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My first day at my new school in some town in Canada called Whitechapel. I stopped in front of the entrance and let out a breath. 'Alright, Aria, you can do this.' I opened the door and walked in. Students flurried around me, talking, walking to class, and standing at their lockers. I was able to find the front office and get my schedule. "Have a wonderful first day, dear!" The nice old secretary called as I walked out the door. I managed to find my locker, where two nerdy (but kind of cute) guys were talking to a pretty girl nearby. She looked older, so I assumed she was an upperclassman. I opened my locker with little difficulty and was putting my books away when a blonde kid randomly appeared next to me.

"Hey, hotness! You must be new here. I'm Rory, but you can call me R-dog, R-man, the Rorster… or Batman!" I suppressed the urge to giggle at his eccentric-ness. "So what's your name, sweetness?" He asked.

"Aria, Aria Monet." I smiled. He was funny, like a little puppy, begging to be paid attention to and played with.

"Aria, short for angel, perhaps?" He was pulled away by the two nerdy boys by my locker.

"Sorry about him, he's- Whoa." The taller one looked me over with a smile. "Well, hello beautiful." He leaned against my locker with a wink. "I don't believe I've seen such a pretty face around here before."

"Oh shut up Benny." The pretty girl who was talking to the boys said. She pushed past the tall boy and smiled apologetically. "Sorry about them, they're… well, incredibly-"

"Handsome?" The tall brunette interjected.

"Awesome?" The shorter blonde added.

"Stupid." She finished. I laughed, and she stuck out her hand. "I'm Sarah, nice to meet you."

"Aria, same." Sarah was my height, with dark tan skin, long dark hair, huge eyes, and a thin body with a huge chest.

"You've already met Benny and Rory." She gestured to the tall brunette, Benny, and the small blonde, Rory.

"I'm Ethan." The other brunette boy said. I shook his hand as well, but he froze, holding my hand without moving it.

His body relaxed and he looked at me strangely. "Uh, ha ha, um, we have to get to class." He grabbed Sarah and Benny and pulled them away. Rory stayed, smiling at me, until Ethan yelled out "Rory!" and the blonde turned to catch up with them, calling back to me "Later, sweetness!"

"Huh." I said to myself as I watched them walk away, conversing with each other. They seemed suspicious. I shut my locker and looked at my schedule. "Now… where do I find room 223A?"

-Benny P.O.V.-

Oh my god. That girl was incredible. She said her name was Aria Monet. She was so hot, with a short body like Sarah, but a smaller, more proportionate chest. She had long, two-toned hair, white-blonde underneath and light brown on top, lightly tanned skin and bright green eyes. She was like walking perfection! I had been putting the moves on her when I was rudely pulled away from the future Mrs. Benny Weir by Sarah. When Ethan shook her hand, I could tell that he was having a vision. That meant this babe-o-licious girl was going to be in trouble! Or cause trouble for us. Ethan snapped out of his haze and hastily said goodbye, pulling us away. I looked over my shoulder at the babe one last time.

"Guys, I had a vision." Ethan said.

"What now?" Sarah whined.

"That girl… she's like Benny."

"What?!" Sarah, Rory and I asked simultaneously.

"I saw it in my vision! She was helping benny do a spell."

"She's perfect!" I cried.

"What exactly were they doing? What should we look out for?" Sarah asked.

"I dunno." Ethan shook his head "I guess just keep an eye out for anything strange."

"Strange? In this town? No…" I said sarcastically.

We all chuckled to ourselves and walked our separate ways to class.

I walked into my first period and immediately went to my seat. However, there was a wonderful surprise in my seat when I got there. "Well hello there, beautiful"

Aria looked up and smiled at me. "Hello handsome. Or is it Benny?" She chuckled lightly.

I flicked my hair back "Names Benny." I leaned closer to her, propping my hands on the desk. "But you can call me handsome any time you'd like."

"Is that a promise?" She said, smirking, staring me right in the eyes.

I gulped. Girls never flirted back with me. "Uh, uh, uh, you're in my seat." I stammered.

"Oh! I'm sor-" She stood up fast and knocked her head against my forehead. In unison, we grabbed at our heads and cried "Ow!"

Then Aria's purse fell off the desk and spilled most of its contents on the floor around us.

She squeaked and we both went down to retrieve her things, me apologizing, and her saying "Oh, god!" But before we reached the floor, we bumped into each other again, this time we managed to fall over and entangle our limbs together.

"Oh man, we're just accident-prone around each other, aren't we?" She giggled.

I nodded, secretly freaking about how close together we were. I was leaning back on the floor, and she was kneeling in between my legs pressed against my chest, her arms between mine. "Yeah. Heh, heh…."

