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"Is that all?" I ask Rosalie. We came back to Escala alone so she could gather the remainder of her belongings under my supervision. I decided to come alone, I need some time alone with her.

"Yes it is. But let me just tell you something ana."

I put my hand up indicating for her to stop talking.

"No Rosalie just stop. I may not have known you for long, but i know you well enough to know that to know that what will come out of your mouth will be a load of crap."

She glares and is about to talk until she is interupted by my... mother? Mom?

"Mom what are you doing her?" I ask flustered.

I wasnt aware she will be coming here to Seattle, why wouldnt she let me know?

"Honey it was a suprise. I have something to tell you that i think warrented a visit."

A visit? What is so important.

"R..Rosalie...?!" My mom says looking taken aback.

The fuck? Oh no no no, if my mom says she slept with Rosalie as well i may just have to jump off a cliff.

"What? Mom how do you know Rosalie?" I say looking between them both.

To my suprise Rosalie looks just as suprised. What the fuck is going on?!

"Wait how do you know two know eachother?... Anastasia this is actually what i wanted to discuss with you,.. Uh honey how about we go to dinner, and discuss it?"

She makes a head for the dorr until i stop her.

"No mom stop stalling, what is going on?"

God please don't let her tell me she is a lesbian because of Rosalie. Jesus this girl gets around.


"Mom please just tell me!" I say exasparated.

"Yea how do you know me?" Rosalie chimes in, putting down her belongings.

The tension is thick, the anticipation high.

My fingers are crossed behind my back, rosalie's eye brows forming a frown, mom's lips quivering.

What the fuck is going on!

"Honey... I... You... Your father, your real father he had a daughter, a daughter i wasnt aware of, until two days ago.. and."

Oh please no. God pleasee no, just let her be a lesbian!

"Well Anastasia, Rosalie is.. She is your father's daughter. She is your new sister."

"WHAT!" I say.

"WHAT!" Rosalie follows with equal shock.

"Yea baby , you have a sister." My mother says clasping her hands together and smiling.

Oh fuck.