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Chapter 3

The city where love and desire fly free, Daten city. Young students, returning from the daily toil of school. Now is your chance to kick back and relax. Grab some popcorn and cola and gather around the TV.

In the sanctuary of the church, Suspender stood next to the altar with an open bible in hand. She closes it with a dull thump and from the ceiling dropped Boxer lying naked and wrapped in a blanket on an orange love seat. Then Sock sitting on the toilet with his pants down. "Good morning boys. I see our saviors helpers are lazing about as always." "You're the one who called us down here, you fucking priestess!" Growled a still sleepy Boxer. "There better be a good reason for you waking us up so early." Yawned Sock.

Suspender nodded. "But, of course. On God's oath. Now boys, we have a situation on our hands." "What?" Groaned boxer. "Is there another monster made of crap on the rampage again?" Sock, who was licking a chocolate swirl ice cream cone paused for a second. He gave Boxer a dirty look before continuing. The holy woman sighed at the Angels. "You and your dirty mouth. And no, I was referring to something else." From behind Suspender, Chuck pulled out a small, nervous looking elderly woman dressed in a suit. "This lady is the principal of Daten City high. She is our client this time."

Boxer smirked. "She sure is one gloomy-looking old fossil." She looked at the two boys nervously before speaking. "Um…Th-there's been a spree of students going missing at our school." While she was talking Chuck somehow climbed up on the altar and leapt onto the principals head. "I contacted the police. But they're completely baffled." "So you think it's a ghost?" asked Sock as he was pulling on Honekoneko's tongue. "It must be the work of the devil! There's no other explanation for it!" She ran up to the angles and started to grovel at their feet. "O holy angels, please save our school!" she cried.

Boxer pushed the lady away and stood up allowing the blanket to fall away, revealing him in all of his naked glory. Suspenders faced palmed and the poor old woman looked away in embarrassment "Yeah, whatever. It's not like we have a choice." "That's right!" Screamed Suspenders. "Now go fourth, angels! I command you to infiltrate this cursed school! You must take care not to draw any unwanted attention. So Boxer, please put on some clothes now!" Boxer sighed. "Whatever."

Elsewhere, in Daten City high, the hall ways were crowded with students. Some speaking to friends and love interest. Nerds were looking through their lockers for books and jocks were bullying the unpopular. Just another normal day in Daten City high. It was normal, that is until a light blue jeep crashed through the wall plowing down several of the students. When the dust cleared, the doors opened and a red carpet rolled out. From the car stepped out Boxer and Sock wearing sunglasses on their school uniforms. As Boxer removed his sunglasses revealing sparkling blue eyes the girls went crazy. "Who're they?!" Someone cried out. "Rich guys?!" "Gods?!" Boxer Smiled and put his sunglasses back on. "No, We're angels." "Boxer, do you even know what the word 'infiltrate' means?" asked Sock. "The same as any other word." he replied as students snapped picture after picture of the two angels.

"There's not really much of a difference between schools down here and schools up in heaven." "How would you know? You never went to class." Boxer shrugged. "Any self respecting guy like me would never suit the cheap boxers known as school." "I see." Sock reached into his pocket and pulled out a map of the school. "Lets make this quick so we can go home." A loud high pitched yell from the crowd caused the two angels to look up to see everyone moving aside. Running down the hall was a short figure covered from head to toe in bees.

"Hey Sock. I think I already see someone suspicious. Way too suspicious." Boxer said peeking over his sunglasses. He pulled out Elastic and aimed at the bee monster. His first shot revealed a mass of bright orange hair. The second shot revealed an oversized dark green jacket and dark green mini skirt with black tights underneath. Then a big gray metal backpack covered in novelty stickers. As the girl neared the two angels she tripped dispelling the rest of the bees and dropping the item she was holding. Boxer and Sock looked down disgusted at the sorry sight with the rest of the students. "False alarm. It's just a kid." Sock said angrily. The small girl quickly sat up and took a look around.

Her long orange bangs covered her eyes and the large clunky headphones behind her ears did nothing to help hold them back. She noticed Boxer standing in front of her and she stared up awe stricken at the beautiful boy who was in turn staring at her. She blushed a little under his intense gaze. "So handsome…" she murmured. The angels stared at her blankly, the silence continuing until Boxer looked at the item she dropped. "What's this thing?" He said kicking it across the hall. That thing turned out to be a bee nest. The nest ricochet off the lockers and landed on the read headed girls head, a few angry bees coming out to buzz around her.

