Seba-san sighed. The fourth sushi place he tried had thrown him out, saying the didn't have the money to hire him. Every time they said that, Seba-san tried to explain that he just wanted to live there, and he would pay them by working. None of them listened, though.

Seba-san was just about to try another one when he heard a whisper from the shadows. He walked over there. A boy stood there. He had blonde hair that was held back with barettes, and he looked unhealthy.

"I heard you just need a place to stay." he whispered.

"Yes," Seba-san said slowly.

"Well, we'll take you in." he smiled and put out his hand. "I'm Finny."

"Pleasure." Seba-san shook his hand.

"So, you'll do sushi for us, yeah?" asked Finny eagerly.

"I shall try my best." Seba-san smiled.

"Yay!" Finny jumped around, and little flowers flew out of him. How odd.

Later, Finny showed Seba-san where he would be staying. Tanaka Sushi was a small shack, but Seba-san was sure he could change that.

"It's gettin' cold out." Bard shivered. "It'll be hard to catch fish from now on."

"Hello, Bard." Ciel smiled as he approached.

"Ciel!" Bard didn't look surprised.

"How are the sales?" asked Ciel, hugging himself and shivering, despite his long coat.

"They would be better if it weren't so damn cold!" Bard said.

"Yes, that's true." Ciel pondered how he would be able to sell fish in the cold when no one wanted to go out. "Well, try your best." Ciel waved goodbye.

"Whatever!" Bard waved. This was going to be a long winter.

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