I know that i may take a while to write a chapter but i like to hear what you guys think i should do for the next chapter, and what you think i shouldnt do an di like to use it. Not to mention i am thirteen, in the ninth grade and i am very busy social wise. I hope you guys like this chapter, again another twist i hope you are suprised. Until next time...

I bolt upright from my bed, and immediately regret it. I have a major hangover; my brain feels like it's trying to escape from my head. I replay last night's events in my head, and can't believe what I did. What the fuck is wrong with me? He specifically warns me about sleeping with someone else, and I tell him all this bullshit and go and sleep with someone anyway. What was that guy's name anyway? Was it brad, Brandon, no wait it was…? Br...Br... Bret? Did it even start with a b? Did he even tell me his name? Oh god I'm a slut.

I lay my head back down and cover my hands with my face while pouting. Suddenly I notice that I don't even remember coming home last night. Oh my god, where am I? I think I remember calling Kate, if I'm correct.

I turn to the right and there laying next to me is the guy from last night. Oh my god, oh my god, I'm dead. Christian is never going to speak to me ever, let alone give me another chance! What the fuck Ana, really?

I sit up, and notice my lack of clothing. I pull the sheet to cover up my chest more, and bang my head against the head board. Shit, shit, shit. My head is closed and I'm mentally reminding myself to never drink ever again. I just fucked up my whole life, when it could have all been avoided.

I peek at the guy next to me and he is as beautiful as I remember. Fuck, now I feel even guiltier that he is good looking and not some ugly nerd. His eyes are closed, and his glorious chest is moving up and down. I also notice his lack of clothing, and bang my head some more.

Christian my beautiful Christian, the love of my life, will hate me. He asked me to marry him, and I just had to ruin everything. Why the fuck am I such a idiot? I could have wakened up in his arms, we would have had some morning sex, and everything will be back to normal. Why the hell did I ruin it? MAYBE BECAUSE HE IS TAKEN! There you go his wife. She was a big deal, not just a minor setback.

My thoughts are interrupted by the icy blue eyes fluttering open. I take the pillow and hit him in the face with it.

"Ouch! I see someone isn't too happy this morning." He says as he lifts himself up on his elbows.

"Umm maybe because we had sex last night, and I don't even know your name, not to mention it was in a coat closet!"

He smirks and places the pillow I hit him with under his head.

"And what mind-blowing sex it was. Don't be ashamed, it was definitely A plus."

"Great but I really don't want a fucking grade from you. I'm ashamed already of my actions last night. I don't need to be reminded that it was good."

"Well what's there to be ashamed of? We had a good time, there's no harm in that."

"Well maybe the fact that I'm with someone, someone I love more than life itself and I just threw it all away for a one night stand!"

"Well then let's not make it a one night," He leans in closer, "it doesn't have to stop there."

I hit him with a pillow again and push him off the bed.

"Yea sure that's just what I need to make me feel even guiltier."

He pokes his head up from the floor, and starts laughing.

"Oh I'm totally goanna fucking get you back for that."

He launches himself on the bed and starts to tickle me. I use my feet to pinch him on his leg hard and that makes him move back.

"Fuck. Are you goanna continuously attack me at seven in the morning?" He smirks and looks wounded.

"Well I mean if it comes to that then…." I shrug my shoulders and he chuckles before getting up.

Completely oblivious to his nakedness he makes his way to the bathroom, and a minute later I hear the shower. I look around the bed for my phone and find it in the corner along with my bra. Oh god this is bad.

I go over and check my messages.

Hey Steele got your message. You're getting wasted without me, no fair!

I smile and scroll down to see if I have more messages. None. I wonder why Christian didn't text or call? YOU'RE ONE TO TALK MS ONE NIGHT STAND! YOU DIDN'T BOTHER TO CALL OR TEXT EITHER! I know god, but still why didn't he call especially knowing how overprotective, and stalker like he can be. Again I'm interrupted by the hot man.

He comes out with a towel around his waist, and little beads of water running down his chest. Oh lord. He lets go of his towel and grabs his boxers, to put them on.

"Well please don't mind me, you want to show your junk go ahead." I say sarcastically, to his obvious comfortableness with his body.

"There's nothing to hide, you've seen it all. And I mean can you blame me for showing it off?"

I can't help but giggle and shake my head.

"Still it's very uncomfortable. By the way were you planning on telling me your name? Or what?"

"It's Michael. Michael Cross." He says as he dresses in jeans.

"Oh. So do you know where my clothes are?" I glance around the room and stop to see my Shirt ripped in half. He follows my glance and laughs.

"I'm glad you find it amusing that you didn't have the decency to just take off my shirt. It's not that hard you just lift it over my head." I stand and take my jeans to place them on.

"Sorry but when I'm having sex I don't think about clothes, the only thing that's on my mind is your p." I cover my ears and shut my eyes.

"Okay. Okay I don't need to know."

Again he chuckles, and places on a crisp black shirt. I stare at him expectantly and he notices and looks confused.

"What? Something wrong?"

"Umm yes. What am I supposed to wear? My shirt is torn to shreds, and I'm not going to be shirtless."

"What a sight that will be," he smirks and throws me a shirt from his closet, "Take it I don't have any other clothes here.

