Blake lay on the bed, with his belly against the matress and flipped nonchalantly through a magazine. His hair was tussled, his shirt discarded and the sheet just about covered his naked bottom. He smiled as he saw Ted in the en-suite bathroom out of the corner of his eyes.

'What ARE you doing in there, Teddy?' Blake laughed. 'You've been ages!'

'Painting the goddamn Mona Lisa' Ted replied, his voice as dry as bone.

Blake laughed once more, the sound filling the room with a pleasant mood. 'Come on,' he whined. 'I need you'

'Didn't you get enough off me just half an hour ago?' Ted asked.

'Yeah but now I need your help filling in this crossword puzzle.' Blake responded. 'Get your mind out of the gutter!'

'Impossible Blake. It's been firmly lodged in there ever since I met you!' Blake scoffed. 'Right' he whispered underneath his breath.

Ted finally emerged from the bathroom after a good hour. Blake in the meanwhile had fallen asleep and was slightly snoring underneath the duvets.

'Oh crap,' Ted cursed. 'Missed my shot'

But as soon as he saw Blake's peaceful face, he smiled. There was something about watching Blake sleep that filled him with a sense of love and tenderness. Blake was smiling, in his sleep and in that moment Ted vowed to keep that smile on there as much as he could.

As he crawled into bed, the mattress dipped and woke up Blake. His eyes fluttered open and the smile turned into a full blown grin as he saw Ted nestling beside him. 'Took you long enough' he whispered.

'Well I did want to be all pretty for you,' Ted replied. 'But this was the best I could do! Little did I know it was all in vain because YOU couldn't stay up past your bedtime'

Blake rubbed the sleep from his eyes. Yawning, he said 'It's after 3 am, Ted, and you look pretty good to me'

Teddy grinned. 'You poor thing, so delirious with sleep that you can't see the wrinkles'

'Not wrinkles, laughter lines.' Blake said. 'They make you look distinguished.'

'And old,' Ted countered. 'And let's not forget the flabby arms and rings underneath my eyes'

'Shush,' he whispered through another yawn. 'I think –'

'And not to mention my gut. I mean, I work out and then there…'

Suddenly a kiss interrupted his sentence. A gasp and a moan. Their mouthed closed and their tongues danced to a rhythm only they could hear. It felt familiar, trusted and so right. Blake caressed the side of Ted's face and as they parted, he pressed a small kiss on the top of his head. 'Please don't talk badly about the man that I love. He may have his imperfections but those make him beautiful. With wrinkles or without, I think he's the most beautiful creature I've set my eyes upon. In fact, I love his imperfections. They make him interesting and different. And if there's one thing that makes those imperfections even more beautiful, it's his soul that shines through. His generous, tender and loving soul. There's nothing I would change about him. Perhaps one thing or two … the fact that he can't see himself for who he truly is and the fact that he's as stubborn as a mule and won't believe that his boyfriend thinks he's awesome.'

'Blake …' Ted started.

'Shush now.' Blake responded with a yawn. 'Bed now.' Blake cuddled up against Ted, his head nestling between Ted's neck and his shoulder. Blake sighed contently as he drifted off to sleep, feeling warm, content and cared for.

Ted on the other hand didn't know what to think of his life. Through some weird twisted act of destiny, he met this amazing guy who happened to like him too. Something so ordinary, so mundane, yet so strange for Ted. He pressed a kiss on Blake's hair and smiled too, resigning to the fact that this time Blake won the argument. He closed his eyes and prayed that when he wakes up in the morning, Blake will still be there in his arms and all of this bliss isn't just a dream.