Draco Malfoy was a pure blood. Everyone knew that. He had spent the first eleven years of his life thinking up new ways to insult muggle-borns or "mudbloods" as he called them. But now everything had changed. He had realised that there was more to life than insulting mudbloods. It had all started on that fateful day when he was going to breakfast one monday morning. As he reached the doors to the great hall he spotted something in the middle of that huge room. Through the stained glass windows of those grand doors he saw the thing that changed his life forever. He,Draco Malfoy was feeling something he had never felt before. A voice at the back of his head told him that it was love. "But thats absurd' he thought. "How could Draco Malfoy, founder of the "We hate mudbloods club" be in love with something so muggle like?" But nothing could stop him now. He was in love. He opened the doors of the great hall and ran straight to the beautiful creature that had stolen his heart. He knelt down before it and said "Dear, I love you with all my heart." The apple said nothing but Draco could see in the googly eyes that someone had taped on to it that it felt the same way. Draco picked it up and ate it. He turned to the camera and said "And thats why I pick pink lady."