The first thing he saw was light. A bright, heavenly, white light that very nearly blinded him. Then, a voice. A voice that called his name sweetly but also sorrowfully. His bleary eyes blinked, searching for a shape, a form. Something. Colors slowly mixed their way in with the white light, blonde and brunette, another few blonde smudges in his line of sight… Slowly, his vision came to and he saw heads and bodies. People. Machines. He saw what looked like an I.V, filled with saline of course, and there was a very sore spot in his shoulder. He shifted slightly and rubbed his eyes using the non-sore arm. His vision fared good once again and now there was only two blonde people in the room. Which as he had suspected, was a hospital room. To his right, a machine, a side table and clipboard. To his right, but more so frontward, were the heads of bright blonde hair that greeted him

One, his best friend since the first day, Francis. His bright blue eyes happy as always and he turned to talk to the other head of hair that stood not a foot from him. He'd know that exact shade of hair anywhere, in any time or place, strawberry blonde was his favorite hair color and he loved it on many people… but there was a certain… hue that this exact head of hair had. It glinted in the light and it's golden tint made it beautiful anywhere, even in the complete darkness. This was Matthew's hair. The Canadian turned to regard Gilbert's open eyes and he rushed over and placed a hand to Gilbert's forehead.

"G-Gilbert…" The albino managed a smile to show Matthew he knew he was there. "How are you feeling? A-Are you okay?"

"Hey, I'm fine… don't worry about me…" He sighed painfully. "How's my baby doing? Did you take your vitamins?" Matthew giggled, a tear or three following it.

"The baby is fine Gil, we're okay. I was so worried…"

"No crying… Birdie… I hate when you cry. I'm gonna be okay. You just wait and see." Matthew leaned down to kiss him ever so softly. Gilbert's eyes darting across his face to analyze every piece. He'd missed that face. "How long was I out?" Matthew sat back, but Gilbert placed his hand on Matthew's leg as to say not to go anywhere.

"Two days. They managed to get all the splinters out of your shoulder and sew it back up properly." Francis intervened and folded his arms.

"Tell him about your brother." Matthew coughed into his hand guiltily.

"I may have… gone overboard. I… um… shot him once in each leg." Gilbert's eyes grew and he smirked. "I didn't mean to! I was so angry and I thought you were going to die! I just-"

"Hey, it's fine. He's still alive isn't he? He can still walk?"

"Well yes and yes, but-"

"Then there's nothing to worry about, is there?" Matthew looked away.

"I-I suppose not…"

"Then don't worry. It doesn't suit a face as pretty as yours. So, how long until I can get out of here?" Matthew grabbed the clipboard from the side-table.

"Well, says you can come home tomorrow." Gilbert nodded.

"Good. I hate the smell of hospitals. It smells like death and despair. But…" He sniffed the air. "There's a little hint of life on it." He stated this with his hand on Matthew's stomach. The Canadian giggled.

"You're too much Gil. What would you like to do when we get home? I'll make you pancakes if they say you can eat them." Gilbert smiled half-heartedly and slipped the iron cross from his neck, holding it out to Matthew, who took it gently.

"You know what I'd like more than anything else?" Matthew eyed him curiously. "To see you wear that on our wedding day." He waited, watching Matthew's face slowly come to the conclusion his mind had already made. His violet-blue eyes widened with shock and he looked up at Gilbert with shocked and nervous eyes. The albino nodded slowly.

"Y-you mean…?" Again, Gilbert nodded. "N-no, you're kidding! Y-you can't honestly be asking me…?"

"Well, too bad, 'cause that's exactly what I'm asking." Matthew looked to France, who raised his hands in defense.

"Hey, don't look at me! He's proven that he'll stick by you no matter what the odds and I believe he'll take good care of you and my grandchild." The Frenchman started crying hysterically as he left the room. "I can't believe I'm going to be a grandparent! I'm too young for this! Too beautiful!"

"So Birdie, you don't have to say yes, but I really would like to be married before my first child. Maybe in a month or so… but it's all on you. No pressure." Matthew gently touched the piece of jewelry in his palm, watching as it's ebony center gleamed in the light. His eyes drifted around it as he thought about how much it meant to Gilbert. How much history was behind it. He smiled softly.

"I don't know what to say except yes, and thank you." Gilbert smiled, the pain from his shoulder fading a little as he focused on his happiness.

