A sharp call rang through the trees. A black she-cat was busy sniffing at a fallen branch. The short stub was contaminated with WindClan scent. At the sound of her name being called, her head snapped up immediately as she was summoned.

Thornclaw was a few foxlengths away from there, staring at her intently through narrowed eyes. "There isn't any time to be looking around right now. WindClan's scent my be in our territory, but there's a patrol coming that we wouldn't want to miss."

Hollyleaf rolled her eyes and padded over casually. She really could care less about WindClan's little invasion over her territory. Usually she would be concerned and angered in such a situation. But not this time. She had things to do and cats to see. One cat in particular: Breezepelt.

She and the WindClan tom had been meeting in each others territory. Each meeting between them the area would switch. One night, they would stay in the treeless meadows of WindClan. The next time, they would spend their time in the shady territory of ThunderClan.

It had been a while since she learned that Squirrelflight wasn't her true mother. She and her brothers still didn't know what they originally were; rogues? Loners? Kittypets? The thought of being born to a twoleg nest to be born as a fat and lazy pampered kittypet made Hollyleaf shudder on the inside.

But after living a lie this whole time, she could care less about what her fate was and where or what she was originated as. She had been living a lie every since she was a 'kit to a 'leaf. Ever since that flea-ridden, mangy old Squirrelflight revealed her lie, she had just didn't care about life anymore. She would be better off dead. And that's where these meetings with Breezepelt started.

She had always been loyal to the code. And the set of rules specifically stated that it's okay to make friendships outside of the Clan, but it couldn't get in the way of her loyalty to ThunderClan. But she simply didn't have any loyalty left, and she had been drawn to Breezepelt more than friends outside of Clans ever should...But why not throw her life away like this? Meeting with a tom from another Clan. It seemed like a pretty ideal to her.

She was snapped out of her thoughts as the patrol reached the WindClan border. Thornclaw, Graystripe, Brightheart, and her brother, Lionblaze stood at the end of the ThunderClan scent marker, fur fluffed up and eyes glaring viciously as a WindClan patrol made their way over to the border.

It was Dewspots at the head of the patrol, Heathertail, Boulderpaw, and Sedgepaw trailed behind, tailtips twitching.

Hollyleaf desperately searched the four cats for another figure. But there seemed to be only four of them. Hollyleaf's eyes lowered in disappointment.

Lionblaze stood as rigid as a moonstruck mouse, but kept his hostile posture. Of course, that was always his reaction at seeing Heathertail. He still didn't know what to feel towards her after he tried to kill her in the Great Battle, officially breaking their bond. Hollyleaf didn't blame either of them. Before, she would have bashed both Lionblaze and Heathertail for thinking they could pull off something as stupid as they did when they were apprentices. But now...who would care? They could meet up with each other in the tunnels again and screw each other for hours in secret as far as she was concerned.

Then another shape burst through the heather. Hollyleaf's eyes flashed up in an instant. And to her delight, it was Breezepelt, skidding halt behide the WindClan apprentices. Hollyleaf didn't even notice as her tail friskily lashed side to side. The WindClan cats may have noticed, but at least her clanmates were standing in front of her so they wouldn't see. They'd probably think she was just itching for a battle.

"WindClan," Graystripe growled, pushing himself to the front of the patrol. Dewspots took a few steps forward to meet him, staying close to her own border. She dipped her head in greeting, her voice icily calm. "Graystripe," She murmured the ThunderClan's deputy's name.

"Tell us what kind of trick you're trying to pull," The deputy ordered, cutting the greetings and getting to business. "Why has your scent been all over the ThunderClan border? Our warriors have recently scented you around our territory pretty often."

The cats of the ThunderClan patrol - except Hollyleaf of course - nodded in agreement with his words, their hostile gazes raking across each WindClan cat. "You're pretty lucky Firestar hasn't done anything about it yet," Lionblaze murmured, a hint of a snarl in his voice. But Firestar was indeed planning on what to do about the recent scents of WindClan on the territory, so that statement was somewhat a lie.

Heathertail flashed up at his comment, fur bristling. "Firestar doesn't need to do anything because you're just lying," She hissed. Lionblaze kept silent, as in shock that Heathertail rose up to meet him in a challenge.

Dewspots gave Graystripe a cocky grin. "I can assure you that there are no scents of WindClan on your territory."

Graystripe's hackles raised. "You sure?" He countered.

"You could even check one of the trees near our border for yourself," Thornclaw spoke up with the ThunderClan deputy.

