So it's time for you girlies to shuffle along." He says.

Snow sits up. "Oh, wait! You can't just kick us out," she calls out urgently, trying to get them to change their minds and hearts.

I felt kind of bad seeing how Snow no longer could go home; at least I had the orphanage.

"We have nowhere else to go." Snow looked so desperate that it broke my heart.

"Please, she'll kill us!" Now, usually I'm not one for begging, but I'm not feeling very well and it's too cold for me to trek the two day walk to my home town.

"Look. If the Queen finds you here, she'll kill us, too," one of the dwarfs told us. I just realised how selfish we are being, so I slowly started to stand up. Oh wow, I only just realized how small I am as I stand up and my head just skims the ceiling.

"All I'm asking is to spend one night. Please," Snow pleads. As she says this, she grabs my hand so I can't go anywhere.

"Huddle!" The soldier one announces. They huddle and all begin talking at the same time. Snow and I try to peer around and make heads or tails of them letting us stay here.

"Think they'd let us?" I asked. Snow just sighed and the group suddenly separates.

"Tough luck, your Highnesses" the cowboy says. Highness? I mentally smile. I like the sound of that.

Snow and I look towards the others. "Sorry Iris, Snow White. All votes need to be unanimous." The soldier explains.

We all look towards the cowboy. He looks up and finds us all staring at him. I put on my famous puppy eyes and as does Snow. I saw this out of the corner of my eyes and smirked internally thinking that we really are related. He suddenly throws down whatever he was eating.

"One night," he holds up one finger and walks towards the door.

"Thank you," we said and I smiled at him as he passed. He just frowned and collected what looked like masks.

"Come on, guys. Duty calls." They all make their way towards the door.

"Wait!" I exclaimed, "We don't even know your names."

The cowboy looks at me. "I'm Butcher." Butcher? Fitting.

"Will Grimm," the soldier on says. He seemed to be the leader of the group.

"Half Pint," the one wearing the flyers hat says. He gives us a wink before following the other two.

"Napoleon," The one in the pirate hat gives us a bow.

"Grub," the beret one says while eating. Also a fitting name.

"Chuck," the one in the top hat says.

"But you can call him Chuckles," Grub says. Chuckles laughed.

The wolf one walks up. "And I'm Wolf." He suddenly howls. Both Snow and I blink. We look at each other when the door closes behind Wolf.

"Well, I guess we should talk?" I said as I sat down beside her and crossed my legs, not bothering to be ladylike as it was just us.

Snow nods, "We should."