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Hermione grasped the pen tightly, and signed her name on the final page of paperwork. Her hand had just started to cramp as she handed the papers to the receptionist. She breathed a sigh of relief knowing that this was the final step of a process that she had started almost a week ago. 'Thank God, I'm a witch,' she thought as she signed Hermione Wilkins for one final time at the front desk. This would have been months in coming if she hadn't been able to forge documents and use a few Confundus and Obliviate spells.

She walked over to the magazine rack to find something to read to pass the time. She glanced at some of the articles, almost chuckling as she read "Meet the Top Ten Bachelors in Perth!" She perused the shelves of unfamiliar periodicals until she finally found a battered copy of Good Reading. She had just sat down and flipped to the first page when she heard her name called.

"Hermione Wilkins?" The woman with the heavy Australian accent smiled at her and held a door open.

They walked down a long corridor until they arrived in an open area that was painted in soft pastels, with a garden scene painted on the largest wall. She noticed an older couple already seated, holding a small little bundle wrapped in blue blankets.

"Miss Wilkins, this is Abigail and Thomas Farmer. They have been Ares' foster parents since his arrival two weeks ago. If you need to ask any questions, they are willing to stay as long as you need."

"Thank you," Hermione replied courteously as she sat down beside the couple.

"He is a very sweet baby," the woman spoke softly as she handed the baby to Hermione. "He rarely cries, and he already sleeps through the night." A lone tear escaped the woman's eyes as she smiled at Hermione. "I know it is ridiculous to cry, but I can't help it when I hand them over. I've been a foster mother for years, and it doesn't get any easier."

"I-I'm sure it wouldn't." Hermione chewed nervously on her lip in an effort to control her own emotions.

"Do you have any questions for us before you leave?"

"Not at the moment," Hermione replied somewhat distractedly. She was stroking the baby's cheeks as she talked to the couple. "But I do wish to thank you for taking care of him. I really appreciate all you have done for him the past two weeks."

The older woman leaned down and kissed the baby softly on his cheek as they walked towards the door. Hermione watched the couple leave and couldn't stifle the small sob that she had been trying to suppress for the past few minutes.

She gently pulled the knit cap off of his head and ran her hand through the short, brown curls on his head. His facial features were almost a mirror image of her own, and she couldn't help but shed a few more tears as she watched him sleep.

She pulled his small body closer to her own and gently rubbed his back as she spoke softly. "Hello, Ares, I'm your sister Hermione."

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