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It makes me saddest in some ways :c

He had to create a machine. The Brain had spent the entire day attempting to come up with any plan besides the one he'd created upon first waking up, but nothing would come. There was nothing stopping them, however, from creating the machine outside, he eventually realized, so instructed Pinky to begin carting materials outside.

They made fairly good time, communicating in whispers even when Brain lost his temper and bopped his cagemate. But Pinky managed to laugh quietly as they continued taking pieces and parts out the window to be fashioned together on the ground.

But then the sneeze happened. The duo had been hoisting the toolbox together, about to take it out the window. And a gust of wind blew the seeds of a weed towards them, igniting The Brain's allergies. He tried so hard to keep it at bay, to get Pinky to move a little faster. But he sneezed, hard and loud, and the toolbox clattered to the countertop, various tools clanging louding as they spilled from the box.

Brain clapped a hand over his mouth, staring at the scene with wide eyes, and began to quickly pick things up. "Come, Pinky! Quickly!" he ordered, dropping the whispers since the silence had already been shattered.

"Narf!" he answered, the tics back to their usual volume as he tossed the tools back into the box. Their quiet game was over, but at least it hadn't been his fault like Brain warned him it would be! Except not being quiet was still bad, so he couldn't really focus on how he'd won. "What're we gonna do, Brain?" Pinky asked worriedly as he shoved the last wrench on his side of the toolbox inside.

"I got an idea." The voice chilled the little megalomaniac, but there was a tail around his legs before he could make a break for the window. He yelped when he was knocked to his face, trembling as he was lifted and held upside-down. "I don't know what you did, but you're not doing it again," the rat growled, reaching out to strangle Brain with his hands this time.

The rat's friend had already grabbed Pinky, his arms wrapped around the mouse's chest and part of his neck to keep him from running to his cagemate. "You're gonna regret ever leaving that cage of yours," he hissed in his ear. "Your little friend won't survive this time."

Pinky had been struggling at first, but stilled at the words. His ears twitched high and his eyes were wide. He may not have understood completely, but he knew what they planned to do to Brain. He knew. And he promised himself he'd protect him. He did, and he wasn't and they were going to hurt him again! And again and again and again and they wouldn't ever stop! No! No, no, no, no!

"Yeeeoow!" the rat holding him screeched, Pinky's teeth set deep in his arm. On instinct, the rat released him, but he couldn't get away. Pinky's jaw clamped tight, the blue of his eyes expansive as his pupils narrowed to pinpricks. Shaking him off didn't work, and when the rat tried to use his other hand to pry him off, a menacing growl vibrated through the creature. "Get him off! He's nuts! He's gonna take my whole arm off!"

"C'mon, he's just a stupid little mouse." The taller rat released his grip of Brain's neck, the megalomaniac gasping for air.

He tried to curl up when he was dropped, but the tail stayed around his legs while the rat moved closer to Pinky and his cagemate. His fingers curled into fists, ready to strike, and Brain cried out, "Pinky! Look out!"

The rat looked back, beginning to lift his tail to slam Brain to the counter. "Shut up!"

With a snarl, Pinky released the rat's arm, letting him scramble a ways away as he glared wild-eyed at the one still holding and hurting his Brain. Blood stained his lips from where he'd bit, visible even as they curled back to bare his teeth before he crouched and sprung at the rat, knocking him down to pin him and growl in his face.

The rat released Brain to free himself up to roll and pin the mouse. His own, far sharper teeth bared. "Get off me, you retard!" he growled.

Brain crawled away desperately, stopping only when he reached his toolbox. He grabbed a wrench at random, holding it tightly and shaking as he watched. "Pinky!" he gasped.

His Brain was still scared and that wasn't acceptable. Pinky's fur bristled and fluffed up, with little regard that the rat above him was bigger and stronger. He kicked at him in the gut, hard and seeking some kind of leverage to flip them. The rat was too heavy though, so Pinky kicked again, his legs strong from all the running he'd done in his wheel, and knocked the air out of his captive, just enough so he could squirm out from under him. He slid over to Brain on all fours, crouched low in front of him as his chest continued to rumble with the sounds so unlike him, his glare darting from one rat to the other, daring either of them to try anything.

