Taken 3

Magnus drove back to the station. In two days he would be going to Finland so he could meet his family he didn't know he had. It was an odd feeling; having family you didn't know existed. He pulled into the parking lot and got out, grabbing his messenger bag and walking up to the door. He strode quickly in and immediately ran into Linda. Unable to keep his balance with the awkward weight of the boot on his leg, he tumbled to the ground along with Linda.

"God, I'm so damn clumsy. I'm so sorry." He said, quickly getting up, and trying to hide the blush that was working its way to his cheeks. He gave her a hand up.

"No, It's my fault, I was in a rush to get out…" She replied, her sparkling blue eyes looking slightly ashamed. He smiled softly. They stood awkwardly.

"Well, I've got to get going." He said at the same time she said, "Sorry, I've got to run." They stared at each other a few more seconds, then each went their separate ways. He looked back at her longingly. Damn she was so beautiful. Stop. He scolded himself. He wasn't allowed to date Kurt's daughter. It was his boss, for crying out loud. Why did he get so clumsy around her? He shook himself, then went through the door, immediately seeing why she was in a rush. It was chaos. Everyone was running madly around and Kurt was yelling about his shirt.

"Kurt, what the hell?" He asked his boss, grunting as someone rammed into his chest and didn't even apologize.

"Justin escaped!" Kurt yelled angrily.

"How? I was with him fifteen minutes ago!"

"I don't know, Martinsson, you tell me! You were with him just fifteen minutes ago!"

"What, you think I did this? No, Kurt, I didn't do this. Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"You think I trust you? Your print was found on a dead body!" Oh, hell no. He did not just go there. He was angry, sure, but above all, he felt betrayed. Kurt seemed to be able to tell that he was upset.

"Martinsson…you know I didn't mean that. Just…help me find him." Kurt said, not looking at Magnus anymore.

"No, Kurt, I was going to sit on my ass and not help."

"Just shut up."

"Alright, Kurt. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to figure out who his partner is."

"I can do that."

"Or where he most likely will go."


"Or where-"

"Kurt, I can only do so much." He said, cutting off the older detective.

"Just go."

"I got it." He walked off, sighing and sitting down, getting out his laptop. Everyone was still rushing madly around. He shoved his ear phones in his headphones in his ears, and blasted his music, drowning out all the other noises. Sure, it did nothing to help his throbbing head but it at least drowned out all the other annoying sounds. Justin had escaped. Their one ticket to finding his partner was now gone. And in no way in hell was he letting that happen. No way. He would find Justin and his partner. Kurt walked over, looking shaken as he hung up his phone. That was something you never saw. So he took out his headphones.

"Kurt, what's wrong?" He asked his boss.

"He…he took her." Kurt muttered softly.

"Took who, Kurt?"


"Who the hell is her?"

"They took her, Magnus. They took my daughter."

Im so sorry for the long wait on this guys. And I know this is really short, but the other two have been pretty long, and I wanted to get his one finished. I hope it's good. Please, im dying for someone to request something! I know that's cheesy, but I want to please my followers, so please let me know if you want to see anything specific in here!