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"This is the unholiest abandoned veterinary hospital I've ever seen. I put the chances of seeing canis spectralis at a max." the TV said.

I was at Ethan's house with the boys, Ethan, Benny, and Rory, watching some dumb TV show they seem to be obsessed over. I laid on Benny and Ethan, with my head on Benny's lap and my back resting on Ethan's lap and my feet propped up on the arm of the couch. I sighed lazily as the TV went on.

Something crashed and the guy said "Something's here. I smelt it, but the spirit world dealt it." I almost laughed at that lame line. The TV was drowned out by Rory munching on chips.

"Rory!" Ethan complained "Vampires don't even food!"

"You know I'm a stress eater." he said through a mouthful of chips.

"Doug's fearless." Benny said after the Doug guy said something about not being afraid "He's a machine designed to like, delete fear from itself."

The TV showed a door and announced "Hey everybody! We're live outside the door of this years 'Day with Doug' winner. This super fan gets to hang with me and go on a scare-find in his own town."

I rolled my eyes. It seemed stupid, but the guys seemed into it.

The guy on TV rang the doorbell, at the same time Ethan's doorbell rang.

He scoffed and turned to look at it. "Ugh, come on! Who would bother us now?" he groaned. The doorbell rang again twice and he stood up, removing my back from his lap and placing me back down on the couch, and going to the door.

"That kid must have a crazy luck bonus. Like a plus-six." Rory said.

"I automatically hate this jerk." Benny complained "He should be me, and he isn't."

"Poor baby." I teasingly pouted, stroking his cheek.

On the TV, the door opened to reveal a kid. Not just any kid, but ETHAN.

"No freaking way." I said. The guy greeted Ethan on TV.

"Ethan, you'll never believe who won the contest!" Benny called.

"Are you Ethan?" the guy on TV asked.

"...Hi." Ethan awkwardly said.

"Aw man, he totally bombed that…" I moaned, covering my face in shame for Ethan.

We stood in Ethan's room as the Doug guy checked it out. "I dig your decorating style, Ethan." he complimented.

Ethan smiled, while Benny said, "Ow. Ow. Ow." pinching himself. I nudged his ribcage hoping to bring him to reality.

"He's here. It's real. This is happening." Ethan whispered to us.

"Dude, this is off several hooks." Rory breathed dreamily, floating up in the air.

Ethan quickly pulled him back down.

"I don't believe what I'm seeing!" Doug said. We all looked at him to see him admiring an action figure. "There's an action figure of me?" he asked happily.

"No, I made that out of other figures." Ethan explained "See, you have wolverines groin, but no one has awesome hair like you do, so I had to sculpt that myself.

Doug gave a thumbs-up saying "Yeah!"

I snickered. Ethan said groin. It sounds so silly coming from his mouth.

Doug placed it next to another action figure, a vampire. "Now tiny Doug can kill a vampire."

Realization hit Ethan's face and he brought us together. "Guys, Guys. I know this is the most awesome thing that has ever happened ever, but it is also a complete disaster."

Benny looked at him in disgust. "Bunk. You couldn't name 5 reasons why."

Ethan held up his hand. Counting off his fingers he said "Doug hunts paranormal stuff. Erica's a vampire. Rory's a vampire. Sarah's a vampire."

"You're an idiot." I supplied as the last one.

"Five. You got lucky. And aren't you supposed to be on my side?" he asked me.

I shrugged in response.

Doug was looking at a book. "Huh, I'm pretty quotable."

"You have to stay away from Doug." Ethan told Rory "It's too risky."

"Are you kidding me dude? I was a geek before I became lord of the night, no way am I passing up the chance to be /his/ assistant." Rory said.

"Usually the girls buy the calendars..." Doug said, looking over at Ethan questionably.

"Oh, haha, my sister got that for me." he lied. Probably. "Okay fine, we can hang out with Doug." he whispered to us "But we have to keep him away from Sarah."

