A Beautiful, Dangerous Love

Chapter One

"Saya," he said quietly, like he always did. His tone was always calm, controlled, like his actions and words. The woman he was addressing did not respond to him immediately, like she always did. She didn't even lift her head to look at him. How rude, he thought as he gazed at his beautiful specimen. She was pale and looked tired. "I thought of something wonderful this morning, while I was heading to you, my dear."

Saya looked up at him indignantly, her mouth a hard line. "Tch. Your wonderful ideas are very frightening." Her eyes were wonderful, however, he wished that they were red. Her red eyes were the best sights in the whole world.

He smiled and leaned on the table, arms crossed across his chest. "Don't be like that, Saya. Everything I'm doing is for your own good, my dear." For a moment, their eyes met –brown against pitch black. Saya's eyes were narrowed.

"You're insane," she spat then tried to free herself from the restraints again.

He smiled. He enjoyed watching his beautiful Saya struggling.

"Only for you," he whispered, reaching out a hand to touch her delicate alabaster skin. Saya's hands may have been cuffed, but she still managed to slap his hand away from her. "Don't you dare touch me," she hissed.

Fumito sighed and strode past her. "Then… you don't want to hear my wonderful plan, Saya?"

"I would rather die."

"Pity," he said quietly before leaving her chamber. Once the doors closed behind him, Fumito shook his head and murmured. "I would have enjoyed watching you opposing my plan." With a deep breath, the he walked away. Saya was a marvel to see, especially when she was angry. She was like a fascinating lion in the circus—beautiful, mesmerizing and very lethal, yet tame thanks to the Ring Master's whip. Of course, the Ring Master was none other than him, and his whip was the heavy metal chains and restraints, the many tubes stealing away her precious blood. However, no matter how controlled she was, her ferocity still lived deep inside her, like an inextinguishable flame. That flame was what Fumito feared of the most. If that flame suddenly burst out of her and consumed her, he would be sent in hell in less than a second.

Fumito opened a door and walked in on his people, clad in white laboratory coats and protective gloves and masks, working intently. They were all scribbling down their observations—nobody was speaking. All of the scientists were focused on only one thing. Their attention was completely fixated on a tube in the middle of the vast room, containing Saya's blood. One of them turned to face Fumito and bowed. "Sir," the man said. Fumito nodded and was handed a report. He read it, eager to know what the outcome of his bright idea was. A moment later, the blonde handed the report back. "Very good," he said.

His plan was a success. It had worked.

His Saya would soon be free from all the suffering and pain that she's going through. It sort of scared him. It made him happy too.

"It's amazing how science can form life without natural conception," Fumito commented, his voice cheerful and calm as usual. The Chief Researcher nodded and told him, "If our calculations are correct, the blood will turn into a normal human fetus in three days." Fumito cringed at the term his employee used.


Nothing was normal about Saya. She was goddam special. Fumito narrowed his eyes and said, in a tone more menacing and cold, "This experiment you're conducting here is nowhere near normal, Dr. Naoki. This creature you're bringing to life is a special creature. Please choose your words more wisely."

"I'm sorry, Sir."

Fumito raised a hand and walked towards the tube. From the distance, it didn't look like anything was happening to it, but now that he looked at it closely; he saw the discoloration of the blood, of its continuous movement. It was a fascinating sight, just like its source. He wondered, would his DNA and her DNA mix well, and create a perfect being? What if their DNAs created a useless creature? He shook his head. He was already a monster as is. Humans are monsters deep inside.

A low, quiet chuckle emanated from his lips.

Fumito hoped that it would look beautiful and be lethal. Powerful. Better than Tadayoshi. He placed his hand on the glass case and whispered. "Form well, child." He lingered a moment longer then turned his back on his progressing masterpiece.

Saya was still in her almost-catatonic state when he returned. She was still gazing out into oblivion, at the thousand vials of her blood floating in front of her. "So powerful, yet so weak, my love." Fumito whispered, standing behind her. She did not move, did not care to acknowledge him with an answer. "You must be tired, Saya. Don't worry, in a few more weeks, I can set you free…"

"Free?" the word escaped Saya's lips quietly, laced with doubt and disbelief. Her voice was raspy, dull, as if the fight in her had retired for the night. "You're lying again."

Fumito pursed his lips and stood in front of her. "I cannot lie to you, Saya. You're the most important person to me in this world." He could lie to anybody, anytime, anywhere. It was his nature.

Saya stared at her lap and didn't utter a word.

"There's no truth in that," she whispered as he walked towards the door. Fumito looked at her back and smiled. Maybe. He didn't really know himself.

Author's Note:

Hello. Thank you for reading. So I fell in love with Blood C, and most especially Fumito. I have that disorder, haha. Villains just rule. I think this fic is a little bit twisted in so many ways. I hope I did Fumito and Saya justice. Please review and if you liked it enough, stay tuned for the second chapter!

Victoria Chrystallis