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Two bodies, tightly intertwined, crashed through the door, oblivious to their surroundings and highly intent on reaching their destination – the bedroom. The male kicked the door shut and clumsily locked it, then hugged her closer and kissed her harder. They blindly stumbled their way through the hallway and let go only for the man to throw off his blazer. Finally reaching the place they needed to be, she roughly pushed him onto the bed, slowly crawling her way up to him and kissing him on the lips while her hands fiddled with his tie, eventually successfully removing it from his body. His hands rested on her hips and pulled her closer while her arms wrapped around his head, her fingers pulling at his hair while they kissed all the harder.

"Happy birthday, Sakura," the blonde grinned, panting for breath when they broke off for a while.

"Thank you, Naruto," she gasped, smiling at him devilishly as she gently stroked his whiskers. "I've been looking forward to tonight."

"Like I said," he replied coolly. "Tonight, I'll make your fantasy come true."

This night was a conclusion to their absolutely wonderful celebration of her 20th birthday, and he had planned the whole day of fun and love for his undoubtedly gorgeous girlfriend.

It had started in the morning, before she had woken up. He had cleverly snuck into her apartment, arriving early so as to have a chance to wake her up himself. However, upon reaching the foot of her bed, he froze, captivated by the beauty in his sight. Curled up under the blanket, lay his princess. He watched the gradual and paced rhythm of her breathing while smiling to himself unknowingly. Her lips were parted slightly and her hair was sprawled messily over the pillow, only adding to her cuteness. No matter how many times he watched her sleep, especially after their many love making sessions, it never tired him. He could have watched her sleep for years and still yearn for more. On the other hand, it was what she did when she was awake that he loved the most.

"Sakura," he whispered after a while. "Sakura-chan. It's time to wake up." There was no measurable response. Cautiously, he shook her, but she only moaned a little before resuming her slumber. He smirked as he watched her. Taking off his sandals and his jacket, he climbed into her bed, slipping in as silent as the ninja he was. Granted, he was a very loud and noticeable ninja, known for his openness and volume, but he was also one of the best ninjas in the world, his stealth and speed unknown to many. Successfully in her bed, he wrapped his arms around her waist, hugging her from behind, and pulled her into him. She shifted slightly, but other than that, she didn't seem fazed.

"Wake up," he whispered once again, rubbing her tummy. She hummed in a cute fashion, then fell silent – she was never easy to wake. "Well," he chuckled, "if you're too preoccupied in slumber, don't deprive me of fun."

His left hand slid down to her centre and he smiled, happy that his silent hope that she was wearing was her usual sleeping attire of panties and t-shirt had been heard and fulfilled. His right hand, occupied by her toned stomach, could feel her body start to heat up as his left start to rub up and down her clit. After a minute or two, he felt her start to get wet, and he pushed the offending undergarment aside, sliding a couple of digits into her soaking cavern, eliciting a groan from his love. He loved how she sounded when she was aroused. It had taken him a long time into their first intercourse before she had allowed herself to express any form of noise. She had been ashamed when she did, feeling weak and open, but he had assured her that he loved her voice, and it made her all the more beautiful. Since then, she had let loose on every moan, groan and scream, and realised how exhilarating it felt to be open to her mate.

Unconsciously, she reached behind her head and gently grabbed a fistful of his hair. His fingers did their wonders, her sounds increasingly amplified and she slowly awoke to consciousness. His arousal poked her bottom, getting painfullyhard, but he refused to take her while she was asleep, for she wasn't some sex toy, but that didn't mean he couldn't pleasure her in her slumber. A sly smile met his lips as her nether region started to twitch and tighten around his fingers - he knew she was waking up. Her moans grew louder, and his fingers travelled faster, but right before she hit her climax, Naruto pulled out, leaving her hanging.

Emerald eyes slowly opened, looking around, confused. Their owner felt strangely warm, comfortable and...sexually frustrated. Suddenly she realized that somebody was behind her, and she was grabbing onto him...or her? Wait, she started to panic. Naruto-kun didn't spend the night! At least be good looking, please be good looking!

"About time you woke up, Love," Naruto growled into her ear, heating up her body once more. She shivered deliciously before replying.

"Good morning to you too," she pouted. "And why did you leave me hanging? You know I hate that, you prune!" She let go of his hair and smacked him on the back of his head.

"What did you call me?" He whispered huskily in her ear, simultaneously rubbing his face into the crook of her neck.