The next day I happily bounded down the stairs to answer the ringing doorbell, wearing a cute gray sweater that said "Free Hugs", dark denim skinny jeans, slouchy flat black boots, and a crocheted cream beanie. I opened the door to a smiling Benny wearing a dorky red t-shirt with Doug's TV show logo on it, a short light tan vest, khaki cargo pants and army boots. In his hands he held up a matching set... for me. I took one look at the outfit and his cheeky smile and plainly said "No."

"Aw, but, come on, please?" he asked as I grabbed my oversized black fringed purse that served as my school bag and shut the door, locking it.

"No Benny. I'm not gonna wear your little nerd uniform."

"But why noooottt?" he whined.

"I'll ride in the truck with you though." I bartered.

"Ok. Can I get a hug?"

"Yes, come here cuddle bear." I cooed as we embraced. We walked to the van with his arm around my shoulder and got in the back.

"Hey guys." I greeted, and then noticed they were all wearing the same uniform "Oh my god. I had no idea it was dress-like-a-dork day." I cracked up "Don't you guys look so cute, all matchy-matchy." I nearly fell over laughing. I caught my breath and sat up, still feeling giddy. I looked at their pouty faces and felt a teeny-tiny bit sadfor my laughter. But not much. "I'm sorry guys, you just took me by surprise is all." I apologized to the hurt looks on their faces.

"It's ok." Ethan smiled.

"You guys look..." I bit my lip to keep from giggling, but it was too great a need and I snorted. Like, serious pig-snort. I froze in shock as the boys collapsed in laughter. A smile cracked its way to my face as I laughed too, leaning against Benny for support.

When we all finally stopped laughing, Benny said "Now wasn't that ladylike?" and Ethan imitated the snort, which sent us all into a fit of laughter again.

We eventually got to school, after we had calmed down, and stepped out of the truck.

"I can't believe we got a ride to school in the vamp camper!" Rory said.

"I can't believe you guys had your own suits." Doug said appreciatively.

"I can't believe you wanted me to wear one." I said to Benny.

"Let's hit it." Doug said, and we walked off to class.

Or, we tried to. Walking down the hallway, we got mobbed by fans asking for Doug's autograph.

"Alright rugrats, don't crowd Mr. Falconhawk. One line, one line." Rory told the mob.

"Hey, you guys go on ahead to chemistry, I've gotta swing by my locker." Ethan excused himself. As we walked away I noticed that he was with sarah.

"I gotta go to English, Benny. I'll see you after class." I smiled up at Benny and rose up on my toes to hug him. I nuzzled my face into his neck as he put his arms around me, squeezing lightly.

"Bye Aria." he said when we let go, and I kissed his cheek goodbye.

After class Benny came racing over to get me. "Come on! Doug's gonna show us some of his scare findings!" I gave him a "Really?" look but let him drag me along anyway.

Outside, we stood at the back of Doug's van as he pulled out pieces of "scare findings".

"Where's Rory?" I asked Benny.

"Ethan sent him across town to find Doug a latte."

"Check this stuff out!" Doug exclaimed, going through a duffel bag "Sasquatch footprint." he pulled out a really big clay footprint "Jar of ectoplasm from a Sasquatch ghost." a jar of light green liquid. I rolled my eyes. "Werewolf claw!" he tossed a fake-looking werewolf claw to Ethan, who caught it. "Best camping trip ever!" Doug said excitedly.

Ethan looked the claw over, and held it to try and get a vision from it. Nothing. "Are you sure it's real?" he asked "It should have reverted back to human form after it was cut off."

I noticed Doug's look and tried to save my friend "I mean, that's what we've read on Wikipedia." I gave an awkward laugh.

"Wikipedia." Doug scoffed, and tossed a gadget to Benny.

"Is that an undead detector?" he asked hopefully. Doug smiled and nodded. Benny and Ethan got excited until it started beeping.

