Wolfblood – My Reflection – Chapter 2


Set in 1x06.

Plot: Rhydian isn't happy with Maddy, after her transformation she changed.

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Maddy POV

I awoke in the forest covered in leaves, I noticed some clothes they looked like the ones I wore last night, but claw mark appeared in the clothes when I picked them up, they were still wearable.

Where was Rhydian? Was he here?

I remembered little things from last night.

I was happy, so was the wolf. He was there with me, howling. I sniffed the air, why couldn't I find his scent?

"Rhydian." I whispered.

"Rhydian." I said a little louder.

"RHYDIAN." I shouted.

"Mads." I hear him saying.

"Rhydian." I said, running towards the unknown, I saw red droplets on the light green leaves, I reached to put up a leaf, I couldn't believe this!

I saw him lying on the floor covered in leaves he still had his clothes on from last night, mostly torn, I saw blood on the leaves covering them no green left.

"Rhydian." I whispered. I couldn't believe this! I took hold of hand, and let them intertwine.

"What happened?" I asked.

He tried to speak but couldn't.

"Don`t speak I'll get help." I said.

"No." He said, forcing the word out, he griped my hand tighter.

"Okay I'll stay with you." I said.


I'd stay with you forever

I liked that idea

Forever with Rhydian

My wolf smiled.

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