"Then you'd just be making an excuse for us supposedly being in your territory," Sedgepaw shouted, but was quickly silenced by Dewspots' tail smacking her muzzle to keep her quiet.

Hollyleaf wasn't pay attention to the quarrel at all. She was staring at a Breezepelt, looking into his eyes, examining his pelt...what a handsome tomcat he was. All that stupid obsessing over the code didn't let her notice anything about him. But now she was starting to take interest in the stubborn WindClan cat. And to her delight, he was staring at her too as he glanced sideways and caught her gaze

Suddenly there was the feeling of fur passing her and the ThunderClan patrol clashed with the WindClan cats in a battle. Fustrated, Hollyleaf had no choice but to rush in with them too, aimlessly lashing her paws out.

Sudden impact knocked her on the ground. Hollyleaf kicked up her hind legs to haul her attacker off of her. But as soon as she caught sight of that familiar black pelt, she froze. Breezepelt was standing over her, ignoring the tussling crowd of the patrols battling just like she was.

"We've got to meet again tonight," Breezepelt breathed as his paws were planted firmly on her shoulders. "It's been too long."

Hollyleaf nodded in agreement. So far, even after she had been meeting him before, she found herself neglecting him more and more and ignoring his pleads for meetings. Maybe it was time to meet up again. But they never did anything special anyway.

"Trust me. Try to sneak away somewhere at moonhigh and meet me in my territory. Just follow my scent into one of the meadows in our territory."

Hollyleaf slowly nodded her head to acknowledge him in a 'yes,' and he leaped off of her, launching himself into the battle.

Hollyleaf shot up on all four of her paws. Sensing the urgency in Breezepelt's voice must of meant something important was bound to happen tonight. That or he was just desperate to see her. She shrugged and drew herself into the fur flying quarrel. Whatever was going to happen tonight, she'd be waiting.

The moon was raised high into the night sky, shining over the trees. A black pelt streaked through the trees in ThunderClan territory. Hollyleaf had reached the border separating ThunderClan territory for WindClan's. Without hesitation, she jumped over with a graceful leap, racing through the header.

It was so strange being out in the open like this. She was used to trees shadowing over her head like in ThunderClan territory. Being on the meadows like this made her feel like she was on air, which made her uneasy.

Soon she picked up Breezepelt's scent. He must have left it for her so she could find him. She trailed after it, pushing herself through heather and traveling over meadows until in one meadow, she saw a dark shadow standing the middle of it.

Reluctantly she slowly made her way over to that figure. To her relief, it was Breezepelt, not some other tom - or she-cat - that she might of barged in on.

Breezepelt twisted his head around at the sound of footsteps. "Hollyleaf!" He hissed in relief. "Good. You're here."

The black she-cat strolled over to him nonchalantly. "Hey Breezepelt," she purred, stroking her tail under his chin. Breezepelt licked her ear in greeting.

Hollyleaf pulled away from him and stared directly into his warm amber eyes. "I'm sorry for not being here in such a long time. I'm sorry for not coming to our meetings. It's just that I've been busy with things..." There wasn't any way she could tell him anything about Squirrelflight and her and her brothers' false parentage.

To her relief, Breezepelt seemed to understand. He shuffled his paws. "Yeah, I've been pretty busy too..." He licked a paw and drew it over his ear.

"So what are we going to do here?" Hollyleaf asked. "The usually playing?" She and Breezepelt's meetings were much like Heathertail's and Lionblaze's meetings in the tunnels as apprentices.

But this time, they weren't going to do that. Breezepelt shook his head. "Actually, I have another idea." Hollyleaf searched his gaze for any emotion. She couldn't find any but one...two, actually. As much as he tried to hide it, Hollyleaf could see the love for her in his eyes. But that love was mostly clouded up by lust.

Hollyleaf raised an eyebrow. She suddenly had an idea about what they were about to do. She inched away slowly, licking her chest fur gently in uncertainty. I don't think I can do this... The sudden thought made its way into her mind.

Breezepelt must have noticed her move away, because his eyes then flashed with concern. "What's wrong?" He asked, tilting his head to one side. "N-nothing," Hollyleaf said reluctantly.

She didn't expect Breezepelt to go this far. They were so close that the warrior code could never allow it. But then again, the warrior code was just an animate object. Probably just some old tales for kits to keep them motivated to their Clan. Well, she certainly wasn't motivated anymore, even after all that time she spent learning for it. How many periods of time she wasted in her entire life trying to be her best for her Clan. Her Clan full of liars, cowards, and murderers. Her hesitant thoughts about the activity she would participate in with Breezepelt then appeared as positive than negative.

