The two may have made out a little in front of Stiles' house before going inside. It wasn't like they wanted everyone in the neighborhood to know that they were together, especially since it would probably get back to the Sheriff before Stiles' was able to tell his father. Derek knew that he definitely did not want the Sheriff to find out about him being with Stiles by it getting talked about throughout the town. It would be bad enough when Stiles and Derek told him, gossip would not help.

"So," Stiles said to Derek, ushering him inside after noticing one of his older neighbors staring at them intently, "You want to reiterate what you told me out there? I was so flabbergasted that you were here on your own accord and that you didn't come through my window that I only really caught the end."

Before Derek could say anything, there was a knock at the door. Stiles looked at Derek first, before going to open the door they had just come through, looking like he wasn't sure if he wanted to just ignore the person on the other side or if he wanted to answer them first so that the two of them would not have to worry about hiding out from the other person until they finally decided they didn't need to bother Stiles.

"Hello Mrs. Neer, how are you?" Stiles said, opening the door enough to talk through but not enough where the other person would be able to see to the inside of the house.

"I am just fine Stiles, what I really wanted to know was how you are."

Derek heard Stiles sigh before he heard the teenager answer. "I am just fine, why do you ask?"

"Well, I saw you walk in there with a tall, very handsome young man and wanted to know what that was all about."

And finally the full truth comes out, Derek thought.

"And why would you worry about who I bring into my house?"

Derek was surprised that Stiles only sounded curious and did not sound in the least bit mad. If it had been him talking to the woman and not Stiles, that statement probably would have more a growl than a question.

"Well, your father isn't home and I had never seen the boy before. And one of the other neighbors said something about you and him having a very close moment."

They saw the kiss, Derek thought as his eyes grew in size. They shouldn't have seen the two of them, they shouldn't have been nosy.

"And also Stiles, I hope that you are not going around kissing that boy, which would be very bad of you."

Derek rolled his eyes, really wanting to go outside the house for himself and tell the lady that she shouldn't be getting up in everyone else's business and that she should really just pay attention to her own. Stiles surprised him again by saying something that would have been mean from someone else but just sounded like a question from Stiles.

"Why would it really matter Mrs. Neer?"

There was no answer from the woman before Derek heard her turn around and walk away from the house once again. He assumed the lady had shrugged her shoulders at Stiles' last comment.

When Stiles turned around, shutting the door before doing so, Derek raised his eyebrow.

"I don't really care about her; she thinks everything I do is going to make my dad lose his job. I learned a long time ago to just ignore it, if he hasn't lost it because of my normal shenanigans yet, those aren't going to be the reason he loses it. Back to what you were about to say."

With just that last sentence, Derek knew that the spotlight was on him, he had Stiles' full attention, even if his attention span was a little spotty.

So Derek started from the beginning, awkwardness and all. "At first, when we first met, I seriously thought you were the most annoying person in the world. And for a long time after that, even though I thought I might be opening up to you a little more, you were still this annoying high school kid. You talked a lot, you never sat still, and you were always off topic. We would be at pack meetings and you would just drive my wolf senses into overdrive. Every little move you made would make me want to jump on you, and don't smirk 'cause it would not have been good, and probably tear your throat out with my teeth. And you would always interrupt what I was saying or you would mutter weird things just to see if the wolves would say anything. Or maybe you were just talking to Scott and didn't think about the fact that you were in a room with a bunch of werewolves that could hear every single word that you said. Then, after a while and one of our closer scares with the evil supernatural, I felt something…weird. And don't look at me with a look that means you think what I just was adorable, it really wasn't. I was really starting to warm up to you, wanted to be near you more, and I thought that it was just because you were my pack and I was supposed to feel that way. But I didn't feel the same way for the others that I did for you. So I started climbing into your bedroom window to see if you would say anything. Every time I saw you I could tell you felt different but I didn't know if it was increasing hatred, especially after I almost had Lydia killed, or if you were starting to feel the same way that I had been feeling for a long time. After a while I really started hoping for the latter. You sort of became my obsession after a while, which I'm not really proud to say, again. That's when I started watching you more and noticed that you liked little kids and that you were really good with them." Derek took a deep breath, having rushed through all of that once again. He noticed that Stiles was still keeping up with him, or at least Stiles was acting like he was still keeping up. Derek wasn't sure but he decided to just keep going and answer questions after he was done. " I had happened to talk to Laura about coming over for a visit and I was trying to come up with a way to get you to come over at the same time when she would have shown up when Scott texted me saying that you guys needed a place to crash for the night. Really, I couldn't believe how lucky I had been, especially when Laura then told me that they would be coming." Derek looked down at the ground as a red, foreign blush creeped up his cheeks. "By then, I had pretty much figured out everything. I had a crush on you, and my wolf did too."