She stood up and ran around the hall screaming in terror. Boxer smiled as and idea came to him. "Oh no! It's a scary bee monster!" he joked. "Gross!" Sock had a hand held up to his face giggling a little. "Lets turn her in as the beehive ghost." Sock laughed. "Eeek! Help me!" the girl cried. Before she could get any further she ran right into the sturdy chest of some giant dressed in a red football uniform. The hive fell of her as she hit the floor. "Oh! It's just Bra." Sitting on a throne, perched on the shoulders of a group of monster football jocks was a handsome ash blond boy in a red and white varsity jacket. He was surrounded on all sides by a bunch of cheerleaders, who all looked down at Bra with a look of superiority.

"Where were you planning to take all those little bees that I left in your care." "It's the King!" "Ken!" "The King!" "I-I'm really sorry!" She said bowing frantically. "It wasn't my fault!" Boxer bent down and picked up the scared girl by her hood. "Then why did you take off?" he said patting her on the back. Sock moved up on the other side of her to stare at the guy on the throne. "Who are they?" Ken looked down at the two with no readable expression on his face. "Some new faces, I see." He leaned forward and rested his head on his right arm. "I don't care if your new students or not, you wont last very long in my school if you defy my will." Boxer and Sock exchanged looks. "Your school?" scoffed Boxer. "Doesn't this place belong to that sap of a principal?" asked Sock.

"Only by name." replied Ken. "But in reality this school belongs to me, King Ken. Is that clear?" The crowd of students cheered. "All hail King Ken!" they chanted. Boxer rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Like I give a shit. Hey Sock. Lets ditch the fucktard with the outdated doll's name." He said, pointing his thumb at the supposed 'King'. " For once I agree with you. Now lets hurry up and finish this so I can get home in time for pudding." They walked pass the wall of jocks, Boxer crushing the discarded beehive underfoot as he went. Ken seethed in anger as everyone stared in awe at the two angels. "You will pay for insulting me." he vowed.

In first period you could see all the kids fawning over the new design on the bottom of Ken's skate board. "This is nothing special. I mean, it was only designed by the greatest street artist in Daten City." he bragged. Next the group Boxer and Sock came crashing through yet another wall in Speedo. They stopped to wink at everyone before speeding off down the hall in a cloud of dust and debris. Standing right in the vicinity with the most damage was Ken who was covered from head to skateboard in dirt and dust. He coughed up a cloud of dust as he stared after the rouge jeep in anger, his skateboard crumbling to pieces.

In second period science Boxer and Sock stood at a lab table that was covered in chemicals. Both of them were wearing lab coats and goggles. Boxer was holding up a beaker with a clear liquid in it. "Science is way easy." He said proudly. He was so busy talking he didn't notice Ken sneak up behind him to quickly switch the beaker he was holding with a different one. The beaker he was now holding was filled with a bubbling pink liquid and decorated with a skull and cross bones. Just as Boxer was about to pour it into another substance he sneezed, sending the stuff flying across the room. It landed on Bra, a lab over, soaking her head completely. Everyone stared at her surprised as she broke out in hives and began to foam out of the mouth right before collapsing in a fit of seizures. Boxer burst out laughing while Sock struggled to contain his laughter. Ken sat in the back of the class frowning and gripping a vial so hard it broke.

Third period Gym. The cheerleader were performing a routine for the next halftime show. At the end of the routine the girls formed a giant pyramid. Near the bottom of the pyramid stood Ken helping to hold up the mass of girls with some of the other guys. "Go! Go! Go! Daten!" They cheered. Ken smiled smugly. 'There's no way those two peasants could follow up that. He looked over to where the angels were and his face fell. Boxer was sitting on a pile of girls and boys, all of them wearing nothing but swimsuits, and drinking a soda. A huge rush of more students in swimsuits came running over, causing the tower of cheerleaders to topple over. Ken crawled out from under the pile of girls to glare daggers at Boxer before moving on to the next performance.

Now he was twirling around a baton to show the cheerleaders the next routine. He tossed it in the air and caught it flawlessly. He looked over to Sock who was holding two batons and looking at them like they were foreign objects. Sock caught Ken smirking and decided to teach him a lesson. He started to spin and throw the batons, treating them like his katana Stripe. Everyone cheered as Sock caught the batons much like how a samurai would hold his swords. Ken's smirk changed into a frown then a surprised and as his clothes shredded to bits. I fact most of the cheerleaders and everyone who was standing near him had their clothes shredded to pieces. Ken glared at Sock angrily as he stood there in nothing but his boxers. He would get those two if it was the last thing he did.