This is your rebellion against the code! She reminded herself stubbornly. She faced Breezepelt with confidence in her gaze, also returning his lust in her green depths. "Nothing's wrong," She repeated, this time without hesitation or any stammering.

A smile formed across Breezepelt's muzzle. "Good," He purred softly. He seemed to be ready to just get everything started quickly. His tail snaked away from his paws and stroked her outer thigh. But Hollyleaf decided to put up a fight.

"Wait a minute," She announced, stopping him. She pushed his tail away with a paw. "What is it?" Breezepelt asked, frustration lighting his voice. Hollyleaf's eyes narrowed mischievously. "If you want your prize, you're going to have to catch it." And with that, she bounded across the meadow. The land felt unnatural and strange under her paws. Breezepelt would catch her in no time. Besides, he was in the fastest Clan, and this was his territory that seemed to fit him better.

But as she turned her head around to looking over her shoulder, Breezepelt was running as if he wasn't a WindClan cat. "I know you can run better than that!" She taunted, twisting to a curve and dashing away again as she reached a corner of the meadow. "Just trying to make it fair!" Breezepelt called back to her. Suddenly he sped up like the true WindClan cat her was. His paws were soon thundering at her heels. "But if that's what you want..."

With a great heave, he lunged upward, paws outstretched. Hollyleaf tried to one, but she was a little too late. Breezepelt landed on her hindquarters, pushing her to the ground. "Looks like I win," He purred, stroking her thigh with his tail again.

But Hollyleaf still didn't seem to give in. She wriggled out of his grip, leaving Breezepelt dumbfounded. "Hey!" He protested. "I caught you already!"

Hollyleaf didn't bother to answer him. There was a last-minute plan that came into her mind before the operation started. And this idea would really make the flame rise. She wasn't sure how most she-cats in heat did this, but it was worth a try to turn Breezepelt on.

She collapsed on the ground, rolling around with her paws close to her chest. She flattened her tail to the ground as she rolled onto her back, revealing her tight core to Breezepelt. She even bucked her hips for extra effect. She kept rolling around, revealing her most sensitive areas - including her breasts - to Breezepelt friskily, purring loudly and yelping like a helpless kit as her tailtip curled and stroked her pussy every time she had to turn on her back.

She was satisfied when she stole a glance at Breezepelt's face. His eyes were widened as he stared down at her, rolling around in a attempt for seduction. And of course, it worked. Breezepelt looked as if he couldn't handle himself anymore. The lust in his eyes were extremely visible as he gazed rolled down to her core.

Hollyleaf stretched her legs far apart even more as she rolled around. In no time, Breezepelt would crack.

A sudden weight pushed Hollyleaf down to the ground, forcing her to stop struggling. Breezepelt was standing on top of her to hold her down. Hollyleaf smirked. The fun way surely about to begin.

"Alright," Breezepelt began in a hoarse growl. "If we're going to do this, we're going to do this my way." He took a few steps back, leaving the black she-cat laying on the ground, stunned.

"For tonight, I'll be your master," Breezepelt continued. "You'll have to address me as master and you must do whatever I say." Hollyleaf nodded and kept herself lowered the the grass, lashing her tail. "Alright. I agree, master." She wiggled her rump slightly, waiting for orders. "What should I do first, master?"

"Don't talk until I address you or tell you too," Breezepelt hissed. "Just shut the hell up and stay still."

Hollyleaf dipped her head in a single nod. She was pretty surprised at how Breezepelt had such a sudden mood change. Now he seemed so demanding around her...which is just what she liked and desired.

"Stand up," the WindClan ordered, smacking his tail over her rump. Hollyleaf flinched as his rough tail had aimed for a somewhat sensitive area of hers. But she obeyed, slowing hauling herself up onto all four paws. "Now, master?" She asked, keeping herself still.

"Crouch," was all the 'master' said. his tail flicking her rump again. This time the smack was more gentle. Hollyleaf wasted no time lowering the starting and middle region of her body, keeping her end raised a bit. "What now, master?" She asked.

Breezepelt flicked his tail to beckon her closer to him. "Come." Hollyleaf inched closer to him, pushing up against him as much as she could. She was right between his paws, her rump raised against his belly as he reared himself up a bit. To get him even more in the mood, she raised her tail, sliding up against his belly and chest to reveal her core. Inching back a bit more against him, she gently swabbed her core up and down the sheathe of his cock, hoping for it to come out and enter her. "Next, master?"

