The itchy white sheets chafed her legs as she sat upright in bed. Her hand flew to her neck. It hurt like hell. She almost regretted sitting up, but then she remembered that her phone buzzed. She looked at it. She would have dropped her jaw in shock if it didn't hurt so much. There were about 30 new tweets lighting up the dark background on her phone wishing her a fast recovery. She scrolled through them, her thumb gliding over the smooth glass. There were tweets from Jane Lynch, people she never even thought would notice her! Something caught her eye. She stopped scrolling. Dee.

"Thinking about KChenoweth hope shes ok."

Her nose twitched involuntarily. It had been so long since they had talked. She thought Idina hated her for that night. But now, after all these years…

Kristin pulled her white duvet up to her chest and laid back against the headboard of her bed, fingering the silky cloth. What did it mean? She asked herself. Nothing. A harsh voice in her head replied back, It was simply a polite "Get well soon" tweet like all the others. But she knew it was more than that. At least, she hoped it was.

She picked up her phone and looked at the tweet again. Her finger hovered over the reply button for a second or two before she changed her mind and threw the phone to the other side of the bed and recoiled from it as if it were an evil talisman.

After a few moments spent shivering with her knees pulled up to her chest, staring at the iPhone on the other side of the cream colored bed, Kristin cautiously crawled across the downy duvet until she was huddling over her forsaken phone. Maybe she was going a little crazy, she didn't care. This was a big moment in her life; besides, who wouldn't go crazy for Idina?

Her mind was made up. She quickly slammed her finger on the reply button and started typing.

"thank you. You do not know how much this means to me. I love you."

She scrunched up her nose and backspaced the whole message. It was a little too much. What if Idina's tweet was meant to be polite? She'd never know. She decided to take a more comical approach.

"thank you, dee. I got WHACKED! Gettin better."

Her eyes traveled over the line of letters, searching for anything that could be misread and taken in the wrong way. What if she wanted it to be misread? She squinted her eyes, pondering that question. Maybe she did…

Her finger hovered once again over the send button. Something stopped her. Without thinking, she added another four words and hit send. It was done.

" idinamenzel thinking, she added another four words and hit send. It was done.

misread and taken in the wrong way. the cream thank you, dee. I got WHACKED! Gettin better. Love to you. Always."

She didn't know if she should have done that, or if it was even socially appropriate, but she sent it anyway. She knew Idina had a husband and an adorable son that she loved very much. She knew Idina was happy now. But she had to tell her, somehow, that she still loved her. She had to tell her that she had kept their promise. That she would love her. Always.

2 Years later


Idina and Kristin lay hand in hand on the cool summer grass, looking at the stars. The scratchy Native American blanket that Idina had bought in Nevada for Kristin counteracted the wet dew and kept them warm as they huddled against each other. A soft crunch was heard as Kristin rolled over to look at her friend, the woman she would love, forever. They pulled into each other like magnets, Kristin's arms encircling Idina's waist. Kristin had her now, and she would never let her go. She'd love her. Always.

The End