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Two Shot Overkill


Today was just an ordinary day like every other day except today Gohan was on the run.

"GET BACK HERE!" All of the boys chased him, they weren't gay though...

Gohan ran through the hallways crashing into everybody he tried hard not to hurt anyone though but that was pretty hard with the whole EVERY boy in school chasing him. What had this young boy done to deserve such torture especially not being able to fly away he was a saiyan after all.

The boy just remembered something! It was lunch time! He couldn't take out his lunch though... A saiyan on an empty stomach wow who would've thought. Those boys' days were numbered they had better watch out for they would feel his wrath.

Wait there was an opening! Gohan quickly ran up into the cafeteria or so it seemed but actually he just ran at a speed the human eye couldn't see and made it seem as though he went into the cafeteria so hah suckers.

"Gohan come here!" A blonde haired girl with short hair called out. Beside her was a guy holding a pencil and a sharpener and the other person was a girl with black short hair.

"Thank you!" Gohan quickly said thanking her.

Gohan was starving he had no lunch... Why why must they chase him!

Earlier that day...

"I hear Gohan slept at Videl's house."

During that lunch period Gohan was moving around everywhere, he looked towards the trees looking for anyone who had food but no they all just had to eat it all.

It was finally over! Everyone had gone to eat and he was saved!

Gohan walked towards his locker and opened it up. He reached in for his Food Capsule and was about to pull it out.

The Bell Rang

"NOOO!" Gohan screamed out even shaking the whole school.

After that they had to go back to class, Gohan had to destroy them his lunch it was over... They would die, no one makes him lose his lunch and get's away with it. The last two periods weren't so bad he had come up with plan now all he needed was Videl to help him. It was like Killing 'Five hundred and seventy two birds with two stones'


Being with Vegeta was influencing the poor boy.

It was in the morning before school well, an hour before school he had asked Videl to come with him to the park to discuss some things but as always her dad just had to put up a fight oh well, nothing a little banana peel couldn't fix. "Videl, I need your help in a plan to stop them from chasing me! I need to eat." Gohan told her with a devilish grin.

She started smiling, oh yes! He was finally learning the way of evilness. "Sure Gohan! What's your plan" She asked him.

"Okay so here is what we're gonna do..."

It was lunch, they were in the cafeteria sitting at a table and Gohan went to the washroom.

"Oh thank you Bulma for your invisibility watch" Gohan said in his head.

He quickly pressed the button, went to the cafeteria and ate all of the food faster then the eye could see. How do they feel now! The torture! Gohan returned from the washroom then went back to the table, he took out his food capsule, took out his food, it looked like food from a five star restaurant and they couldn't eat it! Hahaha.

Gohan gave some to Sharpner, Erasa and Videl. Gohan started eating his steak like a complete monster while Sharpner was busy sharpening his Chicken, that stupid kid why would you sharpen chicken meat that was just stupid, Erasa was eating like a maniac, poor poor Erasa this is why you don't go on diets and Videl was eating so much wondering why her Daddy's chef couldn't make food this good! Like seriously? He spent the money from the tournament on like the best Chef money could get.

All of the boys glared at Gohan and Sharpner. All the girls glared at Videl and Erasa.

They would've rushed in to grab the food but Videl was there and they couldn't do that since Videl was the strongest girl in school she could destroy them.

Alas, they all gave up then went back to groaning in there seats watching all of the food disappearing and in the blink of an eye... It was all gone. Ahh yes how does it feel to not eat during lunch!

Gohan started laughing manically making some of it slip out. His classmates looked at him like he was insane then he turned back to his cheery boy face.

The Bell Rang

It was the last period they had all gotten a form which was a 'Bring your family to school day'

"All Students are required to bring their family to school, that includes friends also.

No Parent Signature Required. P.S. If you don't being them you get an automatic fail for every subject.

Signed - Your Principal

"Mom, I can't! Impossible! Vegeta will destroy everyone!" Gohan begged his mother.

"That's right Chi-chi, we need to train for Cell!" Goku helped his son.

"No means no" Chi-chi replied back, grabbing her frying pan of doom then went for a quick smack. Oh how she loved doing this and this is why she loved being married to a saiyan they can't beat up woman unless it was an evil person going to destroy earth.

Then Gohan remembered something... The guardian of earth was gone. "Daddy, we need a new guardian for the dragon balls since Cell killed people and we need to revive them."


Gohan was told that his father was going to get a new guardian any day now. Gohan started thinking about what happened during the weekend.

"I saved Lime, she was nice hmm. Oh yeah on Friday I was asleep at Videl's house so I missed my birthday! Awwww"

Gohan got out of bed then flew to Bulma's house.

He noticed Chibi Trunks crying in his portable crib so he walks over then starts making funny faces to him. Chibi Trunks started laughing, the boy's hand reached for Gohan's face and before he knew it a ki blast had just hit him in the face.

"Owww!" Gohan yelled jumping on one leg backwards then falling the floor. Seriously! How could it hurt so much ouch.

Vegeta came out of the gravity room since he noticed the sudden ki increase from outside, all he saw was Kakarot's brat on the floor with his hand on his face and his son laughing his head off. Oh yes he knew how he could take advantage of this boy and the Kakabrat shall pay! Ah damn! What was that smell.

"Woman! The brat needs you." Vegeta shouted.

A blue haired lady walked out from the round orange dome. "Oh, hello Gohan what brings you here" Bulma said picking up her baby from the crib and rocking it back and forth.

"Well..." Gohan started explaining everything about what was going to happen tomorrow and how he needed everyone to go to his school for the day.

Gohan was waiting for Vegeta's famous temper to rise. But no when he wanted it to it didn't that was just great.

"Ahahaha! My brat and I will enslave all of the pitiful humans at what this brat calls 'school'" Vegeta thought with an evil grin then staring at his son.

Gohan started flying home and saw his friend the flying dragon Icarus!

"Hey Icarus I got some great food for you back home! Mom is making an all meat dinner!" Gohan said to his very good friend.

Icarus then started to look very hungry. Gohan got on his back then they flew off for dinner!

Gohan and Icarus got back to his house and they were all outside with the food. Everyone except for Vegeta was there most likely due to him still mad over Cell so he went to train.

Gohan sat down then waiting for his Mom to be finished.

"Oh Icarus! Here you go" Chi-chi said giving him a lot of food then going to sit down. They all chowed down, Mirai Trunks, Goku and Gohan were eating like monsters one bite after another the food would disappear now Icarus now that was a monster it finished all of it's meat then went to the tree to lay down on it's stomach. Boy was it full but the food was great!

After a while the food was all gone but Goku was still hungry then he saw the purple dinosaur. Damn it looked tasty. But he couldn't eat it no matter what it was a great friend! It had saved him from the rocks when Cooler attacked and it was also Gohan's best friend.

Gohan then went over to Icarus then hugged him. The dragon purred.

Today was great but the very next day... Gohan could just think of what would happen.

Gohan - May 23 - Three More Days Till The Cell Games

Tune in Next Time On Dragon Ball Z! You won't regret, well maybe you will.

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