Fifty Shades Kidnapped


My eyes shoot open at the shouting and look over to my husband where I thought the screaming would be coming from, but he is sleeping like a baby and draped over me like a blanket.


'Teddy!' I gasp realising it my son that is making the noise. I rush into his room and, just as I thought, Teddy was lashing out and breathing heavily. I try to hold me him down, he is dripping with sweat. 'Teddy baby, wake up!' He continues to struggle under my grasp. 'TEDDY! Please wake up!' I am just starting to worry when suddenly his eyes shoot open

'Mom! Oh mom, I am so glad you are here!'

'It's ok baby, you were having a nightmare! You are safe, I am here now!'

'Mom where is Phoebe? Is she ok?' Teddy asks seeming worried about his sister.

'She is asleep, she and Rose are fine. Its nearly time to get up anyway, we are going back to Seattle in an hour, are you ok to get ready and ill meet you in the kitchen?'

'Yes mom'

I get up and leave the room and gasp as I feel a hand around my waist. 'Mr Grey, you're up? I was just about to come and wake you myself'

'No need Mrs Grey, I sensed you weren't in the room and I came to look for you. Is Teddy ok?'

'Well it's safe to say, Mr Grey, that Teddy does take after his father, it took all my strength to restrain him, but he is ok, he was just having a nightmare'

'A nightmare? About what?' asked Christian

'I don't know but he is getting ready and meeting us in the kitchen. Have you thought about getting anything for his 16th birthday? He is getting his licence on that day and I think he would like a car but I don't think he wants to say'

'Baby, I have his car sorted out all ready and all will be revealed in due time' he says with a wink

'Right and when was I going to be told about this?' I shouldn't have expected anything else really as he has always likes to look for cars himself and look at all the safety features

'I have just told you baby, I wasn't going to give it to him without showing you first' his reply makes me roll my eyes at him as I walk away he slaps my backside and makes me yelp out and I hear him giggling as I walk around the corner

I make my way to Phoebe's room and find her sleeping peacefully, her long chestnut hair fanned over the pillow and her arms over her head. I stand there for a few minutes just watching my beautiful daughter, I realise why Christian used to, and probably still does, watch me while I sleep 'Phoebe?' I gently shake the teenager and Phoebe stirs and flicks her eyes open

'Mom? What's wrong? What time is it?' she asks

'It's six thirty, we are leaving in an hour baby, do you think you can be ready for then? Have you packed?'

She nods 'yes mom'

'Ok that's my girl, now I'm going to wake your sister and I will meet you in the kitchen ok?' she nods in reply

I enter my youngest daughter's room and she is already awake and sitting up and just staring at the moon out of the window,

'Rose? Are you ok sweetie?' I ask wondering what woke her as she is usually a deep sleeper.

'Hi mommy, I am sorry I'm awake but I got woken up by someone shouting and I couldn't get back to sleep'

'That's ok baby, the shouting you heard was Teddy dreaming, and he is ok now. It's time to get up now and get dressed, we are leaving to go back home in an hour'

'Why do we have to leave so early? I don't want to go home yet'

'Well, it's a long way to Seattle from England, even in the jet so we have to leave early so we can arrive back home on time, now its time to get you dressed' I stand up and open her closet

'Mommy! I am 9 years old, I can dress myself'

'Oh yes I forgot, you are a big girl now! I shall leave you alone Miss Grey and I shall meet you in the kitchen in 20 minutes, ok?' I can't believe that my children are growing up, it only seemed like yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with Rose and now I am sitting in her bedroom, the moonlight shining on her long copper hair and she is getting herself dressed like a big girl. Where have my babies gone?

'OK mommy. I love you' her words bring a tear to my eye.

'I love you too Miss Rose Carla Grey'

As I enter the kitchen I can see Christian eating his omelette and orange juice and Phoebe and Teddy are eating Granola and Yogurt

'Good morning family! I can see almost everyone is ready' I make my way to my husband and wrap my arms around his neck 'so, Mr Grey, what are the plans this morning?' I ask as I kiss his head

'Well Mrs Grey, we are planning on leaving at 07.30 and make out way to Heathrow to the jet thats waiting for us then when we land safely back in seattle we will be going to the DMV and getting Teddy's licence then I want us to go and see the car together, its currently at my parents house'

'ok sounds like a plan'

'Theodore Raymond Grey are you ready?' I am getting rather annoyed

'Yes Mother!' Teddy enters the kitchen all packed and Phoebe follows but no sign of Rose

I make my way up the stairs and I notice it's cold. Strange it's never this cold up here I think as I turn to enter Rose's room. I knock gently on the door 'Rose, baby, it's time to leave are you rea...Rose? Baby?' my heart is in my mouth as I search the room and the en suite for her, she is nowhere to be seen. I run into the hall 'ROSE CARLA GREY WHERE ARE YOU? COME OUT THIS INSTANT!' and as I turn I can see Christian run towards me

'ANA! What's wrong?' he asked worried

'Rose isn't in her bedroom' I say with panic in my voice 'Christian; please we need to find her! TEDDY! PHOEBE!' my children come running upstairs

'What's wrong mom?' Phoebe asks worried

'When was the last time you saw your sister?' I am really starting to panic now.

'I haven't seen her this morning'

'FUCK! TAYLOR!' Christian shouts and soon enough Taylor appears at the top of the stairs

'Yes Sir' he replies in his usual Calm tone

'Have you seen Rose? She is not in her bedroom' Christian is sounding terrified now

'No sir but I will go and look at the security cameras now'

'Make sure you check the ones outside her room in the hall and outside her window' Christian turns to me 'Ana, when did you see her last?' his eyes were pleading with me

'About an hour ago when I went to wake her up, she told me she wanted to get herself dressed so I left her alone' where is my baby? Where could she of gone?

'Sir! I have got something I need you to look at' Taylor has appeared with a piece of paper

'SHIT! WHAT THE FUCK?! WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!' Christian screams and I snatch the paper out of his hand and look at it and what I see makes me sick to my stomach

'Christian...who's taken our baby?'