Breezepelt was drifting off into his thoughts as something rubbed against his sheathe. He observed Hollyleaf's pelt intently, looking down as she crouched under him with his paws planted on her back. His gaze trailed down to his chest and it slid down lower to glance at the hot pink flesh of the ThunderClan she-cat's core.

He could just see himself now, thrusting into her with powerful pushes as she yowled to the high grounds of StarClan. He couldn't have chose any other cat to be his mate. But Hollyleaf seemed like she would be more of a mate. He would then view her as his sex slave for life. Using her whenever he was in the mood. And she wouldn't dare disobey his orders during these times. After all, he was the master here.

"Master?" Hollyleaf's voice drew him out of his mind as she scooted up against him even more. Her core was sweeping against his sheathe much more roughly to get his attention. Now that he was really paying attention, Breezepelt couldn't help but release his tomhood.

At once, his long pink flesh slid out and jabbed at Hollyleaf's core, pressing against her entrance. At the sudden touch, Hollyleaf squeaked, but kept herself still.

"Raise your ass higher," Breezepelt ordered, and Hollyleaf did as he said, slowly raising her rear as high as she could. I hope he likes what he sees, she thought, raising her tail high into the air. Hoping Breezepelt didn't noticed, Hollyleaf twisted her head a bit to glance at his member. Her eyes widened at the sight. His length was huge. It was nothing like she had expected. The sight of it just made the tingling, warm sensation in her core rise and she pushed her rear upward even higher towards Breezepelt's face.

"Let's begin, shall we?" As Hollyleaf's core was raised into his face, Breezepelt gave it an intense sniff. The hot air sweeping across her core made a moan escape Hollyleaf's lips.

Then rough material swiped slowly across her core, making instead of a moan come out like before, a shocked squeal came from Hollyleaf and she flinched, moving away. Breezepelt's teeth sunk into the base of her tail and yanked her back. "Stay still and try to stay quiet until things really get started," He hissed. His tongue flicked out again and streaked across Hollyleaf's core even more. The roughness on her sensitive spot made Hollyleaf want to yowl again, but instead she just shuddered and moaned as she found more pleasure instead of pain, raising her rump even higher.

Breezepelt's tongue was planted down at the end of her pussy, slowly stroking downward. As he reached the end of her core, he started to lick upward, his tongue trailing up her tailhole. The loud moans and shudders from Hollyleaf made Breezepelt get in the mood even more. Without warning, he popped his tongue right into her tailhole, making Hollyleaf shriek. He didn't even care for her screaming at that time. Let all of WindClan wake up to hear their yowls of ecstasy.

His tongue swirled around in her tight ass, tasting her sweetness as his tongue flicked around her walls. Hollyleaf let out another shriek, only to be blocked out by a moan as she bucked her hips back, allowing his tongue to push itself in her even deeper. Her folds seemed to start tightening around his tongue already, forcing it to stay in. But his member was throbbing and hardening with anticipation to go inside of her, so he didn't have a choice but to pull his tongue out of her.

Hollyleaf seemed utterly disappointed as his tongue was drawn out of her tailhole, tracking saliva down her rump. "Master?" She groaned groggily, swishing her tail and shaking her rump to signal him to continue.

Before she could say anything else, Breezepelt climbed on top of her. "Hush," He hissed into her ear as he secured himself over her, grabbing her scruff into his teeth. He noticed that his member had already hardened as he stroked it over Hollyleaf's core.

Hollyleaf didn't seem to want all the taunting. "C'mon, master!" She growled impatiently, pumping her haunches upward. "Just start already!"

Surprised, Breezepelt didn't obey and kept teasing her. He wasn't going to take orders from his own disciple. But now that he thought about it, he felt too eager to keep her waiting. And with that, his cock suddenly entered for core, making her shriek again.

Breezepelt slowly pushed his member into her more, exploring her. It was pretty challenging because of how her core lacked the moistness he needed to slide in and out easily. But that would just make things even more fun.

Pulling out, he then humped her as his member crashed into her core again, causing her to let out another scream of pleasure once more. Hollyleaf's dry walls were tightening around Breezepelt's member already. The WindClan warrior tried to pull himself out of her again, eventually having to yank himself out. "Are you always this tight?" He complained with another groaned as his cock rushed inside of her again.

Hollyleaf didn't answer. "Please keep going, master," was all she bothered to say, bucking her hips backwards to let his cock enter her again.

With another sharp dive, he entered her once more. His progress was making her a little wider and moist, making it easier for him to go in and out.

He slid out again, and then entered her again, making her moan. Every time he came out, the moaning would cut off. But every time he entered, the moaning would start again.

