Chapter 31

Emily's POV

We arrive at the hospital and Teddy is rushed off somewhere, and as I pace the floor I am joined by the rest of the family all rushing around the corner all at the same time

'Oh Sweetie' Mom comes running up to me and hugs me'Where's Teddy?'

I look for Ana and Christian, they are are the reception desk probably finding out where there son is and Daddy is sitting with the babies.

'Emily?' Mom snaps me back to now.

'They rushed him off somewhere, he woke up in the ambulance, he said the last thing he remembers is having a huge headache then everything went black. I don't know what to do Mom.' I rub my arms, I am suddenly really cold. Ana and Christian have finished at the desk and has made their way over here.

'What have they said?' I ask. Ana looks at me with sadness, I hate it when people do that.

'They have took Teddy to go and get an emergency scan, it will tell us what is wrong with him and why he fainted'

We all make our way to the family room. When we are there, Taylor starts playing up for his food so it's time to put what Teddy told me into practice. I nervously go to his pram and pick him up by his left side supporting his head, this shouldn't scare me, i'm his mother for goodness sake! I love him and should be able to cope with a little problem. I pick up his bottle and he thankfully takes it and quietens down, I look over to Carrie and she is fast asleep.

After what seems like forever, the door opens and incomes a doctor, he has that stupid sad look on his face that everybody seems to give me and Ana stand up.

'Hi Doctor, have you found out what's wrong with our son yet?' Christian asks holding on to his wifes hand, they are so sweet together.

'Mr and Mrs Grey, we have done a scan on your sons head and the results have come through. It seems like Teddy has some sort of tumor on his brain' The whole room gasps in unison and I start to feel sick, this can't be happening! First Taylor and now this?

'Is he going to be ok?' I ask, hoping that they have made some mistake.

'It is operable, but he seems to have had this for a while, has anyone noticed and signs of him complaining of headaches in the past?'

My mind races trying to find something I might have missed but nothing comes up, I shake my head. The doctor sits down and writes something on a clipboard he is holding.

'This type of tumor can be caused by a blow to the head, do you remember if that has happened recently?' he asks.

A blow to the head? Teddy has always been so careful, he is never clumsy except of course when...

'Our honeymoon!' I shout out. Everyone just stares at me thinking I have gone mad. I try to ignore them and carry on.

'On the jet to Aspen, he fell and bumped his head and was knocked out for a few seconds but he was ok after that so we didn't think anything of it.'How could I be so stupid thinking that getting knocked out is not serious.

'Ok, how along ago was this?'

'Erm, well I was 8 weeks pregnant when we got married and the babies are a month old now so about 8 months ago I think.'

The Doctor looks worried, he stands up and excuses himself and leaves the room, I put my head in my hands. When I look back up, the whole room is staring at me.

'Why didn't anyone tell me about this?' Christian is getting angry, he likes to know about any accident that happens to his family, no matter how small.

'Christian, don't shout at her, she didn't know this was going to happen.' Ana soothes her husband by rubbing his back and then turns to me.

'Emily, hunny, getting knocked out is serious, why didn't you or Teddy tell us about this?' she is always calm, always the person with her head on her shoulders,

'When he hit is head and came to he convinced me and Jake that he was fine and you know how stubborn he is. Then we got into honeymoon mode, shopping and sight seeing and then the whole business with...'Christian puts his hand up to stop me and stands up, he looks like a vessel is about to explode in his head. He calmly walks over to me and hugs me, I hug him back and look over his shoulder and the whole room is staring with their mouths open, Christian is never like this.

'Erm, Christian? Are you OK?' I look up at up nervously. He has his eyes shut tightly, he lets me go and grabs my shoulders.

'Listen to me, this is NOT your fault, Teddy is a stubborn man and even if you told him to get it seen to, he wouldn't. We just need to sit tight and wait for the doctors.

I look at the clock, we have been sitting in the family waiting room for 2 hours. Christian is pacing up and down and Ana is grabbing Phoebes hand.

The door opens slowly and in walks a doctor, with a serious expression. I stand up, and Christian stops pacing.

'Any news doctor?' He asks, trying to act like his normal CEO self but I can tell he is shaking with fear.

'Please, sit' the doctor instructs us, he takes a an empty seat and reads the paper he has in his hand.

' We have performed surgery on the tumor and have successfully removed all of it' A sign sigh of relief filled around the room and I glanced over to my Mom and we both smiled.

'So, does that mean he will be ok?' Ana asked, the question that we were all thinking.

'It's hard to telll at this moment, we don't know what he Teddy will be like when he wakes up from the operation, but I can tell you that the operation was a success.' A squeal of delight escaped my mouth, I can't believe it.

'Can we see him?' Ana asks.

'He is still unconscious, but yes, you can, I just need family to come in at this moment. So, please can Mom and Dad and wife please follow me.'

We walk into a small room where Teddy is lying with wires coming out of him, he looks so helpless and small. I let out a gasp and feel Ana pulling me towards her and giving me a hug but all I can think about is my Teddy. I sit down in the chair next to him and nervously grab his hand, it it cold to the touch but I soon warm it up by rubbing and kissing on it, Ana is doing the same with his other hand.

I wake up by the movement of Teddy's hand underneath my head, I look up and he looking down at me.

'Teddy! You're awake!' I grab the assistant button to bring a nurse in, I am on my own, Christian and Ana must have left. I hug Teddy and sob into his chest but when I let go he had a confused look on his face.

'Teddy, what's wrong?' I ask worryingly. He removes his oxygen mask and takes a deep breath.

'I'm sorry, who's Teddy? And where am I?'