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Her name was Marcel. Marcel de Réve. Francoeur smiled to himself as he floated down the street towards the cabaret. He'd had a wonderful time with her; he forgot that he had just been rejected only hours before. Maybe he could fall in love with her, she could be what Lucille failed to be. Her potential love could fulfill the spell and leave him human with an angelic voice. But…he paused in the middle of the sidewalk…but what if she wasn't his true love either. How would she take it if she found out that he was a giant flea in actuality? Not only would it ruin him, it'd ruin the Rare Bird. It'd ruin Lucille. A frown marred Franc's handsome face. He wished he had someone to talk to about this. Lucille and Raoul and everybody who knew he was a flea didn't like when he tried to interact with others ever since the deal with Maynott. They tried to keep him as low-key as possible. Francoeur huffed. The more he thought about it, the more he saw how controlling everyone was. They treated him like a child and he knew he would have no more of it…

Though Franc entered the restaurant quietly, Lucille somehow knew the he was there and was by his side instantly, pestering him with questions.

"Francoeur, where have you been? You had us worried sick, had me worried sick! We could have talked this out and…" He stood silently through her interrogation until he politely shushed her. Lucille frowned, her brow creased. Francoeur never interrupted her before…never. She was thoroughly surprised. "But Franc…"

"It is none of your concern." Franc turned away from the doe-eyed singer, making his way to the dressing room.

Lucille watched the broad man move away. She thought she understood what he was going through, but she didn't. She'd wanted him to come back to her and they'd return to the way they were before. Sighing, the brunette took a seat at one of the tables, her head in her hands. Why did Franc have to be so difficult? Why couldn't he just leave well enough alone? Alone…Lucille didn't even know how Francoeur managed to sneak out that night during the party. Granted, she wasn't really paying attention but still. Tears formed in her eyes. A hand touched her shoulder.


Raoul scrunched his face up as he looked down on his fiancée. It somewhat sickened him how much she was worried about the flea…er…man when she was supposed to be excited over her upcoming wedding. Raoul worried a little too, however, he just figured Franc would come back. Eventually… But he did what he could to alleviate her stress, mainly giving a listening ear last night, instead of getting sleep. Lucille wiped some of the tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry. I thought Franc had come back to talk. He came in a few moments ago," she sniffed, shoulders sagging. Raoul's blood heated. How could Franc just leave her here, crying? The new man was becoming more and more akin to an irksome teen.

"I'll go talk to him," Raoul stated, smoothing his pompadour. He'd talk some sense into Franc, he'd stop all this. Lucille shook her head.

"He's upset still, just…just give him some time. We'll talk after tonight's show. Maybe he'll be better then…"

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