Hi Everyone,

This is my first time publishing a fanfic and to say I am apprehensive is putting it lightly.

In any case, this is a continuation story to the movie Knight and Day with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. One of my all time favorite movies, I wondered one day what their lives may be like afterwards and this came to mind. I hope you enjoy.

Special thanks go to simplygeeky who encouraged me to post my stories. Thank you. :)

It was midnight in Istanbul, but all was not well.

At least not for Roy and June.

Currently they were in the middle of a high-speed chase and at this very moment were careening around a corner.

Roy was hanging out the sun roof firing away at the cars behind them as June swerved through traffic.

As one of the cars pulled up beside them and prepared to ram them into the wall, she pulled her side arm out of the middle of the car and fired three well placed shots and the car went up in flames.

"Nine o'clock" she shouted and Roy turned firing at the car on their left.

In the midst of all this, June marveled at how she had adapted to this life.

When she had first met Roy, she had been scared out of her mind. Now though, she was used to their adventures.

Their vacation in Cape Horn had ended in them getting married and now, five years later, she had also become a spy and they traveled all around the world protecting assets.

She still remembered the first trick Roy had taught her. As his arms encircled her, he explained Hands Like Houdini; a move which had later saved their lives and many times over since.

She now knew many more tricks as well as how to fight efficiently and handle weapons and she had used her natural skills to make them her own.

June was brought out of her memories as she swerved around an eighteen wheeler and headed for a tunnel, exiting on the other side and making a sharp turn into a side street few knew about. Roy dropped into the seat beside her, they glanced behind them as the cars went racing by, oblivious to the fact that they lost them.

Roy turned to her with a smile of pride and said, "June Miller, you've got skills."

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