For a moment, the smaller mouse was more frightened of his companion than he was the rats. At least he'd come to expect such barbaric actions from the rats. But not from Pinky. Not the blue-eyed, big-hearted buffoon he'd come to know. His wide, fearful gaze flitted to the rats, one holding his gut as he rose, the other still dripping blood onto the counter from the wound on his arm. Pinky had done that. "P-Pinky...?" he whispered.

His ears twitched and the first thing he was aware of was that his mouth tasted really bad. Blinking rapidly, Pinky looked at the rats, fear creeping into his belly to replace the dark, thick thing that had snapped inside him. Not fear of the rats, no... he was scared because he'd hurt them. He didn't want to hurt anyone, hurting was wrong and why the rats shouldn't have been doing it to Brain. They shouldn't have. He was just trying to keep his friend safe, they should've just let him.

Pinky trembled as his fur settled, but he didn't get up just yet, still wary of the rats and scared to turn around. Brain was afraid of him. He'd made his bestest best friend afraid and that wasn't fair at all, but it still made him feel so bad inside. "G-go away now, please," he told the rats quietly.

The one clutching his arm turned to his cagemate. They could easily take the mouse as long as he stayed like this, but the fury that overtook him combined with his blatant disregard for self-preservation made him dangerous and he certainly didn't sign up to pick on someone who could fight back. "Let's get outta here."

"Yeah," the other agreed. "You keep that freak of yours on a leash," he snapped and Brain whimpered quietly, still clutching the wrench for protection as the two rats walked away.

Pinky held himself together until they'd gone, then collapsed on his front and sobbed. He felt so bad, so, so, so bad inside. His ears plastered themselves to his head and he curled up in as small a ball as he could manage with his body heaving so. "I h-hate the-em!" he cried, muffling it in his arms, tears soaking his fur. "I hate them!" He never wanted to hate anybody.

Brain gazed at him, trying to make his mind work. But the words were as much a surprise as his actions had been, so he was finding it a bit difficult to focus. He scrubbed a hand over his face, swallowing hard, and silently set the wrench aside before darting to their cage. He fetched the toothbrush his companion liked to chew on, put on a dollop of the fruit-flavored toothpaste he preferred, dampened it with a spritz from their water bottle, and scampered back to his friend.

The lanky mouse was still crying, stretched out and hiding his face. Brain dropped down beside him, petting his back. "Shh, Pinky. Here now. Get that taste out of your mouth." And get the blood off, he mentally added, fighting hard not to mention it.

"It t-tastes so bad," he hiccupped, sliding closer to his friend. When he left, he thought he wouldn't come back. He thought Brain hated him now too, just like he hated the rats. But he came back, he came back and Pinky lifted his head to place in Brain's lap. "I-I didn't m-mean to, Brain!"

"Hush, Pinky, I know." He looked down, thumbing away the tears, and sighed quietly at the shame in his friend's eyes. Something in his heart ached, uncomfortable and to be denied later. He hadn't known his sweet, simple-minded cagemate had held the capacity for such violence and, it seemed, neither had the mouse himself. To see it displayed had frightened at the time, but now it only served to cement the friendship on the megalomaniac's end. It was a seamless shift, one that went unnoticed as if it had always been there. Pinky had been protecting him.

"Take your toothbrush now." Brain nudged it closer, stroking the messy fur atop his friend's head. "And I know you didn't mean to, but thank you. You saved me, and I appreciate that."

"You don't h-hate me now? P-p-poit." He blinked more tears from his eyes, fingers curling around his toothbrush. His mouth tasted so bad. "I-I just didn't want them to hurt you. I didn't want to make you scared!"

"I know." No one had ever cared about him like that before. No one had ever protected him. "Brush your teeth now. Please, Pinky. Get that taste out of your mouth and we'll get ourselves cleaned up." Wash away the scent of those rats and perhaps cleanse their memory from his simple-minded friend. His heart was too soft for words like hate.