Fourth period home room. Ken sat at the front of the class angrily watching as Boxer talked to a group of guys all dying to know how he stayed so cool. "Okay, Okay, I'll tell you. It's all about how you carry yourself. Now watch carefully. I'm only goanna do this once." Boxer broke into his signature pose. Legs apart, all of his weight focused into the right leg as he brought his hands up to rest behind his head. The guys follow suit all breaking into the pose. All of the girls in the room were hit with an overdose of extreme hotness and began to faint left an right. One of the bigger girls fainted right next to Ken's desk and was sent toppling over across the front of the room where he crashed into Bra who landed into a trash can.

It was free period and Ken was walking down the hall with his crew. The halls were decorated with his tapestries and the school mascot. It was a bee outlined in heavy black in a red circle. Killer Bee's was written in big white letters. He looked on proud at his signature symbol. There was no way that those two peons would take this away from him. Then as if a challenge from the heavens above, new tapestries were rolled down right over his. He looked on horrified when he saw the design. It was a red B with a pair of boxers on it. Surrounding the B was the letter S and at the end of it was a striped sock. Surrounding the two letters was a blue circle with the words 'Boxer and Sock New Kings'. By the time the new carpet with the same design rolled out he was throwing a fit out of pure rage. This was the last straw.

Back in the hallways a small group of girls were talking excitedly about the two new Kings. "No body even cares about King Ken since Boxer and Sock showed up." "It's like he never existed." "We can just get rid of this old King stuff." Lockers were emptied of all things related to the old king and filled to the brim with posters and pictures of the new kings. "Hey, check this out! It's time to crown the New kings Boxer and Sock!" A locker was opened to reveal a shrine dedicated to Boxer and Sock. The four girls squealed and crowded around the locker for a peak. They were so into it that they didn't notice the dark shadow looming over them. "Who is this 'fallen King' exactly? A deep voice demanded. The girls stiffened and turned around slowly, fear as plain as day on their faces. Their screams echoed throughout the empty hall.

Fifth period health class. "Get it, pipsqueaks?! No having sex while your in school! Or else you'll die! No matter what position you're in!" Screamed the big burly gym teacher. Boxer sat in the back of the class playing with a figurine of himself. "Hey sock look! This figurine of me is pretty sweet, right? Sock just continued to eat candy and look through his desserts magazine. "You seem to be enjoying school, Boxer." "So what if I am?" "I'm going to pass around condoms. One at a time." The student in front of him passed back a brightly wrapped package. "Hm? What's this? Gum?"

He opens the wrapper and pops the item inside in his mouth. He chews a few times and blows a bubble. A loud shriek made him pop the bubble all over his face. He looks up to see Bra holding her phone and jumping around like an idiot. "Man you're annoying." said Boxer as he scraped the 'gum' off his face. "Oh, it's geek girl." replied Sock. "It's terrible! M-my friends have been kidnapped!" She led the angels to the a ransacked locker. "This is…" drawled Sock. "It's a Ghost! It has to be a Ghost!" Cried Bra. Boxer pinched the bridge of his nose. "Hold on a minute, geek girl. How can you tell?" At this Bra looked a little sheepish. "I know that this might be a little hard to believe, but I'm a follower of the occult." She turned to show them her backpack. "And my PKE meter is going crazy." "PKE meter?" Both Boxer and Sock asked at the same time.

It was night and Bra, Boxer, and Sock were outside the school on the football field looking for the Ghost. Bra was leading the way holding some sort of metal detector looking thing that was attached to her back pack. "Ugh! It's no use!" groaned Boxer. "You haven't found anything yet." "God, it was stupid of us to trust geek girl over there." Sock seethed. Bra stopped to check the gauges on her backpack. "That's weird." Boxer screamed in frustration and kicked the backpack out of Bra's hands. "Toughen up will ya?! Hurry up and find the fuckin' Ghost!" All of a sudden the backpack went crazy, lights were flashing and it was making strange noises.

"Wh-what the heck is going on?!" Boxer gave Bra an appraising glance, "You're not so completely useless after all, are ya geek girl?" "Oh, look who it is. If it isn't those idiotic brothers everyone's been talking about." Both Boxer and Sock turned in the direction of where the voice came from. The flood lights for the foot ball field switched on covering the whole area in light and revealing Ken surrounded by cheerleaders and football jocks. Boxer let out a frustrated sigh, "Not you again?" "We're busy right now, so can you take a hike." replied sock. Ken smirks. "Did you find what you were looking for?" "Are you fucking deaf?! We just said that we don have time to waste on you!" Boxer yelled angrily.