"It's picking something up!" Doug said, getting up from the van. "Something close! Gear up!" He yelled to us, disappearing into the van.

"What's up fools?" Rory asked from behind us. The detector went crazy.

I grabbed it quickly and smashed it against the truck.

"Oh, look, it stopped beeping. Must be broken." I shrugged and smiled as sweetly as possible.

"Bummer!" Doug pouted, stepping out of the van. Noticing Rory, he smiled and said "Hey gopher! Where've you been?"

"Scoring you a latte!" Rory handed him the coffee. "It's a type of coffee." he nodded to us.

Taking a drink, Doug said "Let's roll!" and hopped in the truck.

I got in with Benny (against my will) and we drove off.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Back to my house." Ethan answered.


Back at Ethan's house Benny, Ethan and I sat at the counter in the middle of the kitchen. Or, more like I sat on the counter since there was only two chairs.

Ethan's phone rang and he got up and walked behind us to answer it. "Sarah? What's up?"

I slid off the counter and took Ethan's abandoned chair. "You snooze you lose." I said with a smile when he came back.

Doug came over from the stove and poured something brown on the plate in front of me. "The Falconhawk forest fry." he said "This is what I'm chewing on when I'm in the bushes looking for El Chupacabra. Canned spam, canned beans, and pineapple chunks, from a can."

I looked down in horror "On second thought, you can have your seat back." I slid out of the seat and hopped up on a counter away from them.

"Awesome!" benny cried "The pineapple is wicked caramelized!" he and Doug high-dived. My mouth fell open in disgust. This is my boyfriend?

"Eat up; we'll need all of our energy for an all-night terror stake out. That means you too, Aria."

"Stake out?" Ethan and I squeaked out together.

"I'm not just here to cook sweetheart, we're gonna find some scares." Doug said.

"Where?" Ethan asked, excited.

"Rule number six: Where bodies lay, Scares will play. The graveyard." Doug smiled. Benny got up to put his plate in the sink and I got down from the counter to steal his seat.

Ethan's smile dropped and he cried out "No!" and we all looked at him in confusion.

"Why not?" Doug asked.

"Because..." Ethan looked around "My house is haunted!"

Doug and Benny looked at each other then back at Ethan and asked simultaneously "It is?"

"Uh... yeah, it is." he nodded.

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Benny asked.

"Slipped my mind." Ethan tried to laugh it off.

"Still..." Benny pouted, walking over to his chair which I was currently sitting on "You're in my chair."

"Yes. Yes I am." I replied.

"If you don't get up, I'm gonna sit on you." he threatened.

"Go ahead." I grinned wickedly "I'll just tickle you."

"That gives me an idea... Ethan! Get her other side!" Benny yelled to his friend, and suddenly both boys were tickling my sides.

I shrieked out in laughter. "No! Hahahaha please... Hahaha please stop!"

"Hey guys! Come in here, I'm setting up a ghost grid!" Doug called from the living room.

The boys stopped their merciless tickling and cried "Cool!" and dashed to the living room. Catching my breath, I followed hesitantly.

"How come you never told me this place was haunted?" Benny asked Ethan. "I'm your friend!"

Doug's phone rang some rock music and he picked it up, yelling "Boo!" into the receiver. "Scared ya!" he said to whoever was on the line "Hey, Jerry! How's the best producer in the world? Hold on, I'm gonna put you on speaker phone. Let you guys listen in on some showbiz chatter." he said to us, then out the phone out in front of him and pressed a button.

"Makowski, the ratings on your last episode were like a disease!" Jerry exploded through the phone "You're putting people to sleep! It's all "Ooh, what a squeak that floor made" or "Oh man, I hope that table didn't move!"" The producer mocked "Unless the scare finder actually finds something this week, you can kiss your joke of a show goodbye!" he hung up.

"That was harsh." I said.