She got off me and we gathered her stuff up and put it back in her bag.

"Thanks." She smiled "I'm going to go find a new seat. It's nice talking to you. Maybe I can sit with you and your friends at lunch?"

"Yeah, definitely." I nodded.

"Awesome! See you later, Benny." She waved, walking away.

"Bye Aria…" I said breathlessly. She was beautiful. I couldn't pay attention at all for the rest of class. I couldn't concentrate on the work! Aria didn't seem to have any trouble though, I noticed. Maybe she didn't feel anything?

I walked into my house after school to find my grandma talking and smiling with… Aria? "Heeyy grandma… what's going on?" I asked cautiously.

Aria looked over and her eyes widened in surprise. "Benny! Hi!" She greeted with a smile.

"Hi Aria… What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Aria and I were just chatting about spells. She's an Earth Priestess too." Grandma said.

"Cool! I guess Ethan's vision was right after all!" I smiled.

"Ethan's… vision?" Aria looked confused.

"You didn't get to that part?" I asked grandma. She shrugged, and I continued. "Ethan is a seer, and Sarah, Rory, and Erica- you haven't met her yet – are vampires."

"Sweet! I wondered why Ethan was so weird this morning when I shook his hand, but I didn't expect Sarah and Rory to be vampires!" She said.

"Well Sarah is just a fledgling. So uh, what are you doing here?" I tried again.

"Your grandma invited me over to talk about you, actually." She stood up and walked over to me, wrapping an arm around my back. Smiling up at me she sweetly said "I am going to be watch over you all and make sure you don't get into too much trouble."

"Us, trouble? Noo…" I waved it off and smirked down at the short girl "I'd like to get in some trouble with you." I said, my voice low.

"Oh, really?" She smirked back, voice low as well.

"If you two are done flirting…" Grandma cut in.

Aria stepped away from me. "See you tomorrow, Benny. Bye Mrs. Weir! We simply must chat again soon!" She gave a two fingered salute and left.

"She's perfect." I sighed after her, watching her leave.

"Don't get distracted, Benny." Grandma whacked me over the head "You have to practice spells young man." She dragged me away.

-Aria's P.O.V.-

That Friday, I was invited to Ethan's house to hang out with them all, so I could get to know them. Benny and I were already pretty close, and so were Rory and I. So now I just had to win over Ethan, Sarah, and Erica! I learned that Sarah is Ethan and his little sister's babysitter, and she babysits every Friday night until around 10 when Ethan's parents get back from their date.

Walking up to the door, I rang the doorbell. A woman, probably Ethan's mother, opened the door. "Hello." She greeted with a smile "Can I help you?"

"Um, is Ethan home?" I asked hesitantly, hoping I was at the right house.

"Yes he is. What's your name, sweetie?"


She turned back and called inside "Ethan! Your friend Aria is here!"

There was a scuffle inside, and then Benny popped in the doorway, followed by Ethan and Rory. "Aria!" Benny and Rory cried happily. Ethan said hello more modestly.

I laughed "Hey guys!" and stepped inside.

Inside, Ethan's home was rather nice. Just in front of the door was a set of stairs going up, to the left was a living room, and further inside there was a dining room and a kitchen. In the living room sat Sarah with a small girl. Ethan's sister?

The little girl popped up and ran over to greet me. "Hi, I'm Jane."

"Hello Jane, I'm Aria." I smiled down at her.

"Do you like Dance Dance Revolution?" She asked.

"Yeah, it's a fun game." I nodded.

"Perfect!" Jane smiled "Let's play!" She grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to the game mat on the floor.

"Jane, let her go. We were going to hang out with her." Ethan said, coming over to separate me and Jane.

"When did you get so popular? I thought Benny and Rory were your only friends… now you have girl friends!" The little girl remarked, annoyed.

I snorted, hiding my laugh behind my hand, and Ethan made a noise of indignation. "Jane!" He whined.

"We're off, now you kids behave!" A male voice said from the door. "Wait, I don't know you."

I turned to see an older guy standing with Ethan's mom. He must be Ethan's dad. I gave him my best smile and walked to him, my hand out. "Hello, I'm Aria Monet. I've just moved here."

He shook my hand "Nice to meet you, Aria. I'm Ethan's dad. Sorry to greet and dash, but I do believe we have a date." He smiled at his wife "Bye, kids!"

I turned back to Ethan, Sarah, Rory, Jane, and Benny. "So, are we going to party or what?" I asked, putting my hands on my hips.

"Party!" Benny and Rory whooped.

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