Sniffling, quieting his crying, Pinky sat up and began to scrub at his teeth. The fruity flavor cheered him up a little, only his bestest friend would know he wanted his favorite toothpaste. He brushed and brushed, wincing until the last of the bad taste was gone, the fur around his lips foamy from the toothpaste and the red tinge washed away. Instead of getting up to leave Brain's side and find a sink to spit in, he swallowed. "Thank you, Brain."

Brain tried not to gag at the fact that he'd swallowed all that. Toothpaste wasn't exactly safe to swallow anyway, but... his sidekick was an odd one. "You're welcome, Pinky. Now come. We'll have a bath and rid ourselves of their scents. And then I'll make certain that we never have an issue with those brutes again." He hadn't considered hacking into the scientists' computer before, believing that he and Pinky could just take over the world around their interference. But now it was about keeping his cagemate away from them. Pinky had protected him; he would return the favor.

"Promise? No rats?" He grabbed onto Brain's arm, wide blue eyes seeking the pink ones of his friend. He didn't ever want to feel so scary ever again. If he never ever saw another rat, then maybe he never would. And he didn't want to worry about anyone hurting Brain either. It was too much to worry about, so he hugged Brain's arm close.

"No more rats, Pinky. I promise." He never wanted to see his companion like that again. Brain didn't pull away from him, using his hold to guide him to the little sinks instead. Only then did he disentangle himself from the taller mouse to turn the water on and wait for it to warm.

Pinky twisted his hands together, looking around nervously. His ears lifted a little and he sniffed, but everything was fine. Rubbing away the tear stains on his cheeks, he shook off the wariness and went to get soap for the bath. Bubbles would make everything better. He liked bubbles. "We'll take the bath together, Brain?"

He sighed, taking the soap from his friend to add it to the water since it was at the correct temperature. "Yes, we may as well."

"'Kay." Good, he wanted to stay close. If he was with Brain then nothing could hurt him and Brain would make sure he didn't get all mean and snarly. Pinky rubbed his chest. The growly sound was so strange, he'd never made it before. He tried, just to see, but all that came out was a purr-like "grrr". He blinked. Not very scary at all. "Poit."

Hearing the attempted growl had Brain scowling. He marched over to his friend and yanked him down. Not by his snout as he was prone to do, but by his cheeks. "You were not created to growl at things. The fact that those vile creatures managed to make you growl once doesn't mean you ever have to do it again. You're not bad, Pinky. You, my friend, are as far from bad as one could possibly ever get."

He couldn't tell if he was being scolded or complimented, but the hands framing his face made him feel warm and happy for some reason, so he decided to go with the latter. The tingly feeling in his head had to mean it was a compliment. "Thank you, Brain." Smiling brightly at him, Pinky placed one of his hands over one of Brain's. "I'll try not to ever growl again. Promise!"

"Someone of your joyous disposition hardly has to try, Pinky." He would just remove the rats and the problem would go away. Pinky would never have to be upset again. "I have faith that you'll continue down that particular street." The hand over his had him clearing his throat and taking a step back. "In the bath now."

"'Kay!" Pinky saluted the smaller mouse with the wrong hand, then hopped into the sink. Bubble baths were so lovely! He felt better already! His muscles were still all springy and ready to sproing, so the warm water eased them and relaxed his whole body. That was important; tension and stress led to headaches and hair loss and Pinky certainly didn't want that to happen. "Naaaaaaarf." He slipped low under the water, his chin resting just on the surface, and closed his eyes. "Egad, Brain, it's glorious. You astound me."

"That isn't difficult to do," Brain grumbled and climbed into the sink with him. The bubbles were frivolous and he made a mental note to bathe with Pinky as little as possible to avoid them in the future, but for now it was acceptable. He didn't take the time to enjoy the warmth, instead beginning to efficiently scrub his fur.

The blue-eyed mouse watched him, poking his tongue out as he mimicked him on his own body. He smelled like rat, they both did, and that was completely unsanitary! People might mistake them for rats. It would be the highest offense if anyone ever did. Lathering up so much soap into his fur left him all sudsy and bubbly. He could even blow some of the bubbles off of himself into the air, clapping as they floated down. Yes, bubbles did make everything better. So did his best friend. He smiled over at him and waved, sending more bubbles to flick and fall off his arm.