"Your show's in Trouble? But it's awesome! The last episode rocked!" Ethan told him.

"It was weak. It's always weak! I've never even actually seen anything!" Doug collapsed into an armchair, depressed. "And this ghost grid, it's never found a ghost!" he turned the lasers off.

"Uh, why'd he call you Makowski?" Benny asked.

"My real name's Doug Makowski." Doug said defeatedly "Falconhawk is made up."

Benny put his hands to his head, looking like his whole world just collapsed. I rubbed his back in sympathy. The doorbell rang and Ethan said "Rory's here with your biscotti." and went to open the door. "Maybe that will get this party going."

Doug pulled out some sort of weird giant camera.

Sarah burst through the door instead of Rory. "I need blood. Help me!" She all but snarled.

"Ethan squeaked out something I couldn't hear, but I knew it had to do with Doug.

"Oh no! I'm paralyzed by terror." Sarah said sarcastically, pushing past Ethan and walking to us in the living room.

"What good is a camera that sees vampires when there are no vampires to see?" Doug sniffled, looking in the camera. He scanned it across the room.

Oh crap. Maybe it won't work.

"Holy cow, a vampire!" He cried.

Oh shit. It worked.

"What? No, this is just a girl I know. Who just showed up to leave." Ethan said, turning to push Sarah out.

"Oh give me a break!" Sarah snarled, turning and hissing at Doug, completely vamped out.

Doug dropped his camera. "A vampire. A vampire!" he got up from the chair and ran out.

"Looks like I broke your hero." Sarah said. "Can you science me some new blood?" she sounded desperate.

"He saw you!" Ethan said, terrified.

"Yeah, and he really looked like he was going to do something about it." she said sarcastically. "The guy is a total poser." an arrow shot through the room and embedded its tip into the wall next to Sarah's head. I screamed in shock, clutching on to Benny.

"A real vampire." Doug said from across the room, crossbow in hand. "The haters on my blog can eat it!"

He chased Sarah out the door.

"Ooh... Sarah's in trouble." Ethan squeaked.

"Yeah. Doug is awesome!" Benny said happily.

"Benny!" I yelled, smacking his arm.

"Ow! What?"

Before I could yell at him for being ignorant, Rory sped through the door. "The best I could do was a danish. Did I miss anything?" he asked, holding a pastry.

"Come on you guys! We have to go save Sarah!" I cried.

"We can watch the feed from his camera in his van!" Benny said.

"Then let's go!" I pulled on his arm, dashing through the door.

"This episode is gonna be awesome!" Benny said. We were in the van, watching Doug's camera feed from the van.

"Really Benny?" I asked in annoyance.

"This is bad." Ethan said, troubled.

"Hey, let's not say things we can't take back." Rory said.

"There's an audio feed!" Benny said triumphantly, and played it.

"Alright Makowski, we're going live with this. It better be ratings gold!" the producer warned "We're interrupting Biggest Bravest Babies!"

"This is huge Jerry." Doug said on-screen. "The world's first televised Vampire kill! This bloodsucker's dead. Again."

"Guys..." I trailed off.

"We gotta do something!" Ethan finished for me.

"Do you think Doug would kill Sarah?" Benny asked worriedly.

"Even if he doesn't, the whole world is gonna know she's a vampire! This town will be crawling with guys like Doug!" Ethan said.

"Plus spooky government scientists." I shuddered.

"What do we do? I mean, Doug's our hero... And I don't want to use mine or Aria's arcane powers to rip his soul from his mortal body." Benny smirked.

"You make it sound like so much fun." I smirked as well.

"Good thing you're bad at magic Benny. We'll restrain you, Aria."

"Doug wants a show about vampires?" Ethan looked like he had an idea "We'll give him one."

At the warehouse, we were all putting on costume make up, except Rory.

"This by far the weakest fight preparation in the history of showdowns." Benny complained as Ethan put stuff on his eyebrows.

