A new Path

I sit at the table my group of Amity friends. Usually I'm upbeat as ever, but not today. Today is Choosing Day. The day you can keep everything you have, or throw it all on the table for something new. I don't know why I'm nervous, I belong in Amity. I tell myself that almost everyday. But I don't even believe myself. I sometimes grow annoyed with all the happy, bubbly personalitys that surround me. I silently scold myself for thinking such thoughts.

How can I think such things about my fellow brothers and sisters? I have to choose Amity, what other choice is there?

"No fair!" someone yells behind me in a husky voice; snapping my attention back to reality.

I turn around, I see a tall dark boy dressed in black clothing. Dauntless I think.

For awhile now, they have roamed around in my head. I have even considered even joining their faction. But such silly thoughts should not occupy my mind. Should they? Amity is all about peace, keeping peace, spreading peace. To even consider joining Dauntless is preposterous. What would my mother and father say if they were to know that I chose a group of hellions to guide me through my future? I don't think they would even be able to say anything at all. Would I even be their son after I chose Dauntless? I push these thoughts aside, I have to concentrate on the test. I have to be focused.

"Conair Hedly and Fred Tear," a voice bellows behind me. It's time for testing.

My friends smile at me as I get up, a sign of reassurance, a sign of comfort. I of course smile back, trying to reassure them that the test will be a breeze for me.

"Good luck Conair!"

"You'll do great!"

"See you later."

See you later the words repeat in my head as I follow the woman who called my name. I would say the same thing if I was bidding goodbye to someone off to take the test. It's only logical, but I myself don't even know if I'll be back. Will I be back? Only the test will tell me, my test will decide my fate.

"This way please." A woman with dark skin and gray clothes says, ushering me to door number 3.

She opens the door and the cool air grazes my skin as I walk in with her. The room is full of mirrors, I see myself everywhere. I look at one of the mirrors, what I see isn't surprising. My short brown hair is combed to the side. I'm in a red shirt that hugs my body tightly, I wear jeans and plain shoes. A normal Amity outfit. For a second, I imagine myself dressing like a Dauntless. I would have piercings as far as the eye can see, be dressed in dark clothes that briefly highlight my personality. Dangerous, fierce, Dauntless.

"Please sit here." The woman address the chair that I have yet to notice.

Next to it stands a machine that looks complete with gadgets and buttons that I wouldn't know or fathom what to do with. I walk over and sit in the chair, the coldness touching my arm and making me shiver.

"What does that machine do?" I ask, my own concern finding it's way into my voice.

The women gives me a smile as she busies herself with the complex machinery. She holds wires in her hands and attaches some to herself and some to the machine.

"I'm sorry, but I can't reveal that information, it would assist you on your test." She says. By her grey clothes and hairstyle, it is easy to tell that she is Abnegation. I always wondered how it was to be Abnegation. To forget yourself and care for people so dearly.

"Why did you chose Abnegation?" I say, feeling her attach a wire to my arm.

"I wanted to better other peoples lives, I felt that if I could do something to better this society, to better other people, to make a change; even if a small one, I was doing good. I was helping those who needed help, those who could not help themselves. I felt that I belong in Abnegation, so I transferred from my old faction to this one." The woman says with a sincere smile.

Before I can ask anymore about her, she holds out a vial of clear liquid.

"Please drink this," she says calmly.

"What is that for?" I say, concern yet again making it's way into my voice.

"I'm sorry but I can't tell you."

I know she can't and shouldn't say anymore so unwillingly I take the small vial. I take the vial to my mouth and drink the liquid, I don't even notice my eyes closing.

In a flash, I am standing on bus, clutching a pole to keep myself steady. The faint stench of cigarettes fill my nose, it comes off from the man next to me. I don't remember the reason why I'm on the bus or how I got on. There is only one feeling I feel, it's the nagging feeling of fear of the man next to me. Like something bad is going to happen. I know it, it's like a instinct tuning in.

He sits, reading a newspaper, on the front of it says "Brutal Murderer Apprehended!"

I can't remember the last time I have read or heard someone say the word murderer. There is almost no disruption in this society. Besides the crimes the factionless commit.

