Wolfblood – My Reflection – Chapter 1


Set in 1x06.

Plot: Rhydian isn't happy with Maddy, after her transformation she changed.

Disclaimer: I don't own Wolfblood. This is purely for the enjoyment of its fans, created by a fan.

Maddy POV

"RHYDIAN!" I screamed.

I could hear a howl.

"RHYDIAN!" I screamed, hoping to get a response.

I could a howl, was he in pain?

"RHYDIAN." I screamed I could feel the wolf wanted to help; I turned half into my wolf form, showing my yellow eyes and my claws. I growled to move the animals away from me.

I howled. I was an alpha female after all he couldn't disobey me.

I heard his howl again, I howled back.

There were sounds of paw steps.

Rhydian appeared, but still in his wolf form.


He growled.

"Rhydian, please im sorry." I said.

He growled, his eyes shifted from yellow to brown.

"Rhydian, can you hear me?" I asked.

He nodded at me.

"Rhydian, im sorry I became different it was the wolf." I said.

He howled, I could feel the wolf begin to move and toss about, becoming restless.

"Rhydian stop it." I said, "I can't change, the full moons gone."

He began getting closer towards me, I got on my one knee and put my hand down all most bowing to him.

I moved my hand to nuzzle at him, he gave a light growl but let me continue, he began to howl again, my Wolfblood coursed through me, I had to transform, the pull became more focused on Rhydian than the moon, I focused on Rhydian.

"Rhydian." I said, he growled.

"RHYDIAN." I shouted.

He began to howl once more, had I hurt him?

I began to change into my wolf form, I looked into his wolf eyes, and his eyes changed yellow the same time mine did. I saw my reflection in his eyes.

I became the wolf, it was exhilarating and I almost missed this.

It was strange, I didn't know he could make me transform.

I howled into the sky, he howled with me together in sync.

It was complete.

He howled once again, he was complete, with me.

I felt the wolf inside me begin to stir.

It was happy.

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