"Prune! Prune! Prune! Aah!" She cried out as he sucked at her neck, nibbling just a tad to leave a kiss mark. She gasped and shut her eyes allowing herself to take in the blissful sensation as blood flooded her cheeks again. She opened her eyes slightly, her face flushed with pleasure. "...Prune..."

"You know I love it when you call me that," he kissed her neck a few more times.

"And I'll never understand your insanity," she replied, laying there for a while before smirking and turning around in his arms. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she kissed him, as he kissed her. Morning breath wasn't really a deal to them; they loved to taste each other all the time.

"Happy Birthday, Sakura-chan," he smirked, hugging her closer. She beamed, nuzzling her face deeper into his chest, that is, until she felt his raging hard on prodding her thigh.

"Say, Naruto," she purred. "I've got an itch inside me that only got worse thanks to you." He smirked at her.

"It was the only way to wake you up," he replied smugly.

"Wanna help me get rid of it?" she continued, licking her lips.

"Anything for my gorgeous Sakura-Chan," he put an emphasis on the 'gorgeous' by rubbing her bum. "Anything for you." She gasped as he threw the covers off them, sat them up and ripped her shirt off.

"That was my favourite sleeping shirt!" She whined, not really complaining.

"That was my old shirt," he growled, throwing off his own before slipping off his pants, leaving him in a full monty, while Sakura remained in her panties. "And you're way too sexy for your own good."

At that point, he pushed her panties aside and pushed into her, eliciting a cry of happiness from his beautiful vixen. She rested her slender hands on those broad shoulders that she loved so much. With his hands firm on her buttocks, he pushed her up and slammed her down in that repeated motion, smiling in felicity as he watched her humble assets bounced in unison and in harmony with their movements.

Considering how close to release she had been earlier, she was not much further now. Naruto knew that, but soon he grew restless. Leaning forward, he licked Sakura's ear, savoring the feeling as she shuddered in his captivity, her inner walls shivering around his length.

"Look down, Sakura-chan," he whispered. She slowly complied, suddenly getting all the wetter as she watched the interaction between the two beautiful organs. She watched as he plunged in and pulled out of her, dripping juices all over the sheets. "How do you like that, love?" He inquired smugly. "Watching my manhood enter you again and again. You seem to enjoy watching me enter you more than the fact itself."

Sneakily, he reaches in between her legs and pinched that notoriously sensitive nub, allowing an erotically arousing scream to escape her lips as she thrashed violently in his arms, her climax crashing down upon her gloriously.

But Naruto wasn't finished. Pulling her off, he placed her on the bed, face flat and bum in the air. Quickly, he pulled the lips of her nether regions apart and slammed back in, ripping an intense moan out of her.

Her sensitive womanhood wrapped around him tightly, earnestly trying to squeeze the life out of him while spewing out the liquids that was always in abundance during their love making. He pounded into her hard, watching in clear fascination as his hips smacked her bottom, sending ripples through her skin and shivers up her spine. His hands moved from her hips to her breasts, squeezing them like they were to drop off without his affection. Sakura cried out once again as he pinched her ever hard nipples. She grew tighter and tighter around him as he twitched inside her, signalling their verge on climaxing.

Finally, pleasure took over both of them as he thrust into her as hard as he could, his arms wrapping tighter around his princess as his seed filled her womb. She cried out in pure pleasure as her hands threatened to rip the sheets apart and her juices mixed with her beloved's. They stayed in that position for a while, both shivering slightly before relaxing and collapsing onto the bed. The sounds of them panting filled the room and the smell of sex lingered in the room.

"I... I always love your wake up calls, Naruto," Sakura smiled.

"I know," Naruto smirked smugly. "So do I."

"Mmhmm," she sighed. "Now get off me."

"Absolutely not," he whispered, refusing to budge even a little, making Sakura giggle a little as she shifted around under his weight.

"C'mon, Naruto," she asked again. "Please? You said you'd bring me out today. I need to get ready!"

"Fine," Naruto pouted, pushing himself off his naked beloved while caressing her stomach. "But you owe me." Sakura giggled while getting up and stretching.

"Naruto," she purred. "It's my birthday, I don't owe anyone anything."

Removing her panties, she moved towards the bathroom, deliberately swaying her hips as she felt Naruto's intense gaze on her bottom. It's hard to blame him, considering that the object that captivated him was explicitly smooth and round, complementing her entire figure while standing out to him. And right at the bottom of the...well...bottom, a white liquid slowly flowed out of the two slits that were her instruments of both pleasure and demise. Needless to say, it took a long time before they left the apartment to start their day.

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