"There's no need to thank me. If anything I should-" He winced as his shoulder began to throb, as if reminding him not to forget. "I should be thanking you. You've given me everything I've ever wished for." Matthew leaned to kiss him again and he sighed, curling up into Gilbert's side to rest with him through the night. The albino sighed as he felt Matthew's warmth with him. Thank you, he thought, thank you for sticking with me all this time.

-Time skip, a year later-

Gilbert sat up off of his pillow and rubbed his eyes as the sun screamed at him to wake up. He yawned as well, reaching to the other side of the bed where Matthew lay quietly sleeping. It was a miracle they'd gotten any sleep at all with the baby constantly wanting food. Matthew blamed Gilbert's genes for giving their child such a voracious appetite. He stood, stretching his healed arm and walking into the bathroom to release the pent up urine that threatened to get the better of him. After, when he returned to the bedroom, the baby seemed to sense he was awake and stirred. He walked over to pick the child up, laying him against his chest and whispering to his little ears that mommy was still sleeping and that they should be quiet.

Gilbert had not been the least bit surprised when they'd learned the baby was going to be a boy, as female nations tended to be the children of female nations. However, he had still been extremely excited to have a son. He nearly drove his younger brother up a wall when he kept saying 'my awesome son' in every other sentence. Gilbert went to the kitchen to go make a bottle for the baby, as Matthew got formula for him in case he couldn't be there to feed him for some reason. The albino tried his hardest to be a good father, such as trying to make his son a bottle with one hand. Matthew always laughed cutely at him when he tried to multi-task. He'd adapted, somehow, to this quiet life with the lovely Canadian of his dreams and now being laughed at, multi-tasking, drowning out certain noises yet being able to hear them from far away, and being insanely happy had become part of his daily routine. He went back to the room and sat on the bed next to Matthew's sleeping form and fed his son quietly for about ten minutes until Matthew finally woke up.

The blonde sat up and yawned, just as Gilbert had done, and looked sleepily at his husband and child. Gilbert paid him no mind, as he was much to engrossed in the cuteness that was his son to realize Matthew had awoken. He was jogged from it however by a sleepy kiss to his cheek and a very sweet morning greeting.

"G' Morning Gil." He sighed as he looked to Matthew. It was hard to believe just a year ago, they had been torn apart and Gilbert horrifically injured. They thought they'd never be together again. The Canadian leaned to press a kiss to his son's forehead as well, resulting in a cute half-smile from the currently eating infant.

"Morning Birdie. How'd you sleep?" Matthew smiled.

"Better than yesterday night. He kept me up until midnight though. What time is it?" Gil passed the baby to Matthew and checked his phone.

"Seven-ten. Wow, you got a whole seven hours of sleep. Lucky you." Matthew giggled lightly.

"Yeah, I know right? I'm still really tired though. What about you? Did he wake you up earlier or what?"

"No, we've only been up for a few minutes. He's been good for me." Matthew only nodded in response, handing the baby back to Gilbert.

"Good for you. Now, I need to take a shower before I start this day off or it'll bother me. Give me like… ten minutes?"

"Of course. What kind of husband would I be if I didn't give my wife a break?" Matthew laughed dryly.

"You know I don't like being called 'wife'." Gilbert snorted amusedly.

"Well, too bad. It fits you. You go take your shower and I'll take care of my awesome little boy~" Matthew shook his head as he turned the shower on, calling to Gilbert as he waited for the water to warm up.

"Why do you never call him by his name?"

"'Cuz he is my awesome son, so I'll call him whatever I want. Besides, he'll get called by his name plenty when he gets older. I mean, I'd get tired of hearing my name all the time if my parents were calling me it all the time. Of course, I like to hear my name screamed and purred and gasped-"Matthew sighed.

"I get it. You're such a pervert." Gilbert only laughed. There were many things about this new life that he adored, one of the things being that Matthew didn't like talking about sex in the open. He was still shy under all his new experience at being badass and getting noticed. It was still cute in his eyes.

"You don't think I know that? I'm a pervert because you're sexy and I can't help myself. But I will do as you wish because I want my wife to be happy." He could hear Matthew mumble about being called wife. "You know Mattie, I'm kinda glad I got stabbed in the shoulder. If I hadn't, you would never have shot America in the legs, I wouldn't have lived, he would have made you abort Fredrick and it all would have ended in agony." He looked back down at the baby, his red eyes meeting the blue-violet ones that had only recently begun to show themselves. "Sometimes getting hurt isn't always a bad thing."


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