I eye it wearily before slipping it on. FUCK! I screwed up big time. I know Christian will go insane. I can't believe I did this to him. Now I'm wearing this guy's shirt, it's as if I'm asking for it. After I'm done putting it on I run my hand through my hair and catch Michael looking at me intently.

"I don't have any more condoms, and your making it ver hard for me right now. Let's go eat breakfast now." I smirk a little.

"Not that I would give you the okay even if you had a million condoms."

"I beg to differ. It happened before, three times if I recall correctly."

I hit him in his back as he stands in the door way with his back facing me. He pouts and acts as if I hurt him.

"Oh Michael. Michael."

I stare at him in disbelief, is he really mimicking what I was saying during sex? Wait I was saying his name, then he did tell me it. Well that makes me feel a little better. I hit him once more and try to hide my giggle.

"What? They were by far the best sounds of my life. It's true; I bet I even dream about them tonight." He winks and I try to look disgusted.

"You're a pig."

"Oh please Ana, you know you'll dream of me too. And it's okay with me if you do; in fact I recommend you do so we can meet up again."

I roll my eyes but don't say anything. At least I'm having some laughs now; I know for sure I won't be laughing later. I start to look around and notice how big and expensive his apartment is. How could I have not notice? It's the same size as Christian's apartment, and filled with blacks and grays.

We enter the kitchen and I sit at the table and watch Michael. He grabs his I-phone, and is staring at it while shrugging on his jacket, and ordering things to a woman I'm assuming is his maid, while staring at his phone. Talk about double tasker.

I get a plate of waffles and bacon placed in front of me, and a seat next to me as well. I see Michael walking toward the table and sit next to me.

"Wanda, please get me an Advil for Anastasia." She nods her head and soon gets an Advil in front of me. I sip it quickly and continue to eat my food.

"So this place is huge. What do you do for a living?"

"I'm a CEO." I choke on my food, and Michael pats my back.

"You okay." He asks.

Yea sure I'm okay. What the fucking chances that he is a CEO. That's a fucking coincidence. God what is about me and CEO's?

"Yes." That's all I manage. If this guy is into BDSM, and has a fucked up past then I'm out.

I laugh at my little joke, and it soon turns into full blown laughter.

"Umm, you okay?"

All of a sudden all my emotions go into my laugh and I let it out. It's now a nervous and fearful laugh of facing Christian. But it feels good to let loose, I know I won't be laughing later. More like crying. My laughter dies down, and I go up and clean my plate.

"You have a really nice ass." Ummm. Okay? Did he really say that?

"Wow blunt are we?"

"There's no need for me to be coy. It's true. Can't wait to get my hands on it again."

"Oh sorry I didn't mention it before? Not goanna happened, ever, under any, and I mean ANY Circumstances." I smile and pat his shoulder.

"I guess we will just have to see than wont we?"

A brown hair older lady comes into the room holding a pad.

"Mr. Cross, um we need to discuss the umm, food , the plans for food."

"You mean the food agenda for the week?"

"Yes, umm okay Monday?"

"Rim fillet." He states coldly his eyes locked on mines.

"Rum Foulut?" His stare breaks with mines, as he gives her the "are you stupid" look.



"R-I-M, F-I-L-L-E-T!"

"Oh Rem Firet?"

He holds the bridge of his nose and I can't help but burst into laughter at the foreign lady? He stares at me with a smirk on his face and is trying to talk to her without laughing now because of my outburst.

"Who…" He stops as his hidden laughter interferes with his talking, "Who, even hired you?"

"Ummm, you did yesterday senor?"

He turns to me and smirks.

"Well that explains it then doesn't it? I had my mind occupied with something."

He eyes me up and down and I blush. His phone buzzes and he glances at it. Before picking it up he looks at her and says, "You're fired."

I told Michael to drop me off at a hotel; I need a place to stay for the time being and I can't go and face Kate or Christian right now. Of course he flirted with me the whole way here and gave me his umber. I just laughed and took it.

As I head through the doors of the Fairmont Hotel, I go to the front desk and request a room. Ever since the incident I've been giving money by the government. Quite a lot of money if you ask me, about 25,000 dollars. So I decide to pamper myself and get a good room. Maybe even a spa day for me to ease my mind.

I head up to my room on the 20th floor. As the elevator descends I start to think about everything. Christian, Rosalie. Michael. As much as I feel guilty I had fun. I am very young, too young to deal with all this crap. I'm supposed to be a twenty year old girl; I'm supposed to do things like I did tonight. And meet people like Michael.

He is a really fun guy. But as much as I hate the drama that comes with Christian grey I can't help what I feel for him. I love him, it's simple. And if I have to put up with drama to be with him I will. Not that he will want me after what happened but still.

The elevator stops at my floor and I go to my door. I put my bag down in between my legs, and take my key card. Suddenly the door across from mines opens and I see Christian and Rosalie come out. Rosalie has on a robe, and Christian has on his just fucked hair. I swear I stop breathing when I see them and I can tell that when they see me they do the same. Christian looks scared but when he looks down and see's my shirt, his eyes are filled with fury. Now I know why he didn't call. Looks like it's goanna be a long night.

What did you think? Comments on Michael? I really like him. Althought i picture Christian as Ian somerhalder, i picture Michael as damon from the vampire diaries. You know he is sarcastic, and flirty, and very blunt about his feelings. Tell me your thoughts, they are always welcome.