"Do you know this guy?" a man next to me says, tapping a picture with his index finger.

I look at his hand, burns color his skin, he holds the paper as if he wanted to crumple it and do away with it. The newspaper covers his face.

I draw my attention away from his hands and to the picture he's pointing to. It is a picture of a middle aged man, looking 34, sprawling a beard on his face.

For some reason, I feel like I do. I can't exactly pinpoint how but somehow the man seems familiar to me. The feeling of fear reappears in me, I can't say I know the man on the cover. No, I know it, something bad would-will happen.

"Well?" Anger finds it's way into the mans voice. "Do you?"

I swallow, I feel as though my heart is going to pop out of my chest any second. I have to lie, in order to keep the peace.

"No," I say as plainly as I can.

The man throws the paper and stands up, I see his face his rippled with scars, like his hands. He wears sunglasses and his mouth has a snarl to it.

He leans in close to and the stench of cigarettes grows, I feel sick to my stomach.

"You're lying," the man says. "You're lying!"

I don't know where the courage comes from, but I know the words find their way out of my mouth before I even think about them.

"I'm not lying." I say, a little to harshly.

Shock doesn't register on the mans face, instead, it registers on mine. I have never used such a tone on anyone.

"I can see it in your eyes you brat, you're lying."

"I'm not lying!"

"If you know him," the man says. "You could save me!" he bellows at me.

"Well I don't know him, so I can't save you." I say, surprising myself again. This is not right.

What I see isn't a foreign sight to me, I'm in the school cafeteria. I look around, no one resides here but me. Two things are in front of me, a piece of cheese and, a machete.

"Choose," a stern voice bellows. I look around again, no one is here.

I don't know which one to choose, I feel myself drawn to the machete, curious as to how it would feel in my hand, or how it would feel to swing it.

This is not right I think again. I shouldn't be drawn to the machete, a weapon like that would disrupt peace. Peace is what I stand for, or what I feel like I should stand for.

I tell myself to choose what I feel naturally drawn to, I choose the machete.

I pick it up, I feel the strong handle made of material unknown to me.

Just then, my ears pick up some noise next to me. Not to far away, but not to close, is a little girl. Looking at me awfully scared, judging by the way her eye flickers, around me, she's looking at me and the knife. Before I have time to speak or do anything. I hear a bark.

Fear flows through me again, I try to pinpoint where the noise is coming from and it's front of me and the girl. We form a triangle, the little girl to my right, the ferocious, growling dog in front of us. Decisions run their way into my head. I don't know anything about dogs, or what makes them kink but I know enough to see that it's angry and will act. The little girl whimpers and tears flow from her eyes.

"Shh," I try to silence the girl, not knowing it that is a sign to the dog to attack.

I don't have many options, I could either use myself as a human shield for the girl or throw the machete at the dog. Neither of them sounds good.

In an instant, almost to fast for me to notice the dog charges, not towards me, towards the little girl.

"No!" I yell! I don't think, I just act.

I throw the machete and it connects with the dogs side.

My eyes open, at first, I don't know where I am. Than, memorys flood into my brain and the events in my mind make sense. The man, the dog, the little girl, the knife.

It's almost like waking up from a bad dream, knowing that your okay, knowing that none of anything you saw actually happened. Sometimes, it's a feeling of comfort, other times, you wish you could back into the world you were dreaming about. I never want to go back and stay there.

The Abnegation women begins removing her wires and than mine. She looks at me, as if waiting for me to come back to reality. I wipe my forehead, beads of sweat cater the back of my neck.

"I have your results," the woman says softly.

"According to the test, you had blocked out the aptitude for Erudite since you had very little information of the dog, you had also blocked out Candor because you lied to the man on the bus. So that had only left three options, by not picking the cheese it blocked out Amity and by not wedging yourself between the girl and the dog you had blocked out Abnegation." The woman said, all so calmly.

Shock is what registers my face, no, I'm not fit for Amity? That can't be, is there something wrong with the test? There has to be. If Amity, Abnegation, Candor, and Erudite were all blocked out than that left only one faction.

"You have the aptitude for Dauntless."

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