Pink eyes rolled, but he waved back nonetheless. "Yes, Pinky, hello. Rinse off. I have one more thing to do before we get to bed."

"Narf!" He submerged himself, popping back up all wet and bubble free, but with soap in his eyes. Scrubbing at them, he turned this way and that to address his cagemate. "What's that, Brain?" Pinky asked the edge of the sink, still rubbing his eyes.

Scowling, Brain made his way over to the idiot and grabbed his wrist, dragging him to the faucet. He pushed it on, then dropped back down to tilt Pinky's face towards the spray to get the soap out of his eyes. Once satisfied, the water went off again. "I already told you, Pinky. I'm going to make certain we never have to deal with those rats again."

Blinking rapidly, he tilted his head back to look at the big-headed mouse. "But how're you gonna do that, Brain? Poit."

His smirk was small and smug. "By making the humans remove them. Come, my friend, and I'll show you." He climbed out of the sink, seeking a nearby cloth to dry himself off with. He tossed it back to Pinky, clasped his hands behind his back, and strode along the counter. "Dry yourself, Pinky, and follow."

Pinky caught the towel and vigorously rubbed it all over his fur. It ended up sticking out every which way, but he was dry and he folded up the cloth to set aside for later before darting after Brain. His best friend was such a smarty! Whatever plan thingy he had to move the rats was sure to work! "What is it, Brain?" He gazed eagerly at him, fingers laced together in front of him.

"It's exceedingly simple, which is something even you should appreciate." They reached a computer and Brain hopped onto the keys, pulling it from its screensaver. He began to leap from key to key, quickly deciding to come up with some sort of contraption to assist in his typing the next time, and was soon hacked into the scientists' software. He sent out a mass message, ordering them to release all of the rats. They were now banned from Acme Labs for... medical reasons, Brain concluded. He rubbed his hands together as he read over the memo before leaping off of the keyboard. "Here, Pinky. Hit this button and only this button and our message will be sent."

"A button!" he gasped, clapping his hands together. "Oh, thank you, Brain!" He just loved pushing buttons! Any kind of button really. Big buttons, little buttons, shiny red buttons... oh, right. He needed to push this button right here. He tapped it happily, hugging himself when the message was sent. "So that sent all the rats away to Charlie Sheen's house?" he asked hopefully. That was very far away and certainly good punishment for mean ol' mean rats.

Drat. He should've suggested that's where they be sent. Hm. Brain shook his head. "No, Pinky. That made it so the humans would take the rats away come morning. Now come. Perhaps we can sleep in tomorrow and avoid any maze-running if they're going to be occupied with rat removal." He did enjoy sleeping in, though there were times when he wondered if his cagemate actually slept.

"Aw, but I like the mazes. They give us moldy cheese at the end." He rubbed his tummy as he followed. "Poit. Oh, but only if I get to do it with you, Brain. Otherwise I get all lost and turned around willy-nilly! Like an ant in an ant house!"

"Actually, ants are very adept at knowing where they are and what they're doing. Which puts them a step ahead of you, my friend." Brain alighted into their cage, waiting for Pinky to join him before closing and locking the door behind him.

Pinky went to the foot of their bed, ducking under the covers and wiggling around in circles as he tried to find his way to the surface. It was very easy to get lost in their bed. When he did poke his head out, it was at the side of their bed, Brain's side to be specific. He smiled at Brain, tail wagging under the covers. "Would ants know how to get to my pillow from here, Brain?"

"Perhaps if they were trained." Or if there was some sort of foodstuffs on Pinky's pillow. His pillow, actually. Brain allowed it, crawling into Pinky's side and settling amongst the familiar scent. His side was closer to the door and he knew Pinky would protect him if anything came through that door. He reached out, giving his friend a pat. "Tomorrow night, we won't have to worry about anything but our goal."

"Poit." Going around in a few more circles, he popped up on Brain's pillow and planted his cheek on it, snuggling up in bed happily. Blue eyes blinked at the smaller mouse, observing in a quiet manner not typical of his nature, his tail steadily slowing. "Promise?"

