I do not own the 2012 Frankenweenie movie. This drabble is in Edgar's Point of View.

I Do Not Have Any Friends

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

I wanted to be Victor's friend, but it seems like he is happy with just having his dog Sparky being his best friend in the world. Even though Sparky can't speak back to him or anything, but maybe he likes the fact Sparky is unable to reply with words for Sparky is a dog.

I do not have any friends. No one really talks to me or anything. Of course when they do talk to me it's because they want something from me. So maybe it is for the best to not have any friends. I don't have any pets so I do not have an animal that could become my friend or even my best friend.

I do not have any friends, but that's okay for they are the ones missing out on my friendship.

Although from time to time I wonder what would it be like having a friend. Is it really that wonderful and great having a friend whether said friend is human or animal? I don't know, but maybe friendship is overrated or it's really horrible having a friend. Yet a lot of people make it out to be such a great thing so that other people suffer through having a friend just to fit in. Is it normal having a friend? Of course there is no such thing as normal because if everyone is normal then the world would be boring and there wouldn't be much creativity or science.

All of the other kids have friends whether it's human or an animal, but I do not have any at all. I could be my own friend and I'm sure that I would be a really great friend. So I do not need any friends for I do have a friend and it's the best friend anyone could ever have...The best friend is myself. It doesn't matter no one else wants my friendship as long as I have myself. My best friend is me. I don't need Victor to be my best friend or to have a pet be my best friend.

"Edgar, How is everything going?" My mom asked me and I smiled at her.

"I'm doing great, mom. I have a best friend." I informed her. She smiled and I didn't tell her that the best friend is myself. My mom didn't ask for names or anything.

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