Soon Breezepelt was working at a smooth rhythm as he slid in and out, his cock getter wetter every time he went out. And to his delight, Hollyleaf followed too. As he entered, she would give him more support by backing her hips up so he could manage to get deeper into her.

The two were working together as one, bucking back and shoving forward. Breezepelt picked up more speed as he thrust himself inside her pussy, making his shoving getting even harder and deeper into her.

"Keep going," Hollyleaf breathed in short rasps as she bucked her hips back and forth, matching Breezepelt's speed.

The WindClan tom decided to try something else. He twisted his cock around her slippery walls as he was inside of her, making himself go even deeper.

Hollyleaf felt as if his member was going to travel all the way through her and strike so far that it would stop at her throat. She opened her jaws in a soundless wail. But words manage to come out of them. "Yes!" She screeched, bucking her hips back as hard as she could. "Come on, master! Do better than that! I know you can."

"You want to see better?" Breezepelt sneered mischievously through her scruff. And with that, he made a single, violent thrust that made Hollyleaf screech as loud as she could in ectasy. Now Breezepelt was sure that the cats back at his camp could hear her. The next few thrush were also much more violent than the first one. Each one tearing into her more.

Suddenly Breezepelt pulled out, only the head of his cock staying lodged in the ThunderClan she-cat. Hollyleaf raised her rear higher and pushed back a little to let it in. Little did she know that she should've been prepared. The last thrust into her was coming.

Without notifying her, Breezepelt drove himself deep inside of her. This thrust overtopped all the others, sending Hollyleaf screeching and yowling to the stars as he hit the most sensitive area inside of her. The impact made a rushing tide of liquids splash out of her core and other Breezepelt. Hollyleaf kept yowling to the stars as she came, her liquids sliding down her legs like a stream.

Breezepelt closed himself in on her and kept his cock in her core, letting the liquids splash onto his member. The two were connected closer than ever as Hollyleaf's liquids spilled out, soaking them both.

Breezepelt never knew a she-cat could have so much liquids. Hollyleaf had been spilling for a few moments now. When she stopped howling, the moist moment was over. But what concerned Breezepelt more was how he didn't come yet.

He rubbed his member quickly through Hollyleaf's core, careful not to go in deep again, at least, not yet. To his luck, he was on the verge of cumming. He could feeling. "H-here I co-" His trembling mew to Hollyleaf was cut off as he quickly thrust himself deeply inside of her, striking her sensitive spot yet again.

This thrust just sent Hollyleaf over the edge. She let out the loudest earsplitting yowl of pleasure Breezepelt had ever heard in his life as he released his liquids and seed deep inside of her, the leftovers dripping down her legs. Hollyleaf's liquids even started to come out again, but this time there wasn't as much and it only lasted for a heartbeat.

The two collapsed on the liquid-tainted grass with a thud, grooming themselves quietly as the panted for their breath.

Hollyleaf rolled over beside him, covering herself in both of their liquids as she began to lick the rest up. She inched closer to Breezepelt, her wet tail stroking his still uncovered member gently. "Next time I'm going to be the master," She purred, giving his cock a light squeeze.

Breezepelt smirked and started to groom her scruff. Soon the two new mates drifted off to sleep in the meadow, curled up together as one.

It had been a moon and a half since Hollyleaf's and Breezepelt's special meetings. A few weeks ago Hollyleaf had just been told she was expecting by her brother, Jayfeather. Her two brothers didn't know what to think, and neither did she, since all three were in a drastic time. There really wasn't any time to go on and settle down with kits like this.

Hollyleaf had no doubt about who the father was; but of course, she couldn't tell her Clanmates that Breezepelt was the one she created the kits with. The Clan assumed it was Mousewhisker. She had no interest in the tom, but the Clan seemed to notice how close they had been. But Hollyleaf insisted it was just friendship. And now she was stuck with kits that her Clan believed belonged to her and that childish Mousewhisker.

She had been padding out into the forest to meet her brothers. Jayfeather had requested a meeting between them because it was too important to just ignore. She met up with her two brothers out in in a grassy clearing in ThunderClan territory.

And that's when Jayfeather discussed the sign he was given about Yellowfang giving him a feather last night. A crow's feather, to be exact. It was a sign for sure, indicating that Crowfeather was their father.

"What?" Hollyleaf shrieked as she heard the news. Crowfeather? Her father? The fact about him creating her with Leafpool didn't bother her that much. But what she had done with his son...

Everything was clear now. That made Breezepelt her half-brother, and their activities that night...

So here Hollyleaf stood, dumbfounded, carrying the kits of one of her own relatives.

Oh, shit.

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