If I Had Words

Ladybird had gotten sick and for the life of him Hank could not figure out what the problem was. He knew a dog at the age of 91 would have some problems but this was something new entirely, Ladybird just wouldn't eat. She didn't eat her dog food, scraps from dinner, Hank even grilled a steak special for her and she didn't even touch it.

Right now Ladybird was laid out over the couch while Hank was in the kitchen on the phone with the vet.

"Uh Huh." Said Hank on his end." What would you suggest?" He nodded his head as the voice on the other end talked to him." Fluids, how much? Uh Huh" He said." Very well thank you sir, I'll call you back if there's any progress."

So with that Hank hung up the phone took out a large bottle of water and went to Ladybird with it. He sat down on the couch next to her and then lifted her head onto his lap.

"C'mon girl." Said Hank as he put the bottle before her head. She sniffed it but the bottle didn't interest her." C'mon girl." Hank said again putting the bottle closer to her, still nothing.

Hank was running out of options here. He looked around the house and noticed no one was around. Peggy had gone off shopping with Luanne, and Bobby was still at school. With no one around Hank did something he never thought he'd have to do, but it was worth a try.

Hank: If I Had Words, to make a day for you

I'd sing you a morning, golden and true

I would make this day last for all time

Then fill the night deep in moonshine

His singing aroused Ladybird and she turned to the bottle and began drinking, a smile formed on Hank's face and he continued.

If I Had Words to make a day for you

I'd give you a morning, GOLDEN AND TRUE

He must have sang the last part too loud as Ladybird took her mouth off the bottle, Hank turned back to her and sang quieter now.

I would make this day last for all time

He continued to hum the song as he stood up and propped the bottle before his dog. It was time to step up his game.

Hank jumped up before the couch and began kicking his legs out as he backed up. He put his hands on his hips and jumped from side to side across the room giving a loud 'Huh!' as he jumped up and kicked his knees together. Ladybird had lifted her head off from the couch and watched her master as he paraded around the room. Hank picked up his legs and began doing a running like pace back and forth before the TV screen. Then he jumped in the air and came out, then a second time this time spreading his arms out.

Then with all the strength left in his legs Hank jumped up and into the air giving out a loud moan as he did. Then Hank came back down to the ground his large body slamming his feet onto the ground.

Then Hank stood there feeling triumphant in a glorious sweat and let out several panting breaths. But then he turned his head and he come to an unpleasant sight.

There by the sliding glass door were his family, friends, and neighbors.

Bobby had his face pressed against the glass while Peggy stood right behind him with her hands on his shoulders. Luanne stood next to Peggy. Standing next to them were Dale, Bill and Boomhauer, Dale holding a camera in his hands.

Hank let out a groan and then turned his attention to his couch, Ladybird was gone. Hank quickly turned and looked around, only being able to see a faint figure in his kitchen.

Hank quickly walked in and stood in the doorway. There on the kitchen floor was Ladybird wagging her tail as she ate out of her bowl.

Hank smiled as he watched her knowing that at least now his dog was better.

The End