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Somewhere in his abnormally ordinary life, the ex-nation Prussia's personified nation decided that things needed to be a little livelier. This included his relationships with the other nations. Usually, he just attended random world meetings and talked to his usual friends France and Spain, but sometimes reaching out to talk to his cousin from Austria or his long-time friend from Hungary. But sometime between his 'awesoming around' and his being incredibly lonely, he realized that he was indeed… incredibly lonely. Not even his younger brother came around to even talk to him anymore what with his new allies and all. That's when he sat back at a world meeting and watched everyone get up and talk on their way out, conversing with one another in a friendly fashion until seemingly everyone had left. The doors to the room closed and he sighed before hearing a clunking noise from the far side of the table, with a curious eye, he stared at the end of the table until his eyes got a good look at someone who he hadn't seen since a very long time before.


His violet-blue eyes still held the innocence that Prussia remembered him having so long ago. The last time they'd met though, Canada was only a child and Prussia himself was on the borderline of becoming a young adult. It was strange to think that someone as awkwardly quiet the young nation would grow up to be so… different. Now Canada was an adult himself and Prussia was fascinated by the amount of change he had gone through. Where once there had been a chubby-face child, there was now a slender and feminine man whose eyes held a softened sadness in their indigo depths. The Canadian retrieved the object that had fallen off the polished table and set it back on the surface before taking notice that he was not the only one in the room. Without saying a word, Prussia took notice of his immediate blush and laughed softly.

"Sorry if I disturbed you, I was just… admiring the view." Canada blinked and looked around then turned back to him.

"You… you can see me?" Puzzled, Prussia nodded.

"Why wouldn't I be able to?"

"Well… um… p-people don't usually see me… Russia even sits on me from time to time…"

"That's not right, maybe you should hang out with me. That'll get people to notice you." Canada just shook his head.

"No thanks, I don't want people pegging you as a pedophile or me as a whore." With that oddly negative answer, Prussia sighed.

"You know, you're kind of a downer. We're about the same age in human years you know. Besides, I'm not fucking you *cough-yet-cough*. I just wanna be friends." He raised an eyebrow.

"I suppose but if you forget who I am by tomorrow then I'll never speak to you again." Prussia nodded.

"Agreed. Well then, I suggest that you gather your things and we'll dump them at my place and we can go get some coffee or something." The pair proceeded to do just that, Canada looking a little puzzled the whole way, leaving Prussia to wonder what could be going on his head. They got coffee and decided to take a walk around a nearby pond.

"You know, you've changed a lot since I saw you last Canada." The Canadian looked up.

"And when was that?"

"Oh you know… back when you lived with Francy-pants as a colony."

"I suppose I have but I'm pretty sure I look the same."

"Not at all really. You've gotten a more mature look in your eyes," he paused, knowing that the look hidden in those eyes was not maturity but fear and sadness, "and you've certainly gained that gorgeous being you call a body." Canada blushed deeply.

"W-well I mean… maybe a little but everyone's still taller than me and I'm still unappreciated." Gilbert knew that feeling. Nobody appreciated him anymore either.

"Well now that we're friends, we can appreciate one another." A quick look from Canada and Gilbert could feel the barest hint of a smile on his beautiful Canadian lips.

"You know, you've changed a lot too. I remember you being a lot more…" He stalled for a second, trying to find the right word, "Troublesome. You were always running around annoying people and acting so carefree about it. That was one of the many things I admired about you." There were the words that hit Prussia's sensitive spot.

"Y-you admired me?" Canada nodded.

"Of course. You were such a strong and powerful nation, but so full of mystery and maturity for your age. You were my role model as a colony but France never approved of that so I had to keep it to myself."

"You have no idea how good that sounds to me Canada. I've been many things to many people but that is the first time anyone's ever admitted admiring me. Thank you for that." Somehow, the two felt that at this moment, nobody had ever appreciated them as much as right now. They finished their coffee and Canada left for his hotel, but not before giving Prussia his Skype username and his phone number. Taking this as a victory, the Prussian thanked him multiple times and wished him luck on his return home.