Brain scooted a little closer, leaving a hand on Pinky's upper arm. He never wanted those bright eyes to get so dark and terrifying, never wanted growls and snarls to replace but the giggles and smiles. He never wanted to hear the word "hate" spill from him again. Pinky was just too sweet, and the fact that he'd been frightened of his own sidekick, even briefly, was an affront to his ego. "I promise, my dear friend. You'll never have to deal with rats again."

His gaze lit up, taking Brain getting closer as well as his label of "my dear friend" as permission to wrap his arms around him for a hug. They both needed it in his opinion. "Thank you, Brain. I promise you won't have to either. Troz."

His cheeks reddened at the unexpected embrace, but since it wasn't squeezing the life out of him, he allowed it for a couple of minutes before drawing away. "I have faith in you, Pinky. Now sleep. We have much to do before tomorrow night."

"Why, Brain?" he asked, tucking his arms under him and nuzzling the pillow. When he closed his eyes, he could pretend they were still hugging. "What're we gonna do tomorrow night? Train ants?"

He opened his mouth to refute it immediately, but then hummed to himself. It was a viable idea, opening up a plan in his vast mind. "Perhaps. But, most importantly, we're going to do the same thing we do every night. Try to take over the world!"

"Naaaaaaarf," Pinky purred, smiling at the familiar exclamation. He liked that they did the same thing every night. "Poit." He yawned, letting his head fall closer to Brain's. "Goodnight, Brain."

"Goodnight, Pinky." Content with the knowledge that there would be no more rats getting in the way of his schemes, Brain let his eyes close and soon fell asleep with his hand still on his friend's arm.


There'd been another instance here and there, a plan bumping them up against sewer rats or show rats or the occasional lab rat when Brain's plans took them to another part of the world. And every single time, Pinky's fur would bristle and his sweet sidekick turned best friend turned husband would become something vicious. But there were no rats at their castle once they finally did manage to take over the world, and their children and the generations that followed never had to see that happy smile become a snarl.

The emperor preferred it that way. "Come, Pinky. We should go find Pumpkin's twins. I suppose Sweetie deserves a watered down explanation for why we don't discuss those vile creatures." Very watered down. He didn't want his great-granddaughter to imagine for even a second that her happy great-grandma even knew how to snarl.

Blue eyes opened and he lifted his head from where he'd rested it on Brain's shoulder. "There was no water then, Brain. Troz. Just rats and us and... umm... toothbrush." His eyes crossed a little, then squinted as he remembered why he'd needed a toothbrush. It was hard to forget some tastes. He rubbed his cheek against his husband's to take his mind off of it, lower lip jutting out in a slight pout. "And do we have to talk about it?"

"Yes, Pinky. You know how curious Sweetie is; she'll ask everyone why we don't like them." Brain brushed his lips to his husband's brow. "Watered down means we won't give her details, imbecile," he murmured. "We'll only tell her that rats are consistently very cruel to us and that we're protecting our family from them. Because we are, my dear. We've done a very fine job so far, but you've always excelled at protecting those you love." He rested a hand over his partner's heart, rubbing gently.

Pinky hugged him a little tighter, his heart skipping at Brain's touch. "You too, Brain. Always. Narf." Brain had been the one to make the bad ol' rats go away the first time. He'd made it so they wouldn't get them in the lab ever again. Or their castle either. Nuzzling him, he sought out a proper kiss and gave it. "'Kay. We can go tell her. And you can explain to Yam better, too. I just told him they were icky."

"They are icky, Pinky." Brain used his cane to stand, offering a hand to his loving husband. "Come along, sweetheart."

Beaming at him, eyes bright, Pinky took his hand and got up to follow. "Coming, my love."

Nodding, Brain lifted Pinky's hand to his lips and led him from the room in search of their great-grandchildren, located somewhere in their rat-free castle.

No rats ever; they're badly bad things who are bad :c

And Pinky had to get all mean and vicious and scared himself and Brain...

But they're together forever :heart: And that's what ultimately matters