"I think you look pretty sexy." I smiled over my shoulder, applying my own vampire makeup.

"We're not gonna fight Doug. He needs to think he was wrong about what he saw." Ethan explained in his ridiculous werewolf-mechanic costume. "So we're gonna put on a show like something out of those Dusk novels. Look, here comes Sarah. Benny, Aria, go get into position."

"Yes sir!" I saluted goofily.

"Who gave you a happy pill?" Benny asked as we walked to our spots.

"Your lips." I smirked.

"Sweet." he murmured, leaning down to kiss me.

"Not like that!" I giggled, pushing him away "Your lipstick. It's hilarious!"

"You said I look sexy!" he accused.

"You do, baby." I patted his arm "You just also look extremely funny!"

We watched Doug as he walked through the warehouse. "Triggerus Coolius." Benny whispered, freezing the trigger on Doug's crossbow.

Ethan howled and walked out of his hiding spot, in clear sight of Doug. He growled and snarled at Doug. "You trespassed, Human. On ground that is not yours."

I covered my mouth to stifle my giggle.

"I'm tracking a vampire, your eternal foe!" he called to Ethan, pointing at him.

"You've tracked my forbidden girlfriend!" Ethan snarled.

"And my future vampire wife." Benny said smoothly, walking out. "I am Fangstorm, the vampire. If you have harmed my love, then I will totally... Vampire you."

I shook my head in despair.

"Bonnie prefers me, Greg! The werewolf mechanic with a good heart."

"Bonnie and I have an arranged marriage." Benny said as he and Ethan began to circle each other "The tradition has lasted for like a million years, and... It's really important!"

"No, stop! Stop this madness!" Sarah cried, running in.

That was my cue. "Princess! We've found you!" I ran out, grabbing hold of her "You know you cannot run off with guards to protect you."

Doug said something we were too far away to hear, but Sarah's vampire hearing picked it up and she said "I heard that, you jerk!" getting back in character she said "Fangstorm, Greg. Please do not make me choose between love, and the super ancient tradition of our people."

"You must choose, princess!" I commanded.

"This is so stupid!" Sarah hissed to Ethan.

"You're character wouldn't say that!" he hissed back.

"I, Fangstorm, challenge this dog to a wicked spin-kick fight." Benny said, backing out of sight.

All of a sudden Benny flew through the air and hit Ethan, knocking them both down. I swore as they made an impact against the ground.

They tussled around and Benny yelled out "I am Fangstorm!"

"Let's go get Doug." I suggested to Sarah. We ran over to him.

"I beg of you. Please, Mr. Falconhawk, you can't let them kill each other. You're the only human who can help."

"We cannot risk losing our prince!" I added.

"Do I keep my hunters instincts in check and play peacemaker?" he thought aloud, walking around us "Or do I bag myself two vampires and write my name in the history books? Yeah, I'll do that one." he knocked the ice off the trigger of his crossbow and turned, pointing the weapon. I shrieked, hiding behind Sarah, and she kicked him, sending him flying all the way to the boys, still fighting on the floor.

"Sarah! Did you have to kick him so hard?" Ethan whined.

"Ethan! Shhh!" Benny shushed him. But it was too late.

"Ethan? Benny? What is this?" he turned and squinted at me "Aria?" I gave an awkward finger-wiggle wave.

"Hi, Doug." Ethan said awkwardly.

We were outside Ethan's house as Doug loaded up his truck. "I'm sorry, Doug! But when you showed up, we thought it would be awesome to be on TV." Ethan apologized.

"I was live. I'm ruined! How could you do that to a guy? I just wanted to make a fans day."

"And maybe shoot a vampire." Sarah said, still cranky from her lack of blood.

"Yeah, maybe! On camera! Instead I get punked by a Dusk convention."