Stiles' eyes were wide, pretty much telling Derek that he had no clue what to say. This was a feat all in itself since no one was ever able to get Stiles to shut up.

The first few moments of Stiles' silence were okay, Derek knew that Stiles had already heard that once before and had kissed him, but after that Derek started feeling a little nervous. What if Stiles' initial reaction had been shock or something? What if the teenager hadn't meant to kiss him? What if Stiles had been expecting someone else? Derek gulped at the thought.

When Stiles got up out of his seat at the table, Derek wasn't paying attention. By the look on his face, Stiles' assumed that Derek was thinking about something pretty intense. Stiles really didn't even want to think about what the were wolf could have been thinking about, he doubted himself enough that he really didn't need to doubt himself on this. Not one thought that seemed to put down his actions would be let out through his mind, or his mouth. What Stiles needed to do now was act on impulse, to not over think what he was going to do. He could be impulsive; he was quite good at that sometimes.

Trying not to think about what was happening and the far-away look on Derek's face, Stiles moved over to stand in front of the werewolf. Stiles put his hands on either side of Derek's face, pulling his head so he was looking up at him. The far-away look went away and was taken over by something that looked like a smile. He couldn't be quite sure, Derek never really smiled.

"Stiles, you do understand what I just told you right? About my wolf?"

"Of course I do Derek," the teenager said, taking one hand off of Derek's cheeks and taking his index finger to run it lightly down Derek's jawline. "I get what you said, it was pretty clear even the first time you said it."

"And you still want to be this close to me?"

"It's not like you are going to hurt me Derek."

"There's always a possibility Stiles."

Stiles didn't look Derek in the eyes; he focused on where his index finger was trailing along the older man's hair line. He made a noise that sounded very noncommittal to Derek, the kind of noise someone makes when they are too distracted or don't feel like using the energy to say 'yeah right'. Derek got the feeling that that was what Stiles was trying to say. He wanted to fight the teen and tell him that there was a chance that one day in the future he could get hurt because of Derek. And he wasn't going to promise that it would be because of the Alpha coming too close to the surface, there was always the chance that Derek would mess up what could possibly be the best thing in his life by uttering just a few words or performing one simple action. He didn't want to hurt Stiles, Alpha or not. He could pretty much promise that he would do more damage to himself than the Sheriff could even think of doing to him.

"Hey Derek," Stiles said, finally actually looking at the werewolf, "Is this going to give me any sort of seniority in the pack?"

Derek had to think about that question, he really hadn't been around a pack where seniority meant anything in a long time. He supposed being a mate would give you some sort of seniority but what would it give Stiles if they hadn't yet mated and his pack was still very young and none of them really knew anything about how a pack worked? They were all getting better, Derek included, but he wasn't sure how everyone would react to learning that he and Stiles were doing anything with each other. He had to think back to his parents and his pack, his first pack, even though it hurt him to do so. From the stories he had heard about his parents, he knew that his dad had been picked to be the next Alpha from a young age but he hadn't been Alpha when he and Derek's mom had gotten together. Did that mean the seniority didn't come with being a mate? Sometimes Derek hated it that he didn't already know this stuff. He hadn't been trained to be Alpha, Laura had, but Laura had fallen for someone who hadn't known about werewolves or pack dynamics and had chosen to leave the pack instead of telling her mate right away.

"Stiles, I'm really not sure. It really depends on how everyone in the pack acts once they find out about us."

Stiles sat down in Derek's lap, acting like he had expected that kind of answer, and put his head down on the older male's shoulder. "Okay, I can deal with that. Um, Derek?"

Derek nodded.

"Before we get into telling the pack and figuring out what our little mating thing will entail, do you think we should tell my dad about everything?"

"What do you mean by everything? I'm assuming you don't just mean you want to tell him about us."

Stiles shook his head. "No, I mean that I think we should tell him everything. Like when Scott became a werewolf and how all of the mountain lion attacks were really werewolves and all of the other werewolf business. And then we should probably tell him about us too."


"Okay? You do realize that my dad is probably going to first want to kill you for all the werewolf stuff and then he is probably going to threaten you with guns, that we have multiple of in this house at this very moment, if you hurt me?"

"Yeah, I realize."

"And you're okay with this?"


"Okay, you are probably leading yourself to your funeral, or at least planning your funeral, but whatever."