Ken raised an eyebrow. "Oh really? I wonder if you'll still say that after seeing this." He jumped down into the crowd of jocks. They catch him and throw him into the air. Mid-jump his body begins to expand and change shape till all that was left of him was a giant Killer Bee Ghost. Bra's mouth flew open at the sight of the Ghost. "A-a real Ghost!" She fainted on the spot. "Hey Sock, this is…" "It must be the Ghost that joke of a principal was talking about." "I see you're unable to grasp your situation with those shit holes you call brains." The bee Ghost taunted. Boxer smiled and with a twirl of his hand and a flash of blue-white light he had elastic in this hand. "This fucking Ghost just won't stop talking!"

With another flash of blue-white light Sock had both stripe1 and stripe2 in each hand. "We have our own problems to deal with." The both gave each other a look and soon they were surrounded by football jocks. " Let's do this!" Boxer declared. "Get them!" The Ghost yelled. The Jocks ran forward forming a defensive line to plow down the two angels. The angels jump up making them all crash into each other. Boxer landed on his feet and ended up kicking a football. "Go long!" The jocks look after the ball and make a mad dash for it. Sock uses both his swords to hit it back. The jocks follow after it. Boxer and Sock kept hitting the ball back and fourth and the jocks followed like the mindless drones they were.

The Ghost looked on as this display angrily. "They're moving instinctively." he growled. Amongst all this confusion Bra finally woke up. "Huh? What happened? Am I dreaming?" she asked slightly confused. "Hey! Geek girl! Heads up!" The ball landed in her open hands. She looked at it confused, unsure of what to do with it. That's when she was tackled by every member in the football team. Boxer and Sock walked up to the pile. Sock poked the nearest one in the head with the tip of his sword. "What's this?" he asked referring to the strange helmets on their heads. As soon as the helmet was poked it turned into a little bee Ghost. They flew away frantically trying to escape. "You ain't getting away that easy!"

With deadly precision, Boxer shot them all down. And slowly behind him all of the jocks started to wake up. "Huh? Where am I? What am I doing?" "Hmm. So he was using bugs to brainwash this lot, eh." Sock mused. The Ghost frowned as Boxer's smile grew wider. Now with both angels wearing their signature smirks, things were about to get serious. "And with that cleared up." He leapt on the nearest cheerleader. "Time for some pest extermination!" They both stared to shoot and cut down all of the bugs attached to the Ghost's victims. "No one is going to escape!" By the time they were finished with all the little bugs the ghost was frowning so hard his face was cracking open to reveal a maw filled with sharp teeth. "This should finish you off!" From it's thorax it shot out a wave of bee Ghost. "Kill them, my drones!" Instead of waiting for the drones to come to them they ran straight toward them. "Get ready!" yelled Boxer. "Get set!" Answered Sock. "Wait a minute!" yelled Bra. She was being held by the cheerleaders who were using her to make a step up for Boxer and Sock. "Hooray for the new Kings!" They yelled as they jumped up on Bra and into the air." Sock spun his swords, using them as shields to block the bees. "Go Boxer!"

Boxer kicked off of Socks feet and flew straight for the Ghost, landing on it's shoulders. "I'll finish you off in one shot, ya fucking Ghost!" He stuck Elastic right in the Ghost mouth and clicked back the safety. "Let me hear ya scream!" BLAM! A single shot was fired and the Ghost exploded, cleansed by the holy garb of the angels. The sound of the churches bell could be heard signaling the defeat of the Ghost. Boxer held out his hand and caught eight golden Heaven Coins. "Only eight?" he whined. "He must've 'ate' the rest."

"Wow Boxer!" exclaimed Bra. "That was awesome! I didn't know you were pro Ghost hunters! Now I can go and tall all the other occult-" Boxer zoned out and focused on the used to be brainwashed students. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "There are some really good ones here. Where should I start." Sock shook his head when he saw Boxer get that look in his eye. "I have a feeling that this just wont end well." "It's sexy time!" Boxer sang as he ran over to his targets. "Good grief." Soon the field was filled with the moans of the students 'unfortuinate' enough to get caught by Boxer. The who decided to stop by gasped and repeatedly started to cross herself. Bra blushed heavily and looked away after witnessing Boxer do some R rated thing to some girls and boys. "Dear God in heave, forgive us for our sins!" The principal chanted. "B-Boxer!" someone moaned. "This is the best! I never had this great a time before in my life!" Boxer exclaimed.


Just for the record, the original Ghost's name was Barbie so I had to make him Ken. And I was watching mean girls when I was typing the health class scene.