"Sorry, Doug, we just - we wanted-"

Doug cut Ethan off "I don't know why you would wanna destroy your own hero, just to get on tv! Dressing up as monsters, rigging my camera so that girl would show up as a vampire! Kids weren't like this before NoobieTube. Here." he grabbed some gear from his van and putting it in Benny's arms, along with his - wig? "You might as well keep these worthless things." Benny and Ethan Looked at it horror, I stared in disgust.

"All packed up Mr. Falconhawk." Rory said, coming out of the truck, shocked at Doug's new baldness. "Fresh latte in the cup holders."

"Thanks Rory." Doug said sadly, shutting the back doors "I think I need a rule number eleven: Some scares aren't worth finding." he left to the front of his truck.

"Thanks for helping me, and protecting Whitechapel's secret." Sarah said. "You did the right thing. Kind of like a hero." she smiled. "Oh! And I'm never being Bonnie again, no matter what."

"I'm sorry guys." Ethan turned to Benny, Rory and I.

"I can't talk right now. Everything I believed in was a wig." Benny said depressed.

"It's ok baby. You'll survive." I hugged him, putting my head against his chest.

Doug came back around from the front of the truck. "Camper won't start. You're not a real mechanic, are you? Or is that part a lie too?" he asked Ethan. Ethan shook his head no. "Yeah..." Doug trailed off "Worst episode ever."

Days later, we all sat on the couch to watch some tv. Due to limited space, I sat in between Benny's legs, leaning against him, and he had his arms wrapped loosely around my hips.

"Whitechapel," Doug said on the TV "The boring town with the one-trophy school and the lukewarm lattes." the camera cut to a video feed of our little 'show' "No scares to be found here, only lies and pranks. The only real reason for you to visit is if you want your show to be cancelled too."

"Well he's not bitter at all." Sarah deadpanned.

"Nope. Totally not." I smirked.

"Did you see that? We got on TV!" Benny chuckled.

"But this isn't the end of Doug Falconhawk. Starting next month, I could be coming to your town an pulling a wicked prank on you and your friends!" Doug said "Get ready for Doug Falconhawk Prank Blaster!" the screen cut to him doing a bunch of lame pranks, like smashing a pie in some kids face and ding-dong-ditching.

"Nice. I can't wait to watch Doug prank-blast some chump." Benny said.

"As long as he stays away from us." Ethan said.

"I'd love to show him up." I grinned like a crazy person.

"You pull pranks?" Benny asked in disbelief.

"Of course. Watch out for April first. No one ever suspects the sweet little girl."

"You aren't so sweet." he teased. I laughed and twisted around to kiss him.

"Gah! Come on guys, PDA!" Rory cried in disgust, shielding his eyes.

"Not at my house you two..." Ethan Complained.

"Poo. Fine." I pouted, pushing out my lower lip. "But I'll get you later." I whispered huskily into Benny's ear. His arms tightened around my waist and trapped me against his chest. For the rest of the night he blew small trickles of air in my ear, and every time I would try to hold back from squirming with pleasure. It almost drove me crazy when he put his head on my shoulder, pretending to watch the show, and placed small kisses on my neck.

After the shows were over and we all decided to go home, I asked Benny "You wanna walk me home?"

"Sure, sweetness." he smiled.

We said goodbye to Ethan and walked out the door hand-in-hand. After a few minutes of comfortably silent walking I stopped. Benny continued on a few steps before he felt the pull on his arm and stopped.

"What's up? You ok?" he asked.

I smirked up at him. "You didn't think I wouldn't get you back after what you did, did you? I meant what I said when I said that I'd get you later."

Benny looked intrigued, and a little turned on. He stepped close to me. "What did you have in mind?" he asked his voice a bit lower.

"You'll just have to find out." I said huskily. "You know, my parents are out for the night, you could come over for a bit, and we could play some... Games." I ran my fingers down his chest and looked up at him through my eyelashes suggestively.

"What kind of games?" He whispered. We were eye-to-eye now, our noses touching.

"Survival of the fittest."

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