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Chapter 10-

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*Tris' POV*

I wake the next morning sore and cold. Tobias and I were rolling around last night… a lot. I am not used to that. Sometimes, correction-always, when Tobias touches me, I feel like I am burning. His hands make me feel warm and mushy and then I feel the burn.

I want him, I realize. I want his touch, and I want him. I do not want anything to break us apart.

I sit up and realize that I am just wrapped in blankets. I blush, even though Tobias is not in the room. I am so hungry. Speaking of food…

I get up and put on one of Tobias' sweatshirts and a pair of his shorts. His shorts are so big compared to my small frame that I must roll them up multiple times to make them fit. I walk into the hall and see Tobias walking down the hall towards me.

He is carrying flowers. I wonder why.

"Hey Four," I say. He doesn't respond, but I know he heard me. He stands in front of me and hands me the flowers. What?

"What's this for?" I ask puzzled.

"I love you. Is that not enough?" He responds, grinning. I smile and reach up and kiss him.

We walk back to his room and I look at the flowers. They are yellow and red and blue. They smell like outside. And then I remember.

"Oh no, Tobias! We forgot to draw up the initiates rankings! And we never did the capture the flag game!" Tobias smiles and goes around to the bed. He looks under the bed for a minute and then brings out the mini chalkboard. It is all filled out. I run over to Tobias and hug him. While my hands are wrapped around his waist, I look up and kiss his throat.

"I love you so so so much!" I say. He laughs and kisses the top of my hair. "I did it this morning before you woke up. And don't worry about the Capture the Flag game; we are doing that tomorrow night." I grin and poke his stomach.

"I'll be right back, I need to get dressed."

"But I like the clothes your in." Tobias is pouting.

"That is because it shows my shoulders; and my butt." I say laughing. He grins.


I change and we head to breakfast. I go into the line and come out with a slice of Dauntless Cake, a muffin, and some orange juice.

I choose a seat by Tobias, Christina, Will, Shauna, Uriah, Marlene, and Zeke. I sit down and start to giggle. The muffin reminds me of the one Uriah shot off of Marlene's head during initiation. Everyone looks at me.

"Tris, what's wrong?" Asks Christina.

"The muffin!" I say.

"What?" asks Tobias.

"Muffin!" I yell, still laughing.

"Um… Is Tris high Four?" Asks Uriah, looking concerned, "I've never seen Tris laugh so much…"

"Its…the…muffin…" I try to say.

"what?" says Marlene, her face stuffed with cake.

"Initiation," I say, laughing, "The muffin!"

"OH!" says Uriah understanding me, He looks at Marlene.

"When I shot the muffin off your head?" Mar nods.

"But, Tris, what's so funny?"

I look at Uriah, just now realizing that I was acting really weird.

"I don't know, I just thought it was funny. And I had a giggle fit, which is something I have NEVER had before, I might add." I say, "And no one will ever see it again."

Tobias smiles and takes my hand under the table. He rubs soothing circles on the back of my hand. I eat the rest of my breakfast without acting weird again.

When we finish, Will, Christina, Tobias and I all exit the dining hall together. I turn to Christiana and look at her.

"We have to cut initiates now," I say weakly. The thought of being makes me shiver. Tobias pulls me into a hug. I lean into his chest, enveloped by his warmth. Will clears his throat and I lean away from Tobias.

"Who are you cutting?" Asks Christina.

"Two Dauntless, Carey, and Ogle," I say.

"Ok. That will be hard for them," Says Christina. She is sad. I can see it in her eyes. I give her a hug, and then go to the initiate's room.

We hang up the board and I hear groans. I hear "yes!" and turn to see Deckham high fiving some of his friends.

I remember Edward, and I hope that that his fate is not the same as Deckham's.

Ogle, Carey, and the 2 Dauntless initiates leave the Dauntless Compound forever. They have heads low, and they look depressed.

If that was me last year, I would have killed myself.

I go to Tobias' room, and I see him sitting on the bed waiting for me. I walk over to him and wrap my arms around his neck. I start to kiss him. He holds me and kisses me back.

After a few minutes of kissing, I remember why I came to our room. I want to know how we are going to play capture the flag.

"Tobias," I ask, "How are we going to play capture the flag tomorrow night?"

He looks at me with those deep, dark blue eyes and says, "However we want to play it." He starts to kiss me, but I am laughing.

"Um, aren't their rules Four?" He smiles at his prodigy name.

"Yes," he says sighing.

"Then what are they?"

"No killing. Just win. It's easy."

"Promise that I'm on your team Tobias?"

"Promise," he says, pulling me into another kiss. I sigh and give into the kisses. Tobias keeps me busy the rest of the night.

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