When I was twenty four I met the love of my life, Anastasia. She changed me, showed me I can love, showed I can be loved in return, and showed me I am a good man besides all the bad things from my past. Till this day I still love that woman. Now I am twenty seven. Three years ago on September 9, there was an attack in the world trade center. On that day Anastasia was in that building. It had been hours and hours until the cops got everything under control and could decide who was alive and who were dead. Those were the worst hours of my life. I saw people burning, throwing themselves off of the building to save them self the agony, I saw people being crushed from the falling building pieces. At 11:00 at night I was contacted and told that the remainder of people who were alive where not Anastasia, and the dead bodies who can be identified were n her either. They told me she must have been the numbers of bodies who cannot be identified due to the severe damage they have endured; they told me she was dead. I've been in a state of depression for the first couple of months; I attempted to kill myself about 20 times in the past years. I was close to losing my empire had it not been for my family to help me. I've been slowly recovering with the help of Kate and Anastasias family. It was only until three months after Anastasias death that I had some closure when I found Osama bin laden and killed the fucker with my two bear hands, but not before killing his family in front of him so he can feel the same pain I had to take, and a still dealing with every day. I got awarded with tons of money from the U.s government. I don't need it thought; the fact that she is still dead is killing me. But I have had some light come into my life ever since I met Rosalie. Not only was it her blue eyes that attracted me to her because of the almost exact resemblance they have to Ana's, but the fact that she is to warm and loving. A month ago I decided to pop the question and marry her. Something I never got to do with Ana, something I regret every day. I just can't lose her now too; she is the only thing helping me a little other than my family. She sheds a little light in my dull life, and although she can never amount to my Ana, I have learned to love her. She is like the piece of thread holding me from the brink of death.


It's been three years! Three fucking years since I have been held a hostage along with fifteen other people. When I was in the building there were people who took every one on my entire floor and said they needed some leverage, for their future plans. They took my floor because my floor was a meeting with U.S navy and marines, we were going to reward them with a metal for the work in their most recent battles. Those men where the ones who help saved thousands of lives on a sinking submarine. What better leverage then irreplaceable hero's. It's been hell here. I wish I would have died, but the only thing that can actually keep me going is the hope that I can see Christian again. Hold him, kiss him, and console him. The people from Afghanistan that are keeping us here have been sending videos of us talking, and using us to get some money from the U.S. I know that they are just giving them money to keep us alive and on the side they are doing everything in their power to track us down. What more can they need. The U.S has given them probably millions of dollars by now, and yet we are still here. They have already killed one lady, because the government didn't obey their demands. I know they chose her though because she was just a receptionist, they couldn't afford to kill on of the important people. They said I was too beautiful to kill. I have been on the verge of being raped many times, but there leader keeps saying no. I don't understand why? But I know it had been torture. I get hit for disobeying orders. I get fed like a dog; I don't get bathed; only a hose aimed at me, that hurts like hell. I don't know how much more I can last. I'm living like an animal, I'm so skinny, I'm surprised that I haven't endured an infection down here. The nights and mornings are hot. I know for a fact if I can see myself I am anything but pretty. The most disgusting thing is that although they are given orders not to rape me they still force there tongue down my throat, give me hickeys, and feel me up once in a while. I feel like a whore. I wish I can go home, I can't survive like this. The thought of how Christian is doing makes my mind flustered.

The next morning…

"GET ON THE GROUND!" What the hell? I open my eyes only to see many men with guns attacking out hostages. Gun shots are going off; I see body's dropping on the ground. Could it be? Am I finally being rescued? "Mam, can you hear us?" I can see the guy eyeing me up and down and taking the strand pieces of hair out of my hair, and caressing my cheek. Finally a touch that isn't forced or inappropriate. "Yes I'm ok. What…. What is going on?" I can feel my arms and legs being freed by the ropes, well this is another added hard limit for the playroom, definitely no ropes. "Mam everything is fine. You're safe now we are getting everyone here back to Washington, and getting you all to the hospitals so we can talk to the presidents head quarters." OH MY LORD! I'm being saved. I could kiss this man right now. I'm finally going home. I can see Christian, My parents, Kate… Christian. I feel the man lift me up and from there everything starts to spin and whirl, and the darkness starts to take over.

Two days after….

I remember waking up yesterday and being asked a series of question. I was in Clarkson Washington, in a local hospital. After the rescue I had fainted and am not doing so good. My vital signs are weak and I need to rest and am on lots of medication for the time being. Beside the questions of what happened while I was there, how did I get abducted ect, I was asked to give me a name of a family member(s) to contact to let them know. They said they were told to not tell anyone of our hostage because they weren't sure if they can get us back alive. "Okay Umm, my boyfriend, or ex boyfriend Christian Grey." As if magic the mere mention of his name did the trick. "The Christian Grey of Grey Enterprises?" I nod my head in agreement as he gave me a weary look as to tell me something but went right on. "And my mother 555-2925 and my dad 555-3456." He nodded his head and went out to contact them. Wow all these years of them thinking I passed I wonder what's going to happen. The clustered feelings of sadness, overwhelmness, anger, rage, fear, all went away as my sight began to fade yet again and I drifted off.

Christians POV

"Rose I'm here babe." I walk in to see Rose on the island stools, lost in her lap top. I walk up to her and kiss her lightly on her head before going to the kitchen to get myself a glass of wine. "Hey baby how was your day?" She closes her lap top and rests her face on her hands and her elbows on her counter. I take to glasses and pour white wine in them. "I got two good investors both paying about 2 billion a year, that should help bring up my company from its brink of destruction. Other than that same old." I smile and take a sip of my wine and hand hers to her. She puts her drink down and has a darkening gleam in her eye. "Want to celebrate?" I chuckle and lay my glass down as I go to kiss her. While we are crashing are mouths together, and devouring each other we are interrupted by a call. "MMMMM." She puts as I break from the kiss and take out my cell from my pocket. "Hold on just a sec." I click the answer button and turn away from her. "GREY!" Who the fuck is calling me at this time? "Mr. Grey, Hello this is detective Martin calling from St. Clarkson's Hospital. I have some very important news that informs you. On 9-11 during the attack there were a total of 16 people who were took hostage, in custody of a man named Remoko Laden, Osama Bin laden's brother. The government had been constructing a plan for the past three years to bring back the hostages alive, and we were informed that one of the hostages was your girlfriend Anastasia Steele. We have her here in Clarkson's in critical condition, and thought we should inform you." I can't breathe. My life, my baby, My Ana. She's Alive? My reason for living is alive?! "Th.. Thank you, I'll be there in approximately an hour and a half. While she's there I'll need her to be upgraded to maximum care, please put that all on my card." I hang up and quickly dial Taylor's number. "Sir?" "Taylor I need you to get Charlie tango ready for takeoff as soon as possible. We need to be at Clarkson's, I'll inform you with further details when I see you." "Yes Sir." I hang up my phone and close my eyes. For the first time in years I can breathe, my heart aches less, I feel like my life has light again. I need to see my baby. "Christian? What's wrong?" I turn and face my wife. How the hell can I forget I have a wife? What the fuck am I suppose to do?